Ella Eyre @ XOYO 12th March 2014

Ella Eyre is a talented singer who has been gaining praise. As soon as it was announced Eyre was to be playing a show I immediately booked as soon as tickets went on presale. This was for the Birthdays show on 13th March which then later changed to XOYO and a day earlier due to popular demand. Later a tour was announced which resulted in it being a complete sell out. Based on what I witnessed getting a second slice of Ella Eyre was a must but tickets for the Brighton date had sold out. I have attended gigs at XOYO a number of times but I was absolutely shocked with the complete balls up with the queue. It turns out that the entrace inside was opened resulting in about 6 people already being in the venue before I had entered. Looking back it this may be down to the fast track entry XOYO offers when you purchase E Tickets through them. But on a whole this was extremely unfair and I am sure many people who were in the same situation when queueing outside would agree with me. To make matters worse doors opened nearly an hour after they were originally supposed to open. So once I got inside I made my way down to the venue to see about 6 people already there. I spotted that there was space at the front as a couple of people stood away from the front of the stage forming a semi circle. I had a friend who was at the venue early who didn’t even get to the front. Saying she was annoyed was an understatement. With the fact it was 9pm I couldn’t enjoy the supports which came from Jake Isaac (whose set was a disaster as the lighting went off for 2 of his songs) and JaveOn who I think I have seen before at some point.

Taking to the stage around 10pm was West London’s finest Ella Eyre. With hair like a mane of a lion Eyre graced the stage wearing a Tutankhamun one piece. What everyone was going to witness was the birth of a star. Yes Ella has supported artists but with this being the debut headline gig I can foresee that she will only get bigger. The set kicked off with Don’t Follow Me. Now I must say this was literally incredible, it oozed plenty of energy and the atmosphere from the crowd was electric. “XOYO are you ready” Eyre said before going straight into the chorus. Vocal wise it was sheer perfection and there was a slight raspness there which I adored. Also the chorus where where Ella sang the line “No don’t follow me” was packed with a punch. Typical Me followed on and this was extremely upbeat and gained plenty of cheers. This told the story of a girl who continues to go back to a guy she knows is no good for her. Debut single Deeper was a right cracker. It was a real audience pleaser and was delivered faultlessly. When I originally heard the Deeper EP in December it took a couple of listens for it to grow on me. Hearing it performed live is something else. This soulful/ pop tune was a corker and easily gets you moving. Worry About Me had a chorus which Ella taught the whole audience resulting with every one singing along to that part. Nobody Loves Me featured on the Deeper EP but as Loves Me Like You. I found this to be more relaxed compared to the other tunes that had been sung and it also showcased Eyre’s spectacular vocal abilities. Out of the 9 songs which were performed this had to be my favourite. Up next was Ella’s childhood favourite song and this being a cover of Good Luck by Basement Jaxx. Eyre made this frantic headbanging track her very own. There was even a snippet of When The Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys (well one line) “They said it changes when the sun goes down”. Now Home was a game changer as it was so different in style. It is Ella’s very own ballad with heartfelt lyrics. At first it started off soft and hypnotising then the drums came in to give it that extra something. Things ended with a cover well it was the song that made Ella and this being Waiting All Night. Unfortunately Rudimental were not in the audience. Now this is a song you would fully expect to hear in DJ sets because it just gets everyone moving. Every ounce of energy was put into this and the chorus just hits you like a ton of bricks. This was a pleaser with the audience and it was the perfect number to end a spectacular set. Only that wasn’t the end If I Go was the choice of the encore and just hearing this makes me anticipate when the debut album is released in June.


Don’t Follow Me
Typical Me
Worry About Me
Nobody Loves Me
Good Luck
Waiting All Night


If I Go


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