Chvrches @ Scala 17th February 2014

Chvrches are a band that I fully adore. Hailing from Scotland this three piece consist of Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Last year saw the release of debut album The Bones Of What You Believe and this has to be one of my favourite records of 2013. This evening at Scala was the launch of their own record label Goodbye Records plus it was part of the NME Awards Shows which were taking place throughout the month. Now Chvrches have something incredibly special. The music that they sing uplifts me and perhaps that is to do with the synth pop that they play. In fact they have that something that makes you want to see them again and again. Unfortunately I missed out on this but I was extremely grateful when a friend of mine had purchased a spare. I arrived at the venue about 2pm and found myself to be the only one there at that time. I actually saw the band but I am kicking myself that I didn’t approach them.

Once inside it was a 2 hour wait until they took to the stage. It was nice to be in the warmth and the support act SOAK (who is the only other signing on Goodbye Records) was rather decent. So at 9pm the band took to the stage. What was performed was a stunning 12 song set plus there was even an encore. The band took to the stage one by one and there was plenty of applause. The moment Lauren graced the stage they all launched into We Sink. Everything about this was superb. The tune itself was mega catchy and just hearing it made me feel happy inside. Maybe it was the fact that synth pop is my thing or maybe it was the fact the verses were light and fluffy and the chorus was completely contagious. This definitely has massive single potential but so do most of the other songs on their debut album. It was then straight onto Lies. This was hypnotic and was an electro pop tune aided by soft/ gentle vocals by Lauren Mayberry. This entrancing tune had wonderful lyrics which easily gets you moving. Lauren’s vocals were very reminiscent of Swedish singer Robyn. Lungs sounded completely stunning. I found this to be upbeat and Lauren’s vocals were simply spotless. Even Martin Doherty sang some lines. What I liked was the fact that the use of the synths all came together resulting in one cracking track.

“We are a band called Chvrches. Thank you for coming out tonight” Mayberry then said to the audience. It was then onto Now Is Not The Time. This song featured on the Recover EP. I loved this tune it was gentle and mellowing. The lyrics were top notch and I found it to be rather dreamy at the same time. “Nothing now can ever come between us/ As we hide and watch the city burn/ There is much that I still want to tell you/ But now is not the time to speak of love”. I found this to be rather infectious especially the hypnotic chorus. Once over Lauren then mentioned how they were jet lagged as they had flown back from Japan. It was then onto Gun. This felt like an 80′s pop track with phenomenal lyrics which were delivered to perfection. Aside from being pacey/ infectious what stood out was the killer chorus that hits you right in the face. Night Sky follow on. At first it started off with a drumbeat then the synths came in which backed the vocals to perfection. Mayberry may of sang the bulk of this excellent song but Doherty also had some parts which made me think of The xx. Night Sky was played at a slower tempo compared to what had already been performed.

What was next was Strong Hand, for some reason this didn’t make the cut and appeared as a bonus iTunes track instead. This was a sweet and dreamy number which you can easily dance along too. What followed on was Science/ Visions and this was a stunning song that has the abilities to be a club classic. Mayberry’s vocals were sublime and this tune was delivered with plenty of gusto. Recover was played straight after. People may disagree but I see this being the highlight from all of the current songs Chvrches have. For starters it was a beautiful number and the electroness was prominent. Secondly the lyrics were contagious the verses were faultless and the enchanting chorus is one that you feel obliged to sing along to “And if I recover, will you be my comfort?/ or it can be over, or we can just leave it here”. Lauren Mayberry literally belted out this track. “This is a song called Tether” Lauren then mentioned to the audience. Tether was an audience pleaser and it started off both soft and gentle. As soon as it progressed the more powerful and synth heavy it became. I simply adored this and the lyrics were incredible. Next Martin Doherty had his own song and this was Under The Tide. Before getting stuck into it he then revealed that the album would be coming out in September. Despite the change of singer for this the electro vibe was prominent throughout. Martin and Lauren basically switched places. It was actually refreshing to have a song with a male vocal. This was delivered with plenty of gusto. “This is our last song” Mayberry said before thanking everyone who came out to see them. Only one song could end such a monumental evening and that being The Mother We Share. This is probably the most danceable tune that they played and its synths were luscious. The Mother We Share had stellar lyrics and it was electro pop at its best. Once over the audience wanted to hear more and then they came back out for one last song and this being By The Throat. I was left captivated when hearing this beautiful song being performed live. It was delivered at a steady pace and the vocal delivery was top notch.


We Sink
Now Is Not The Time
Night Sky
Strong Hand
Science/ Visions
Under The Tide
The Mother We Share


By The Throat

OVERALL: This was one superb gig and it is most likely will be the last time Chvrches play at a venue this small. It would of been nice to to hear You Caught The Light but you can’t fault the set in the slightest. Every song sung was delivered to perfection. Even Under The Tide was delivered faultlessly and oozed bundles of energy.


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