Chloe Howl @ Dingwalls 27th February 2014

Mausi are Daisy Finetto (singer), Thomas Finetto (singer), Benji Huntrods (drums) and Ben Brown (guitars). To be honest they were the main reason why I wanted to attend this evening as they got me completely hooked at the Hoxton show at the start of September.

It was 8.20pm when they took to the Dingwalls stage. Mausi were also supporting Foxes on tour which was a nice added bonus as I was going to attend the Brighton date. Things opened up with Body Language. One word springs to mind when summing up this song and that is energetic. This was an infectious Synth Pop tune which easily gets you moving. “You speak my Body Language”. So much passion was put into this contagious tune. “Hello everyone. We’re called Mausi” Daisy Finetto said before telling the audience the next song was about the summertime. The number in question being Sol which was aided by infectious verses, a refrain which urged everyone to dance and a killer chorus. Straight after was the next number of the set and this being Move. Move was a sun drenched Pop floor filler which was very disco friendly. This tune was one that you can have a good dance to and the lyrics were pretty infectious at the same time. It was then onto a brand new track and this being Boy We Good. Now this was a complete cracker. It was completely different compared to the likes of Body Language and Move because it lacked that punch. But Boy We Good was catchy in its own way. Like all the tunes that were sung this again was superb. A theme runs though every single Mausi track and that is dance. “Let me see you dance now” was one of the lyrics to Rich Girl. Now this was extremely hypnotic and it was a track that can get you moving. I think the actual beats play a major part. Daisy’s vocals were sublime and this oozed bundles of energy. The final new song of the set was One Day We’ll Be Famous. This was very Synth heavy and also extremely short. I have a niggling feeling that this was a work in progress. Still this was a flawless song with the one memorable line “One Day We’ll All Be Famous”. Now I don’t know if that applies to me but Mausi most certainly can go places. “This next song you have to dance to. If not I might cry” Daisy joked before they ended with the well known My Friend Has A Swimming Pool. It was again a synth pop number which sounded incredible. It may of not fitted the same mould as Body Language, Sol or Move but this does grow on you. This performance oozed passion and it was plain to see that Daisy was putting her all into delivering one spectacular set and that is exactly what she did.


Body Language
Boy We Good
Rich Girl
One Day We’ll Be Famous
My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

At 9.30pm Miss Chloe Howl took to the small Dingwalls stage and immediately launched into Bad Dream. Now this was a slick song which was contagious at the same time. It had been perfectly crafted, its verses were superb whilst the chorus was simply stunning “And then you wake up from a bad dream”. So much passion was in this performance and the sold out Dingwalls was literally lapping it up. Next it was then onto Disappointed. I found this to be a right cracker and in my eyes when the album is out this is a definite single. Disappointed was rather upbeat and it was plain to see Howl was enjoying performing the song live. It was the first time I had heard it and I found it to be utterly infectious. I most certainly wasn’t disappointed. “How the fuck are you guys. I’ve been away for a while but it’s nice to see so many friendly faces” an excited Howl said before getting stuck into something that was released a while ago and this being Paper Heart. Yet again this was upbeat and uber catchy at the same time. At the moment this is one of my favourite Chloe Howl songs as this is one that got me moving. After it was onto yet another newie. In fact the following 2 songs were new ones. First up was India. Now this was interesting because it was nothing like Bad Dream, Paper Heart, No Strings and Rumour. I simply adored this as India left me completely entranced me. Straight after it was then onto Tomorrow’s Far Away. This was completely startling but this steady paced song lacked that punch. Chloe literally belted out this wondrous tune. Girls & Boys was up next. The opening chords of this track hit you in the face. Girls & Boys was a steady paced song aided by infectious verses and a delectable chorus “The boys will be girls/ And the girls will be pretty”. Now Downtown . This tune was rather promising and it makes me look forward to hearing more from Howl in the future. The lyrics were amazing and rather catchy as well “Go Downtown tonight, get lost in the bright lights”. After it was then onto Drop In The Ocean which was delivered superbly. It was then onto No Strings. This stunning tune featured on the Rumour EP and it sounded phenomenal live. No Strings was Howl’s breakout hit and has lyrics that will make you smirk “But fuck your no strings /And your ‘hey I’ll ring’”. There is no doubt that this was an epic song. It Takes Me A Long Time was about Howl’s first heartbreak which she wrote when she was the tender age of 16. Now I found this to be rather smooth which got stronger when the tune progressed. “It Takes Me A Long Time to trust somebody”. Howl then urged everyone to move around for the set closer and this being This Song Is Not About You. The tune itself was played at a frantic pace and was sheer perfection aided by hypnotic verses and a powerful chorus. Chloe Howl went off stage only to return for one last song which was the current single Rumour. Rumour was slightly personal as you can clearly picture what is happening as there were multiple story lines in this number. Rumour which is the current single was pacey and it was faultlessly delivered. Chloe’s vocals actually reminded me of Peggy Sue. “They kept her prisoner growing up/ Told her Jesus was enough/ She’s really into dirty stuff/ Perhaps it’s just a rumour”.


Bad Dream
Paper Heart
Tomorrow’s Far Away
Girls & Boys
Drop In The Ocean
No Strings
It Takes Me A Long Time
This Song’s Not About You



OVERALL: This was one excellent night. It was nice seeing Chloe perform yet again and she has some amazing tunes. The new ones were amazing my favourite was Disappointed followed by Tomorrow’s Far Away. An hour before the doors open Howl came out to have photos taken with fans and sign items which was extremely nice.

I had got to Dingwalls around 1pm which was early but the reason was the fact the first 100 got tote bags which could of contained a golden ticket which I found out would of got a M+G or access to the aftershow. Unfortunately I did not come across this ticket.

Regarding Mausi they are one phenomenal band who get me excited. All the tunes they sang were floor fillers and went down well with the audience. The turning point for Mausi was the Charli XCX support slot as they gained quite a few more fans.


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