Foxes @ Scala 4th March 2014

I was in two minds whether to attend the Scala date. It was never going to be as intimate compared to the show at The Haunt. I was debating whether to get a ticket or not but with the fact no one was selling a single ticket made it look unlikely that I would be attending. There was one person who couldn’t go but was selling the 2 tickets as a pair for £20. The fact Louisa pulled some shows did make me think it was better to give it a miss. After having seen Mausi perform with Chloe Howl on the Wednesday my search continued. The Foxes tour then commenced on the Friday in Oxford having postponed shows in Liverpool, Birmingham and Glasgow. Once I knew that the tour was still going ahead I stepped up my search for a ticket. It came as a surprise that one was listed on Stubhub for £11.50 and there were no added VAT on top plus I could pick it up which I did the day before the show.

Just like Brighton I arrived around 2pm to see that there were already 6 people queuing making me 7th. Everyone in the queue saw Louisa arrive and we all got hugs before she had to go away. It turned out 7 was a lucky number as some people didn’t know where to go which then made me 3rd to the barrier. Support was to be provided by Leon Else and not Mausi who had been removed from the tour for unknown reasons. This was really upsetting as I love Mausi and I’m glad that I saw Daisy at Brighton. The set by Leon was enjoyable which was surprising because I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy it because I was still downheartened by the lack of Mausi. Each of the songs showcased were completely soulful and it took me a couple of tunes to get completely captivated. It was Refund which made me think wow also Shiver was a cracker. Judging from the 8 tracks which were showcased I most definitely will see Leon Else again.

Taking to the stage around 9.40pm were Foxes. The set that they rattled through was exactly the same as the Brighton date. Still I couldn’t complain because what was showcased was a stellar 12 song set which fuels my desire to have the debut album. I actually thought that her version of Pharrel Williams’s Happy would make it into the set but it didn’t. You see Louisa had just sung it on Radio 1’s Live Lounge. Things opened up with the epic Talking To Ghosts which is a tune that easily gets you moving. There may be no dance routine but the way Allen moves her arms thoughout was exactly the same as the prior date. Still it beats just standing at the microphone. Talking To Ghosts was delivered to perfection and it oozed plenty of energy. After it was then onto 4 old tunes. First it was a song about going mad, the title of the number actually gives it away. This being White Coats which featured on Made In Chelsea. I have to say I found this to be very light and the chorus was rather dreamy. Straight after it was onto Night Owls Early Birds which hit you like a ton of bricks. Louisa put every ounce of energy into this tune. “Hey London. I’m Foxes” Louisa then said interacting with the audience whist the photographers were leaving. It was then time for a bit of Youth. Now I simply adore this track it featured on the Debenhams advert plus it completely captivated me and was very uplifting. Youth was a beautiful entrancing number which was a pleaser with the audience. The last old song came in the form of Echo which was contagious. Also I adored the punchy chorus.

Halfway through the set it was then onto Glorious which is the title of the forthcoming album. I must say this was one phenomenal tune. At first the pace was smooth then as soon as it progressed it gains an extra oomph. Actually you can have a slow jam to this. Next it was then onto the acoustic cover of Hold On We’re Coming Home/ The Monster. Literally I was lost for words. Allen’s take on it was extremely beautiful. It would have been nice if she had sung Happy but I wasn’t complaining as this was completely flawless. The only change of the evening came in the form of a swap. Mainly this was Holding Onto Heaven was played before Shaking Heads. Heaven as it was listed on the set list is a complete cracker which was very upbeat. It comes as no surprise that this it the next single. Shaking Heads which also featured Louisa’s mum on vocals (well she was not actually there). This was one incredible number but it is also a grower. The more times you hear it the better it actually gets. What ended one spellbinding evening was Clarity which was a Zedd tune which Louisa featured on. I loved this it was beautiful, tender and the melody was smooth/ hypnotic. As soon as it progressed it bacame more upbeat. It came as no surprise that this won a Grammy because it was a right corker.

Allen then leaves the stage which results in everyone dying to hear more. She and her band then return to the stage to sing Beauty Queen and then Let Go For Tonight. I must say ending with the current single was a good idea as it was one you can go crazy to.


Talking To Ghosts
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds
Hold On We’re Coming Home/ The Monster
Holding Onto Heaven
Shaking Heads


Beauty Queen
Let Go For Tonight

OVERALL: Just like the Brighton date this was one incredible gig. It was upsetting that Mausi were taken off the tour for unknown reasons. That information came out on the day which resulted in people who had just purchased tickets to see them disappointed.

Leon Else was simply spectacular. I knew of him but hadn’t checked any of the music he sings prior to the show. Actually I fully expected not to enjoy his short set because I was sad that Mausi were no longer on the tour. But I was won over by the soulfulness of each track that he sang.

Finally Foxes are a band on the up. Louisa has something that completely captivates you and the material she has under her belt is phenomenal. I started listening to Foxes basically because they had been recommended to me and I think the turning point had to be when I met Allen for the first time. She was extremely sweet and the 3 acoustic songs she sang for VEVO stunned me. That is the reason why I wanted to attend the 2 dates. Originally I had booked the Brighton but it was Mausi whom made me want to have another slice of the action. What was showcased was pure perfection and it makes me look forward to the release of Glorious on 12th May and the tour which supports that album as well.


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