Raphaella @ Boxpark, Shoreditch 19th January 2014

Raphaella is an artist that I love but have never had the opportunity to see. Whenever a gig is announced it annoyingly clashes with something else I have booked. Coming from North London 22 year old Raphaella is a 1/3 Persian, a 1/3 Scottish and a 1/3 English. Now the style of the music that she sang was Pop and as expected it was completely acoustic. Also Persian instruments were used during each song. Now this was the first time I had seen Raphaella in the flesh and she is extremely cute and has a phenomenal vocal range. Also each song that was performed showed off what a stunning songwriter she is. Now I loved the debut EP Idiot which was released last year and just hearing the whole of the new EP Start A Fire was a right treat. They say following up something incredible is tricky but Raphaella surpassed herself. Each song was a complete gem and I enjoyed each of the 4 tracks thoroughly.

When Raphaella took to the stage she asked how everyone was but what made this incredible was the fact she sang it. Before opening with her first song Raphaella mentioned how there were instruments from Persia which were used during each number. The first tune was Start A Fire which shared the same name as the sophomore EP. This was completely startling, it had been superbly written and the vocals were spot on. Now Raphaella introduced us to some of her roots because there were instruments from Persia which were played during each song. Start A Fire had an uptempo chorus and it is a tune that can easily get you moving. With everyone seated just moving about to this song was tricky. This was an extremely infectious number and if I had my way it would be released as a single. Fading Into Black was very upbeat aided by infectious lyrics and a powerful vocal delivery which again made me want to point my finger in the air. The penultimate new song was House and this was too amazing for words. The lyrics were contagious and the melody actually reminded me of the theme tune to Night Rider. Both Fading Into Black and House were delivered to perfection. “It’s really about a situation where there’s that one guy that you really like. And you kind of know he likes you too. But for one reason or another it just never happens” Raphaella said before mentioning that she was bad at Maths but the one thing she remembered is Parallel Lines are the only lines in the universe that run along side one another but never meet. It was then onto the first single to be lifted from the EP. This being Parallel Lines which is released on 25th February. I have to say that this is a right cracker and I anticipate the new EP Start A Fire. I want 23rd March to be here right now so I can have the 4 track EP on my iPod. Still this song was extremely promising and I adored its lyrics. People say that the 2nd album is always the trickiest but Raphaella has surpassed herself by creating a masterpiece.


Start A Fire
Fading Into Black
Parallel Lines

OVERALL: First of all a special mention must go to Anna Ottridge. At the tender age of 16 it is amazing to know how good she actually is. In the words of the host of the event Anna was a blonde bombshell. Now it is always tricky when opening up an event. It is even tricky for support acts when you go to gigs. Really I should research acts before hand but I choose not to. Why I do this is so I am making an opinion straight away. If I don’t like but see potential I always give the artist/ band another listen. In this case I was left completely captivated. When Anna opened up with Another Love which was a Tom Odell cover I thought WOW this girl can really sing. The style of the music which Ottridge played was Acoustic Folk and I could see shades of Kate McGill within the startling vocals. The set consisted of 2 covers and 2 originals. The covers being Another Love and Back To Black which was an Amy Winehouse cover. The originals being Hourglass and Liar which were literally incredible. If I had to pick a favourite out of the 2 I would plump for Liar. Seriously this girl has something special and she is someone I will most definitely keep tabs on.


Another Love
Back To Black

Finally Raphaella was phenomenal as expected. I am so glad I finally had the chance to witness her perform and I hope that it isn’t that long until I see her again. With the fact she performed the whole of the new EP makes me feel kind of special along with everyone else who was there to witness her. Each track was a stunner and was sung to complete perfection. Raphaella is one true talent and an excellent song writer as well. Basically I cannot praise her enough as I was literally blown away by what I witnessed.


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