Foxes @ The Haunt 2nd March 2014

I have been a fan of Foxes for a while now. I have seen Louisa perform a few times but it was her collaboration with Fall Out Boy which fuelled my desire to witness Allen perform live again. Last year I was extremely unfortunate as the Sebright Arms and Hoxton Bar & Kitchen shows sold out before I had a chance to buy a ticket. Also the XOYO show clashed with Anna Calvi at Islington Assembly Hall (I was extremely close to just missing Anna and attend the Foxes gig instead). Also just seeing her play a short acoustic set for a few fans for Sony Xperia made me think wow I need to book her next gig. So that is exactly what I did as soon as the Glorious tour was announced I promptly booked my tickets. The reason I chose Brighton over Scala was mainly down to the intimacy of The Haunt. Also Mausi were supporting which was a nice added bonus and I was extremely fortunate they supported Chloe Howl a few days prior. I got to Brighton around 3pm and the reason for my early arrival was down to the fact of the engineering works on the Brighton line. So I had to change at Three Bridges to get the bus which was slightly annoying as I would need to do the same when I was going back after the gig had ended. Now I have queued for quite a few gigs this year but this date in Brighton was the worst. It was so bitter and the wind was extremely powerful.

So after the doors had been slightly delayed everyone started to trickle in. Once inside I got my space centre left and waited in anticipation for Mausi. So come 8pm Mausi took to the stage. What was sung was completely the same as the set they played at Dingwalls. But I wasn’t complaining because Mausi have that something that completely hooks you. This was one epic performance as they were aided by a monitor behind them which displayed lyrics to each of the songs. Things kicked off with Body Language and this is one punchy song which you just want to jump up and down and dance to. Now this is super catchy and the melody was rather luscious. It’s chorus oozed plenty of energy and this number was delivered to perfection. “Hello Brighton. We’re called Mausi” Daisy Finetto then said to the audience before getting stuck into a song about the summertime and this being Sol. The verses were infectious and there was also a killer chorus. Just hearing it live made me wish that it was already the Summertime. “This is the 4th time we’ve played in Brighton and every time it gets better” Daisy said before they embarked on a track about having a good time. This being Move which is a strong Mausi song which contains contagious lyrics which just embed themselves into your brain. “I danced all night with you, We get high to the beat, we move like never before”. Now I like all the material that they have under their belts but Move is my favourite. It was a Sun drenched Pop anthem that gets you dancing. New song Boy We Good was a grower. When I first heard it I didn’t take to it as other songs (Move + Body Language) eclipse Boy We Good. But it has grown on me and it makes me look forward to the prospect of having the debut Mausi album in my hands. “We say dance a lot in the next song” Daisy then mentioned before Rich Girl. This was completely hypnotising and I completely adore this tune. Daisy Finetto’s vocal range was something else and she put everything into each song that was performed. Another newie was next was One Day We’ll Be Famous. This was extremely short and one lyric that features quite a lot throughout is “One Day We’ll All Be Famous”. Now I wouldn’t say this was a bad tune but this needs more work done to it. The set then ended with Daisy’s absolute favourite Mausi song and this being My Friend Has A Swimming Pool.


Body Language
Boy We Good
Rich Girl
One Day We’ll Be Famous
My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

Taking to the stage around 9.10 was Louisa Rose Allen or Foxes as she is known as. The set consisted of 12 tunes which feature on the delayed debut album Glorious which is set to be released on 12th May. What was showcased was a mixture of new and old songs. Plus you had a mash up which was added in for good measure. What was showcased were 10 phenomenal tunes plus on top of that there was an additional 2 songs which served as the encore. Based on this performance there is no doubt in my mind Louisa will be huge by the time this year is out. The current single Let Go For Tonight had charted at #7 in the official UK charts making this evening very special as this was Allen’s first time in the top 10.

This performance left me speechless. Louisa put her heart and soul into it and made full use of the stage. If electro pop is your thing then Foxes is right up your street. What was showcased was utter perfection and it makes me anticipate the upcoming album. The new songs Talking To Ghosts, Glorious, Shaking Heads and Holding Onto Heaven were complete crackers. I must say Talking To Ghosts was a perfect choice to open up with as this was both smooth and the vocal delivery was something else. Glorious which was played halfway through is the title of the upcoming album and this is extremely promising. I found it to be entrancing and like Ghosts (which opened up the set) it can easily get you moving. Once that was over it was then onto a mash up of Hold On We’re Going Home/ The Monster. Which were originally by Drake and Eminem ft Rihanna. I have to say that this was extremely beautiful and this was mainly down to the fact that it was acoustically delivered. Shaking Heads which is a new song but not really new if you pre ordered the album on iTunes featured Allen’s mum on vocals. Now this was completely different compared to the likes of Glorious and Talking To Ghosts. I found this to be rather sleek and entrancing at the same time. The new songs ended with Holding Onto Heaven. It started off at a slow pace then as soon as the drums came in this tune gained that extra oomph. In my eyes this has potential song all over it.

It was actually really nice hearing older Foxes tunes which will appear on the debut album. “This next song is a song I wrote about going mad” Louisa said after introducing herself to the audience. It was then onto White Coats which featured on Made In Chelsea. Now this tune was full of Electro Pop goodness and I found it to be really entrancing. Straight after it was Night Owls Early Birds which was spectacularly delivered. The verses were sublime whilst the chorus was extremely powerful. Once over Allen gave everyone in the audience Hi Fives then got stuck into a bit of Youth. This was incredibly beautiful and tender in places. Youth which was released as a single also featured on the Debenhams advert. Now this was completely hypnotic and soothing at the same time. Immediately after it was onto the catchy Echo which was delivered impeccably. The final song of the evening was Clarity which was simply spellbinding. Things then ended with Beauty Queen which left me standing in awe over what I was witnessing. Then closing an outstanding set you had the rapturous Let Go For Tonight.


Talking To Ghosts
White Coats
Night Owls Early Birds
Hold On We’re Going Home/ The Monster
Shaking Heads
Holding Onto Heaven


Beauty Queen
Let Go For Tonight


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