Say Lou Lou @ XOYO 25th February 2014

Twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey make up the Swedish/ Australian group Say Lou Lou. How can they be twins if they are from two different places. Simple, their father is Australian and their mother is Swedish. Say Lou Lou (or Saint Lou Lou which they were originally known as) were a band I had listed down at the start of 2013 to witness live. I would put Say Lou Lou in the dream pop category. Having supported London Grammar, Say Lou Lou were to headline XOYO.

What was showcased was 10 stunning originals plus 1 amazing cover. The debut album is due out in September and this was a nice little taster of what to expect from it. Most of the songs I had heard when I attended Concrete in 2013.

At 9.35pm there was complete darkness then Elektra and Miranda took to the stage only to open up with Everything We Touch. This was infectious and very upbeat. In my eyes this has to be a future single. There even was a reference to the Midas Touch “Everything we touch turns to gold”. Everything We Touch was Synth Pop and it went down well with the audience. Following on was Fool Of Me without Chet Faker. The fact Faker as not there didn’t matter in the slightest. It also showed off Elektra’s pristine vocals as she had her individual part. “You made a fool of me, How dare you” they both sang. At first it was delivered at a steady pace then when it progressed things got more stronger then resulting in a rapturous finale. “We’re Say Lou Lou and we’re very very happy to be here” Elektra said before Miranda mentioned how amazing it was to have this show venue out. It was then onto the current single and this being Better In The Dark. I would have to say that this song is the show piece as it is incredibly contagious. What Say Lou Lou have here is a Synth Pop anthem which is so memorable you will be humming along to it. The first of the free gifts were thrown out into the audience and this being Say Lou Lou stickers. Up next was a double dose of brand new songs which my ears were hearing for the first time. Now I really liked this tune but it does take a while for it to grab your attention. Peppermint was played a steady pace and it was perfectly delivered. Once over it was onto the second free gift of the night. This being copies of Julian and Better In The Dark on vinyl. “People at the front get vinyls” Elektra joked as they couldn’t really throw them out. It was onto something special and this being Nothing But A Heartbeat. This was really different to Peppermint. I found this to be a punchy number which completely captivated me till the very end. “This is actually one of the first songs we ever ever wrote” Elektra said before Miranda introduced the next song as Love Is The Loneliest Place. Last time I said that this had nothing that captivates you. But I was wrong this has grown on me greatly. I found this to be hypnotising and every ounce of energy was put into this performance. It was then onto Beloved which was the other half to Better In The Dark. This wasn’t as infectious as its counterpart but it was passionately delivered and I could pick on traces of emotion as well. Beloved was powerful and it was a Synth Pop gem at the same time. Julian was up next and this gained whoops of delight. This tune was the breakthrough single. The song itself was about a romantic escape and I found the lyrics to be really dreamy.

After a quick picture of the audience it was then onto Tame Impala cover Feels Like We Only Go Backwards. Now I am not a fan of Tame Impala but the Say Lou Lou version of this was simply spectacular. The final new song of the night was Skylights and I cannot find the words to comprehend how superb it actually was. The vocals by Miranda were both clear and gentle whilst the harmonising by Elektra was stunning. As soon as the drum beat came in Skylights gained that extra oomph. This will be the final track on the upcoming album and like Everything We Touch this has to be a single as it is so infectious. Once over the band left the stage only for something unexpected to happen. “I have other things to do but I’ll play one last song” Miranda joked before they played the first song they ever released and this being Maybe You. This rousing song was played at a steady pace with lyrics which just made you want to sway from side to side. It was a tune that completely captivated me.


Everything We Touch
Fool Of Me
Better In The Dark
Nothing But A Heartbeat
Love Is The Loneliest Place
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards


Maybe You

OVERALL: I enjoyed this set immensely. The debut album cannot come soon enough. Each song that Say Lou Lou showcased was a complete cracker. I would say that Say Lou Lou were Dream Pop who also sing tunes which are utterly infectious. Out of everything which was showcased my favourite had to be Everything We Touch which in my eyes is a future single. It was in fact surprising that they were included on the BBC Sound of 2014 Longlist as I would of put them on the 2013 longlist.

On a whole this was really special. Firstly it had sold out and Secondly they gave out free gifts not just any free gifts but vinyl!!!!. When they got the vinyl from the back Miranda handed out 2 copies and one of those being a copy of Julian which she handed to me. Once they placed them down everyone promptly took a copy of either Julian or Better In The Dark.

Based on the performance I look forward to seeing them again when they are next in London. I am really tempted to buy a ticket for The Great Escape as Say Lou Lou are subbing for Kelis as part of the Dome shows. Also once everything came to a close I hung round and met Miranda and Elektra which was nice. I even had to remind Miranda to take her AAA pass!!!!!


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