Katy B @ McClusky’s 6th February 2014

Katy B (Kathleen Anne Brien) is an artist I have been a fan of for quite a while. The last time I saw her play was at Somerset House back in 2012 and not being able to attend the XOYO last year because it clashed with Haim at Rough Trade East was gutting. So once Banquet Records announced that Katy was to play at McClusky’s I purchased a ticket straight away. Looking back on it I regret not buying the Deluxe CD + Ticket for £13 because it would of saved me £8 because I purchased the CD anyways. The day after it was announced that Katy was to do a signing. At first it was all ages then changed to under 18’s only to end up as an all ages instore. I arrived at McClusky’s around 5.30pm which was 3 ½ hours early. Why that early I hear you say. Well I had hoped someone would turn up around 7 so I could nip off to the signing and then come back. So it came to 7.30 and I made the decision just to go to Banquet. Only three people were there when I arrived and by 8 it had grown to a queue of 20 people (Maybe the lateness and rain put people off). Come 8.20 the doors finally opened and I felt obliged to buy the CD. It was really nice to meet Katy in the flesh after being a fan since 2010. We had a chat and she was shocked that I was there at the Hoxton Hall show back in 2010 (she then gave me a high 5) plus we talked about the Somerset House gig and the première of Crying For No Reason. Katy said back then she got the lyrics to the song wrong. So after a picture and hug I then dashed off to McClusky’s thinking that there was a queue as it was around 8.40 when I left Banquet. It was nice that I was the first one there and it wasn’t long until the next lot arrived. Doors opened at 9.30pm and once in I went straight to the barrier.


Taking to the stage at 10.55pm Katy B opened the 9 song set with Aaliyah. “What’s going on Kingston how we feeling. I want to see every single person in here moving right now” Katy said to the tight audience once she graced the stage. This tune featured on the Danger EP as well as the new record and Jessie Ware also features on the studio version of this track. Aaliyah was extremely short and it was a floor filler as well which easily got you moving. The vocals were perfection and the lyrics were contagious especially the chorus “Aaliyah please, this is green envy, Why must you taunt me girl”. What followed on was What Love Is Made Of which was infused to the ending of Aaliyah. “Let me see you clap people” Brien said before launching into this song. Unfortunately it does not feature on the new LP Little Red. But it was the first taster of brand new Katy B material. Now What Love Is Made Of was extremely catchy and had an uplifting chorus “I can stay like this for days, Looking at your beautiful face”. This was a superb Dance tune. “Thankyou so much for coming down tonight to celebrate the release of my new album” Katy then said before getting stuck into the first single from the new album and this being 5am. I really enjoyed this tune and it is one you would expect to hear in a club. This along with all the tracks from Little Red are completely different from the sound of the debut album. The Dubstep feel had gone. Now I enjoyed the fast pace of this and also the vocal delivery left me in a trance “I need somebody to calm me down/ A little lovin’ like Valium”.

Following on was yet another new one and this being All My Lovin’. Now this was one that can get you moving or it can get you pointing your finger up in the air. This was delivered with plenty of gusto and again it was another Dance Floor tune which was simply spectacular. “OK lets take things back” Katy said before diving into Easy Please Me which appeared on the debut album On A Mission. This went down well with the packed audience and it was a song that can easily get you jumping up and down. Just hearing it live again showed how different the new material is in comparison. Still followed on and this was a down tempo ballad which I found to be quite hypnotic. Brien’s vocals were simply sublime. But the real game changer was the current single and this being Crying For No Reason. This song was an emotional ballad which can tug at your heart strings. The performance was literally incredible Katy put everything into delivering this faultless tune to perfection.

“This is the song which started me on my mission” Brien said before getting stuck into the penultimate song of the evening and this being Katy On A Mission. This Dubstep tinged number went down well with the audience and the atmosphere was electric. As expected there was plenty of audience participation.Katy then urged everyone to move to the closing song of the night and this being Lights On “I keep on moving with the the lights on”. This oozed bundles of energy and just like Katy On A Mission this was an audience pleaser. Nearing the end people took out phones or anything with a shining light and waved it in the air.


What Love Is Made Of
All My Lovin’
Easy Please Me
Crying For No Reason
Katy On A Mission
Lights On

OVERALL: It was rather nice to meet Katy in person. She was so lovely. Also it was surprising that I was the first one outside McClusky’s. I fully expect it won’t be that easy with Nina Nesbitt next Thursday (but then the Instore is at 6pm and the show is at 9pm so I may be OK).

As for the evening support was provided by Kiesza and I could see something and I have a feeling that they will be big this year. Hideaway was fantastic and the dancing was rather impressive.

Now just seeing Katy B live is special. Firstly everyone has a brilliant time by moving to the music and secondly Katy puts everything into delivering a superb performance. I liked the fact it was a mixture of old songs and new ones from Little Red. The new album is a game changer in comparison to On A Mission. Brien showcased some stunning songs and I especially liked 5am, Aaliyah and of course Crying For No Reason. It is quite surprising What Love Is Made Of doesn’t even feature on the deluxe version of Little Red.

All in all I very much enjoyed this evening and I look forward to seeing Katy B play in Brighton at the end of March.


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