Rainer @ The Waiting Room 23rd January 2014

Rainer are Rebekah Raa (Stricken City) and Nic Nell. I predict big things for them. I attended this gig because A) I like to take punts on brand new acts and B) Eat Your Own Ears always put on phenomenal gigs. So I reached The Waiting Room around 8.30pm which was handy as the last entry was at 9pm. This venue is located under The Three Crowns which is on Stoke Newington High Street. Hackney is not my ideal area for a gig mainly because the trains aren’t that frequent. I honestly thought I found my way round it when it ended. This would of involved me from going from Stoke Newington to Seven Sisters then take the Victoria Line down to Victoria. But the whole cement issue made all trains terminate at Warren Street.

Aside from all that this evening was spectacular. I had heard the début EP plus the 7” that they put out which consisted of Girls and Money. It was Rebekah who sang the vocals whilst Nic provided the beats. Rainer were synth pop and the set that they performed was only 8 songs long. Honestly it was a surprise that they played for 45 minutes as you would expect that at a gig that you pay for. Even with an EP and a single in the public domain they still found time to sing songs that haven’t been released (well 2 of them feature on the duos Soundcloud page). Girls opened things up and there was a Calypso feel to it. It was sweetly delivered and infused to the end of the tune was Marry. Only it wasn’t infused because they were having technical difficulties which lasted for about a minute. Marry was a brand new song and I look forward to hearing the studio version to it. It was a number that easily got you moving and Marry was packed with plenty of promise. Swallow was incredible and Raa’s vocal range was impeccable. During the song she mentioned how she was going to swallow her fear. Next it was onto Silence. Just like Swallow this appeared on the Soundcloud page but hasn’t actually been released. This song and Water which was played after has to be my two favourite tracks performed. Just like Marry I am eagerly anticipating hearing the recorded version of Water. The final 3 tunes of the evening featured on the current EP. For some reason Glass wasn’t one of those that were performed. Again there was a Calypso feel to Dreams. This was absolutely faultless and the vocal delivery was sublime. Dreams sent me in a trance. Satin was perfection and had lyrics implying masturbation, “I’m out having fun here on my own”. Things came to a head with Hope which was a song about falling in love.



OVERALL: My thoughts on this gig are positive ones. Rainer were brilliant live and they are a duo I would like to see again and again. They are certainly ones to look out for as I predict that they will be bigger than they are in the future.

As for the material which was performed. All I can say is WOW not only were the vocals sublime but whoever wrote the songs is a genius because each was a complete corker.


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