Haim @ O2 Academy Brixton 6th March 2014

Having witnessed Haim play at The Forum last December, I was rather looking forward to yet another double dose of Haim. Come to think about it I wasn’t looking forward to the queueing as it would be an early start. I left my place at 11am and when I was at Brixton I was yet again 7th in the queue. With the fact I was on o2 this then made me 2nd in the Priority queue which was a result. Queuing was hellish and it always is when it is just you (my friend had pulled out due to family commitments).

When the doors opened I managed to secure my spot centre right. The evening kicked off with a DJ set which I actually enjoyed. Jen Long was the DJ and she played tunes by the likes of Lorde, Icona Pop, Taylor Swift and many more. Once the slot was over it was then onto the support and this was provided by Jungle. The songs weren’t half bad but as this was my first time seeing them I couldn’t enjoy it as much due to the fact I didn’t know what to expect.

Taking to the stage around 9.30pm sisters Alana, Danielle and Este got stuck into Falling. The whole crowd was literally pumped. Now Falling is synth pop with luscious verses and a contagious chorus you will be humming along too. “Come on London” Danielle Haim then shouted out. The atmosphere definitely had been cranked up a notch. Everyone was up for a good time. It was nice to see Danielle come to the edge of the stage to play a guitar solo. Danielle’s vocals were strong and sheer perfection. In my eyes Falling is one hell of a song to open with because it sets the tone of the set that is about to be performed. Straight after it was onto the current single If I Could Change Your Mind. Now I found this to be really hypnotic and one of my favourite new songs taken from the album Days Are Gone. IICCYM was utterly infectious and you just want to sing along to. This was also synth heavy plus there was a R&B feel to it.

“How the fuck are you feeling tonight London” Danielle then said before Este said “This is fucking insane”. Este then took us on a trip to their garage as Oh Well was the part where they all like to having one massive jam. Now this Fleetwood Mac cover Haim completely owned. It only consisted of two verses which Alana “Baby” Haim sang but this was one rip roaring song witch some phenomenal guitar playing. “Bye guys. I hope you got what you wanted” Este Haim said whilst the photographers left the pit. It was then onto Honey & I and this was the full blown version which is on the album. Danielle Haim took the lead for this contagious/ powerful song while both Este and Alana provided flawless harmonies. Once over it was then onto a trio of new songs and the first being Days Are Gone which shares the same name as the album. I was actually really sad they didn’t do this one back in December but it was a real pleasure just to witness it with my own eyes. The one and only Jessie Ware also helped write this. This was an Este song with Danielle and Alana providing the harmonies. I must say this was an absolute cracker. It was played at a fast pace plus it was really contagious. Even Alana had her very own verse. My Song 5 was a thrilling but angry song which was delivered magnificently “I’ve been lied to, So what’s the use”. My Song 5 was a contagious tune with a thumping beat. Este wanted everyone to move their ass to this tune. “Alright Brixton. We’ve never played this song in front of this many people. I hope it goes well” Danielle Haim then said before a brand new addition to the set. This being Running If You Call My Name which hadn’t featured at the Nottingham show. Now this was very slick plus it sent shivers up my spine. Running If You Call My Name had been written to perfection and all the three sisters vocals were pure perfection. A first it started off as one smooth number then as soon as it progressed the stronger it got.

Before the next song there was some classic Este banter how there was an unfortunate auto correct on her iPhone 4. Basically Este was really sick and texted an ex. This guy texted her saying What’s going on and Este replied saying I’m great but I really need a nap. But Este texted a nap as one word which changed it to anal. Then a year later he texts Este saying Sorry just got this which did result in plenty of laughs. It was then straight onto Go Slow. This was a dreamy song which started of mellowing then it picks up/ gets stronger when the song progresses. Go Slow was delivered with plenty of gusto. The penultimate number of the evening was Don’t Save Me which resulted in plenty of singing along and dancing. I must say that this fast paced number was really infectious and the vocals were rather tight. The extraordinary evening was then capped off with Forever. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. Right at the end there was a explosion of toilet paper which covered the audience. When the song was over Haim left the stage only to leave people wanting more.

Moments later they all returned to the stage only to sing something spectacular. Now this was their take on Beyonce’s XO. I was actually lost for words. Danielle was on the drums whilst Dash Hutton was on the guitar. They completely made it there own. XO showcased Este’s stunning vocals. Danielle then returned to guitar duties for the brilliant The Wire. “I’m bad at communication” was the first line of The Wire. You could relate that line to Danielle because she is the quiet member of the band. There were three verses and each sister got there own. I must say it showed off their perfect and precise vocals. The chorus was so addictive “Always keep your heart locked tight, Don’t let your mind retire” and there were lyrics that were so memorable that you literally cannot forget them. This tune oozed bundles of energy. The first night of my Haim 2 day stint then ended with the epic Let Me Go.


If I Could Change Your Mind
Oh Well
Honey & I
Days Are Gone
My Song 5
Running If You Call My Name
Go Slow
Don’t Save Me


The Wire
Let Me Go

OVERALL: Haim are a band who will go from strength to strength. This was a show of epic proportion and I enjoyed every single second. Even the DJ set by Jen Long was amazing.

Haim were on form and it was a right pleasure just to see them perform live again. The banter by Este was hilarious and it was great to hear Days Are Gone performed live. Also the Beyonce cover XO was nifty as well and Danielle showed off her drum skills. They are definitely a band who have my full backing.


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