Peggy Sue @ St Pancras Old Church 27th January 2014

Peggy Sue are back with Choir Of Echoes. Now this is the bands 3rd record (4th if you count the Peggy Sue Present The Songs Of Scorpio Rising). To mark the albums launch they announced that they were to launch it at the wonderful and intimate St Pancras Old Church. Being a fan of their music for 7 years!!!!! I snapped up my ticket straight away. It was no surprise that this was an instant sell out (come to think about it there were only 100+ tickets so it would). Well this evening saw them play the album from front to back plus a few oldies for the encore.

Things kicked off around 9.30pm. The music stopped and on the PA system being played was (Come Back Around). I don’t think people realised because there was still chatter. Now (Come Back Around) was not a song it was merely an intro. You could consider it as a chant. Once Katy, Rosa, Ollie and a brand new bass player took to the stage they all launched into And Always Is. Giving the new record a spin before I attended this event was a wise one because it made me familiar with each of the tracks. Now And Always Is was one incredible tune which was completely faultless. This was Folk Rock but if you are a fan of this band then the genre of the music that they sing is Folk. Still this tune was delivered at a steady pace and was aided by Rosa’s spectacular vocals and Katy’s harmonising. Once over they immediately got stuck into Substitute. Just like And Always Is, Substitute was mainly sung by Rosa Slade with Katy adding in the harmonies. Both Slade’s and Young’s vocals compliment one another. “We’re going to play all the songs from our new album. But not in the right order” Katy then said before they launched into track 2 which was Esme. I simply adored this and this time it was Young that took to the lead with Slade harmonising. This hits you like a ton of bricks as it started with a drum beat then Katy’s vocals just drew you in. Now I was completely captivated by this number. For Figure Of Eight the main focus was on the way Katy and Rosa’s vocals infused together. It was then onto Always Going, now this was rather mellowing and the vocals were flawless. After the introductions the band then went into Just The Night and I really liked the addition of the trumpet which gave the song that extra something different. Next it was How Heavy The Quiet The Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine. Now this was short and sweet. This could easily of been sung as an a capella as it just focuses on both Katy and Rosa. There was no drums just Katy on the guitar. I found this to be very mesmerising and quite possibly one of my favourites of the evening.

After How Heavy Night Young mentioned that if anyone in the audience had the vinyl of Choir Of Echoes this was the point you would need to flip it over. It was then onto Electric Light which was delivered to perfection. Longest Day Of The Year Blues was played straight after. This has to be my favourite from the new LP. It is no surprise that it has been the 2nd song to be lifted from it. Hearing it live was quite something. Longest Day Of The Year Blues was a swooning Folk song which worked wonders. Following on was the 1st song to be lifted from the new LP and this being Idle. Now this was about being unemployed and just hearing it live was quite something. “Let the devil make make work for my idle hands” was one line of Idle. It started off at a steady pace but as soon as Olly came in with the drum beats, Idle then gained that extra edge. “It’s about tonsillitis amongst other things” Katy Young then said before getting stuck into Two Shots. Now this was the penultimate song of the evening and what a tune it was. Rosa Slade took the lead for this one with Katy Young harmonising as well as playing a drum which was set up in front of her. Lyrically this was an excellent song and there was even the use of a loop pedal. The Error Of Your Ways ended the evening after both Rosa and Katy said their thank yous. Katy Young took to the lead for this last track with Rosa Slade adding in the harmonies. First it started off sombre then the drums and trumpets came in creating something truly phenomenal.

After they left the stage only to return moments later to perform song Peggy Sue hits. First up you had Lover Gone. Now I haven’t heard this live for a good 4 years. Despite not hearing it live for that long it still sounded better than ever. Lover Gone was a beautiful and soothing ballad with lyrics you just want to join it with. Watchman ended proceedings and this had a beat to it. Katy was on the guitar and sang this song whilst Rosa joined in with harmonising as well as playing the drum. Watchman was a nice strong steady paced song as well.


(Come Back Around)
And Always Is
Figure Of Eight
Always Going
Just The Night
How Heavy The Quiet The Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine
Electric Light
Longest Day Of The Year Blues
Two Shots
The Error Of Your Ways


Lover Gone

OVERALL: It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to witness Peggy Sue yet again. They are a band that I adore and I have seen them grow up. The new album Choir Of Echoes is a complete cracker and I enjoyed every single track that was performed. Whilst I say that the 2 numbers which stood out for me were Longest Day and How Heavy.

Also just getting an encore was a nice treat. Would of been lovely to have more of the hits but you cant have it all. Both Lover Gone and Watchman I haven’t witnessed them live for AGES. They both are amazing till this very day. If I was to plump for what song I prefered in the encore I would say Lover Gone hands down. Before they started a couple of people shouted out old Peggy Sue songs. One being Superman which even though it is phenomenal I cannot see them ever playing it live.

I look forward to seeing them again in April. Green Door Store here I come.


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