Elliphant @ The Lexington 24th January 2014

Sharing the same management as Niki And The Dove is Swedish sensation Ellinor Olovosdotter. She goes under the name of Elliphant and this was the first time she had performed in the UK. It was strange that there was no merchandise whatsoever. I would of expected them to be selling debut album A Good Idea considering it has only been released in Sweden. Maybe the UK will be getting an expanded version with more tracks who knows. Swedish born Elinor is one talented female Rapper/ MC. This date was the sole UK date on the current European tour.

Taking to the stage around 10pm Olovosdotter and her hype man (who provided the dirty beats) performed an extensive set consisting of material from A Good Idea, 2012’s Elliphant EP and a couple of brand new songs. Before getting stuck into the first song Elinor mentioned that this was like her first gig ever. It Look Like You Love It which kickstarted the evening. The beat was very funky and easily got you moving on the spot. Olovosdotter’s MC skills were rather impressive and this tune was a memorable one. During it Ellinor kept on repeating the line “Look Like You Love It” possibly it could be the actual title. There was a dub step vibe to this and it had been well crafted. “Look Like You Love It London” Olovosdotter said once she had delivered it faultlessly. “Where’s my mama” Ellinor said before delivering the full on fierce romp which was Where Is My Mama At. This was the latest video that had been released. In fact it was a strong song as it opens up with the line “Where Is My Mama At, I Need My Baseball Bat”. Also she mentions how her “Bitches Never Die”. All in all this was spectacularly delivered with plenty of gusto. Next it was onto More Fire a song which features Niki And The Dove. As expected Niki And The Dove weren’t there, in fact there were no special guests who collaborated with Elinor on stage. This was the first time I had heard it and I fell in love straight away. Now the MC skills were extraordinary whist the chorus was gentle/ infectious and mellowing. “I’m so glad to be here” Olovosdotter said before getting stuck into Music Is Life. This was an audience pleasing tune and it was sung at a fast pace. The verses were incredible and the middle 8 was the chorus as the melody completely changed. I could pick up on a Reggae feel and it also seemed like there was a Fatman Scoop sample. Immediately after it was onto Paint The World. Now this was a Pop/ Rap number and was completely different from what had been because it was sang at a steady pace. Paint The World was short but sweet. “If you ever thought about running you better run far” Elliphant said explaining what the next song was about. Now this was Run Far. My god this was a fast tempo romp and it is tracks like this which can showcase how good you are. The verses were extremely pacey and it shows how talented she is because Ellinor didn’t trip up in the slightest. Whilst the chorus was smoother and saw Olovosdotter mention how if you’re going to run then you better run far. Once over it was then onto something old and this being Make It Juicy which went down well with the audience. It was actually extremely nice to hear the older material. Prior to the set I hadn’t heard the new album but I adored the Elliphant EP. It was a pleasure just to witness seeing it performed live. Could It Be had an infectious chorus and it was extremely weird lyric wise. Like More Fire, Ellinor was not joined by Erik Hassle for Pac Man. I adored this tune. Pac Man was a wondrous MCesque love song which was out of this world. Following on was Revolusion and this made me lost for words. This track was was brilliant and I look forward to when it actually gets released. Right at the end Ellinor mentioned how she wasn’t supposed to perform that number and asked for it not to be uploaded onto YouTube. Revolution when it was performed at P3 Guld in Gothenburg earlier this month does feature on this popular website. Boom Your Head was very fierce and it was sung oozing plenty of energy. Toilet Line Romance was then doubled up with Down On Life. Whilst I loved the Toilet Line Romance it was Down On Life which everyone went wild for. Now this was both strong, steady and it had infectious lyrics. Shoot Me Down was rather entrancing whilst the final New Song was one that got you moving. Also it gets me excited about the forthcoming Elliphant releases. From what I understand there will be 2 EP’s and a LP this Summer. Both In The Jungle and Ciant Hear It were taken from the Elliphant EP. Ciant Hear It was Elinor’s first English hit and it was really catchy. Things came to a close with Live Til I Die. Judging by the audience reaction and how luscious this actually was Olovosdotter had left the best to the last. Its lyrics were hypnotic “We live like we never die”. I found it to be uplifting. Nearing the end Ellinor came into the audience to deliver this before coming back to the stage.


Look Like You Love It
Where Is My Mama At
More Fire
Music Is Life
Paint The World
Run Far
Make It Juicy
Could It Be
Pac Man
Boom Your Head
Toilet Line Romance
Down On Life
Shoot Me Down
New Song
In The Jungle
Ciant Hear It
Live Til I Die

OVERALL: Tonight I witnessed something incredible and extremely special. Elliphant had been an artist I had always wanted to witness live as I completely adored the Elliphant EP. It was really nice to have that opportunity. Once I saw Ellinor was playing at The Lexington I purchased my ticket straight away.

Words cannot sum up how amazing and talented she actually was. Olovosdotter is one talented and gifted Swede. Actually it shows that most good things come from Scandinavia (Say Lou Lou, MO, Icona Pop, Robyn, Lykke Li etc) and I most definitely comes to UK shores again. Maybe when the album comes out and if there is a tour of the UK then I am so there.

Finally I have to mention Molly Beanland who did such a tremendous job in supporting Elinor. Not having heard any music by her prior I immediately took to the set half way through the opening number which was Not The Only. The style of the music which was sung during this 6 track set was very Pop. Whilst Molly was the vocalist she was accompanied by someone on keys and someone else who was playing a drum like instrument. Not The Only was incredible and it hooked me straight away. The vocal range was extraordinary. Real Life which is the next single (released on 24th March) was catchy and it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on edge. Secrets was hypnotic whilst Tokyo had to be my favourite out of what had been sung during the set. Electric was soothing and the final tune was Night Dreams which left me with the urge to hear more of Molly.

Beanland is definitely one to look out for and one I cannot wait to see again. My only irk was people who had obviously come from Europe having a full blown conversation throughout the set and they were standing near the front of the stage. Talking is just plain rude.


Not The Only
Real Life
Night Dreams


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