Haim @ Brighton Dome 7th March 2014

My 2nd dose of Haim saw me go to Brighton Dome. As expected I was the first one there and thinking about it I could of got there a little later as the queue didn’t start to build until 3pm. It was a bit stressful when they were going to use 2 entrances. But in the end it all came good and I was on the barrier and later I would find out that I was standing directly infront of Danielle.

Taking to the stage around 9.35pm were Haim. After seeing the set list it had been cut short compared to the previous night but that didn’t bother me in the slightest because I adore this band 100%. I think it did bother some people that they had left out the Beyonce cover XO. It was slightly annoying that when they played The Wire as part of the encore people were chanting for XO. Other than that the set was exactly the same as the other day apart from the lack of Go Slow as well. Things opened up with the synthy Falling and I have to admit that this was utterly contagious. The crowd atmosphere was intense from the very moment Dash Hutton had taken to his drum kit. As soon as the sisters arrived on stage that is when there was plenty of cheers. “Come on Brighton” Danielle then said cranking up the crowds energy that extra bit. Falling was upbeat plus everything about this was superb. It was delivered with plenty of gusto and Danielle like the other day had her own guitar solo. Everyone was literally pumped from the get go. Straight after it was then onto If I Could Change Your Mind which is the current single. However if you have seen the actual video you would notice there is a dance rountine however on stage there isn’t. Instead they rattle through this whilst rocking out to this fast paced catchy tune. I must say the vocals were out of this world plus just like Falling there was an epic Danielle Haim guitar solo.

“How the fuck we feeling tonight Brighton” Este Haim then said which resulted in plenty of cheers. Fleetwood Mac cover Oh Well was next. Now this was an Alana song consisting of just two verses but this was one rip roaring tune which was one massive jam. The guitar playing was literally superb. Up next was the whimsical Honey & I which was delivered to perfection. Danielle sang this whist both Este and Alana harmonised. This was a crowd pleaser as everyone sang along to every word which was sung. It was then onto the three remaining new songs from Days Are Gone. Straight after Honey & I you had the fast paced Days Are Gone which Jessie Ware also helped write. Now I love everything about this. I found Days Are Gone to be light and very entrancing at the same time. The lyrics were really catchy and in my eyes this is one of my highlights from the debut album.

“Alright Brighton. So this next song is my friend CJ’s favourite song of the set” Este then said before mentioning that is was his favourite song because people shake asses to this number. The song in question being My Song 5. Now this is extremely different compared to the other tunes that Haim have on the album Days Are Gone. For starters My Song 5 was an angry number “I´ve been lied to, So what´s the truth?” also it is a lot heavier. My favourite part had to be the middle 8 where the melody changes into something dreamy “If you want to take me, baby, please, Been holding on for eternity, Save you only for me”. It was then straight onto the lovely Running If You Call My Name. Now RIYCMN was extremely smooth leaving me completely entranced. Running If You Call My Name was extremely light and he vocals/ harmonising were second to none. Penultimate number Don’t Save Me was a fast paced romp which resulted with plenty of singing along and jumping up an down. Forever ended what had been one incredible evening. Este mentioned how she had been having dizzy spells and didn’t want to cancel the show. Minus the two canons Forever was one spectacular/ infectious number which everyone sang along to. Honestly I reckon it could have been the crowd which got Este through the set. Hats of to her though as they went and performed a further 2 songs as part of the encore. These two songs being The Wire which was one wondrous tune and then you had the frantic Let Me Go which had a sense of epicness to it.


If I Could Change You Mind
Oh Well
Honey & I
Days Are Gone
My Song 5
Running If You Call My Name
Don’t Save Me


The Wire
Let Me Go

OVERALL: Haim were on form tonight and hats off for them not cancelling. Near the end of the set Este had to play whilst seating and then mentioned that she had dizzy spells. Looking back at it that was probably the reason why there was no XO or Go Slow because they both are Este songs.

It was fantastic just to be barrier again and what was showcased was 11 brilliant songs. As I adore this band it is hard to pick a specific favourite. What I liked is they are all so damn infectious even I was having a good time when I was hearing them being performed live. It was kind of annoying that I had some idiots behind me barging into me as they wanted to be on the barrier. Also the chanting for XO during The Wire annoyed me. If they are going to play it they will play it they won’t be taking requests.

I’m actually sad that this would be the last time I would be seeing them live.  The only Haim dates are festivals but unfortunately at this moment they haven’t been announced as playing at Reading. I honestly hope that they are confirmed as playing iTunes Festival again in September. My guess it that they will be back when Album 2 has been written.


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