Limp Bizkit @ O2 Academy Brixton 21st February 2014

The Kerrang Tour finished up at O2 Brixton Academy. Originally I was not going to this but a kind friend of mine gave me his ticket as he could no longer attend. Headlining this tour was Limp Bizkit. I first saw them at Reading 2010 where I witnessed some of their set after having met Paramore at the NME Signing Tent. Once this ticket was in my hand, I began to consider what time I would show up. The plan was to turn up an hour before doors then hang at the back as there would be moshing/ crushing. So I turn up at 6pm and join the O2 Priority queue which is shorter than the main queue. When inside I am left with the decision of where to stand. There was some space on the barrier and I couldn’t really turn up on an opportunity to be barrier for Limp Bizkit.

After sets by Baby Godzilla, Nekrogoblikon and Crossfaith it was then onto the headliner. I have been a fan since Significant Other. Actually it was after Results May Vary when I stopped listening to them. The Unquestionable Truth didn’t intrigue me and the band then parted only to reunite in 2009. Since then they released Gold Cobra and also there was a brand new LP on the way.

As for the set that was performed it was a mixture of originals and covers. In fact the majority was from Chocolate Starfish, then you had 4 tunes from Significant Other, 4 covers and then the other being a brand new track. Limp Bizkit literally smashed it and it was nice to see the original line up performing together. Wes Borland had left the band for Results May Vary and that is probably why there was nothing sung from that album. Whilst I have been a fan since Significant Other I had not listed to that album all the way through. So just hearing 9 Teen 90 Nine makes me want to listen to that album right now. This was delivered with plenty of gusto and as expected there was plenty of moshing. Even though I wasn’t in the centre I was still getting rammed into the barrier. The Limp Bizkit take on Welcome To The Jungle was superb whilst Rollin’ was utterly infectious. Faith was dedicated to all the Ladies in the crowd. The chorus was strong and then the pace picked up. Hot Dog oozed plenty of energy and everyone was singing along to the lyrics. Now this was one you want to mosh too. Gold Cobra was contagious and this was a rap tune. I haven’t listed to the Gold Cobra LP but based on that song I will most definitely check it out. My Generation was a crowd pleaser with super catchy lyrics which will get you singing along. This had been superbly written and it is one of my favourite Limp Bizkit tunes. Next it was Livin’ It Up and just like Hot Dog this had single potential. My Way went down well and Re-Arranged was gentle but mesmerising. Whilst Heart Shaped Box and Smells Like Teen Spirit were extraordinary. It was nice to witness Limp Bizkit’s take on these classic Nirvana songs. Nookie was chosen by the crowd over Boiler. Ready To Go was faultlessly performed without Lil Wayne but Jen Walker who works at Kerrang instead. Take A Look Around was outstanding live and Break Stuff ended what had been an epic evening.


9 Teen 90 Nine
Welcome To The Jungle
Rollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)
Hot Dog
Gold Cobra
My Generation
Livin’ It Up
My Way
Heart Shaped Box
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Ready To Go
Take A Look Around
Break Stuff

OVERALL: This was one incredible evening and one I was pleased to be a part of. Limp Bizkit were on fire and where I was on the barrier was right in front of Wes Borland. Wes even chucked a couple of drinks (which were in a hollow pineapple) into the crowd. One of which had drink in. What was performed on the night was brilliant. It was a pleasure to hear songs such as Rollin’ and My Generation even I found myself singing along.

Would I see Limp Bizkit again. The answer to that is Yes and No. I would see them but only in a seated capacity. Being at the barrier was an experience but having bruised ribs is something I don’t really want. There was plenty of jumping up and down/ moshing, plus there were plenty of crowd surfers.


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