Courtney Barnett @ Rough Trade East 15th February 2014

After having seen Barnett perform at Sebright Arms on the Wednesday there was no way I was going to miss the Rough Trade set. This was a lunchtime instore and wristbands weren’t required. It was probably down to the fact Courtney didn’t have anything to promote. Yes there is the phenomenal EP A Sea Of Split Peas but that was released last year. The show at Rough Trade East was the 3rd and final date in the Capital. Barnett played Sebright on the Wednesday, Ace Hotel on the Thursday, gigged in Paris on the Friday then came back to London for the Saturday. Courtney Barnett pulled in quite a crowd considering it was 1pm.

Things kicked off pretty much on time. What was showcased was nearly exactly the same compared to Wednesday minus 2 songs. The lengthy set opened up with Lance Jr which was then infused to Canned Tomatoes (Whole). With The Courtney Barnetts backing here this was Folk Rock which gave each song that extra edge. Lance Jr opened up with the line “I masturbated to the songs you wrote” and was rather powerful. Whilst Canned Tomatoes (Whole) was rather infectious and played at a fast pace. Straight after it was David and I thought the storytelling lyrics were awesome. Are You Looking After Yourself started at a smooth steady pace but it picks up. Honestly it is one of my favourite Courtney Barnett songs. The lyrics were incredibly infectious and this was powerfully delivered. Before Out Of The Woodwork Courtney told the audience how they had to do a silent gig in Melbourne because the place received noise complaints. Well this tune was played at a steady pace and the lyrics were perfection. Next up was DePreston named after a place called Preston in Melbourne. Now this is going to be released on Record Store Day and it makes me look forward to the prospect of having the vinyl in my hands. This was a solo song and I found it to be utterly entrancing. Barnett’s vocals actually sounded fragile. Towards the end the rest of the band came in to give it that extra something. DePreston is a song that gets me really excited. The penultimate tune was Avant Gardener which went down extremely well. Plenty of Rock vibes oozed from this and I especially enjoyed the verses which detailed a panic attack whilst gardening. Things came to a close with History Eraser which detailed Barnett’s lifestyle.


Lance Jr
Canned Tomatoes (Whole)
Are You Looking After Yourself?
Out Of The Woodwork
Avant Gardener
History Eraser

OVERALL: This was a stunning instore appearance put on by Rough Trade. Courtney Barnett is an extraordinary artist who has a host of superb material. If you like Folk music then check her out. As I said in the Sebright review I cannot wait for the next album. It was rather nice to meet Barnett after the short set and I hope she does start selling thick Courtney Barnett socks. In this weather I think I definitely needed some.


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