Accidents Will Happen @ Barfly 8th January 2014

My first gig of 2014 came in the form of Accidents Will Happen. Now this was the first time I had witnessed this 5 piece live. Honestly they were a bit of a punt. I love attending gigs and at the start of a new year I visit venues websites (the small ones) just to see the listings. January is such a quiet month for live events. From looking at The Barfly website I came across Accidents Will Happen. The description intrigued me which resulted in checking YouTube for any songs/ live performances by them. I then discovered Time and I was literally hooked on this.

Accidents Will Happen consist of Jade Spiro (Lead Vocals), Sam Penny (Bass Guitar), Rob Bennett (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Simon Clancy (Rhythm Guitar) and Ozcan Cimen (Drums). The style of the music that they sung was Pop Rock (a bit like Paramore really). It actually shocks me that a band as good as this remains unsigned. Currently they have a few tunes on Soundcloud as well as the début EP Prologue. Also Jade mentioned to the audience how they have got a new booking agent and will be touring in March supported by two amazing bands.

The set performed consisted of 10 songs. You had the 3 tunes from the début EP, Loser which appears as a demo on the bands Bandcamp and an interesting Little Wayne cover. The other 5 were brand new to me. The energetic showcased kicked off with War Begins and was followed by Cynic. Both being new (by that I mean they have not appeared in the public domain yet). Now with War Begins it was like a full on force plenty of energy and passion was put into this. It can easily get you moving actually head banging is more like it. “Camden Barfly. We’re Accidents Will Happen thank you so much for being here” Spiro then mentioned to the audience just as they had reached the end of War Begins. Second up you then had Cynic which was played at a furious pace. It was spectacularly delivered and it was literally oozing bundles of energy. I really hope I hear a mastered version of this in the future. Jade’s vocals were superb and she just belted it out. The extended outro was excellent as well. It was then onto the single and this being Time. This was completely infectious and you feel obliged to sing along to the lyrics. In fact it was this that made me book. It is pretty unusual for me to book a gig on the basis of just one song. But I was literally hooked on this and just witnessing it live completely hypnotised me. Just like Time, We Are featured on the Prologue EP. This was completely stunning, delivered to perfection and aided by some screamos. Next was Loser. This had already appeared online as a demo but live this was quite something. It has to feature on the début LP. Loser was played at a steady pace and the electric guitars and drums gave it that extra edge.

Jade mentioned that Your Opinion was brand new and she wanted peoples opinion on the tune. Words fail me when it comes to describing how amazing this actually was. It was very promising and I really hope I hear a studio version of this incredible track. This was a strong performance and it had a tiny sombre part where Jade sang the line “It’s Your Opinion” then it went back into the rock elements.

Penultimate number Chapter 3 was the final tune that was taken from the 3 track EP Prologue. Like Time this was super catchy with lyrics which just grab your attention. This was a tune which gets you rocking out. The vocals were extraordinary and this was a song that I completely adore. Thing then came to an end with yet another newie and this being Another Way. This brought to a close to what had been an outstanding evening.

After much persuasion there was an unplanned encore and this was to be a cover of Lollipop by Little Wayne. The song itself is about receiving a blowjob. The lyrics are sexual but Accidents Will Happen added their own spin on this which worked to perfection.


War Begins
We Are
You Opinion
Chapter 3
Another Way



OVERALL: Now this evening was literally incredible, not only did I witness one amazing band, I also witnessed 3 terrific support acts. Two of them I am itching to see play live again.

First up you had The City Is Ours who are a female fronted Rock band from High Wycombe (the rock vibe featured prominently this evening). I could see elements of Paramore and I fell for them hook line and sinker after the first tune that they sang. The set that they performed consisting of 6 originals and 1 cover. The take on Labrinth’s Earthquake was breathtaking, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted (well I don’t know the official title as there was no set list) was phenomenal while Roses showed off a different side to the band as it started off soft. Seeing them again is definitely a must for me.


Anything At All
Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

City Of Ashes were the biggest band on the line up. By biggest I mean the fact they have already released an album called All We Left Behind and they are embarking on a tour this month (tonight was the first date of that tour). This 4 piece were really talented. It was a mistake not choosing to listen to anything by them prior to the show. Without research you cant really appreciate the music as you are hearing it for the first time. But from what was showcased I was won over. I may not book for their next show but keeping tabs on the music that they produce.

Third on the night you had Fallow Fields. Even though I hadn’t researched the music that this 5 piece sang I liked what I read about this group. Fallow Fields are a 5 piece band hailing from Hertfordshire consisting of 3 guys and 2 girls. They have already released a 4 track free EP called Beast Of Mind and they have already featured in Kerrang Magazine. The style of the music that was showcased was catchy Pop/ Punk. As well as performing the whole EP live you also had I Was Brave Once Too (which was brand new), Nicky Cage Sucks (probably a reference to Nicholas Cage) then you had Motivation. This band have been around since 2010 released 2 EP’s Don’t Waste This (which featured Motivation and Nicky Cage Sucks) and most recently Beast Of Mind. I cant believe their music has just entered my life as they are outstanding. Being a fan of Paramore, Blink 182 and even Fall Out Boy makes Fallow Fields a band I want to see again and again. The Pop Punk vibe which was applied to each song suits me down to the ground. Just hearing 7 songs wasn’t enough I wanted more. The new song I Was Brave Once Too was a cracker whist opener One Day On Day One was completely infectious.


One Day On Day One
Beast Of Mind
I Was Brave Once Too
Nicky Cage Sucks
Line By Line
This Feels Like Home

Jade Spiro of Accidents Will Happen handpicked the support acts and what a line up she chose. Not only did I witness one phenomenal band, but I have also seen another 3 bands whom I will be keeping tabs on in the future. As for the Accidents Will Happen set I will be seeing them in March. The material showcased was enough for me. If you thought Time was the tip of the iceberg then think again. For me I am hoping that by March there will be more new songs and maybe a new EP (I guess I am being a bit optimistic there). The song Your Opinion was quite something and when recorded in a studio I’m guessing it will be polished off.

The countdown till March starts now.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. lessthanphil says:


    I’m not entirely sure how I missed this when you wrote it back in January, but even though it was ages ago, I just wanted to say thanks for writing it up and I’m really glad you enjoyed our set!

    Keep your eyes out for some new material soon!

    Phil – Fallow Fields

  2. lessthanphil says:


    Even though it’s been a (long) while since you wrote this up and I only just found it, I just wanted to say thanks for writing it up and I’m super stoked you enjoyed our set.

    That was one of my favourite shows to date . Keep your eyes out for new material soon.

    Phil – Fallow Fields

    1. Mr C says:

      Phil, I am so bad at replying to comments. Yes I really enjoyed that evening and the line up was fantastic. I really enjoyed the music that you showcased and City Of Ours were sweet as well. It is ashame Accidents Will Happen split.

      I love the Barfly because it is a nice intimate venue and I have seen some amazing shows there

  3. Jade Spiro says:

    I’ve just stumbled across this too! Wow what an amazing review! Tis indeed a shame we split. I’ve got a new band forming ATM. I’ll be sure to link you :).

    Jade xx

    1. Mr C says:


      It is amazing you have come across this review. Back then I really enjoyed the AWH set and the Barfly is such a lovely venue. I love my live music and as I mentioned seeing yourself was a bit of a punt as January is always a dry month for live gigs. It was Time that gained my attention. Being a fan of the Pop/ Rock genre I completely adored the material you showcased. Looking back at it the whole evening was incredible as you hand picked the support acts. Also it was ashame that The City Is Ours have run into difficulty as the lead singer Vicky left. I will never forget when I was the first one inside she was singing Fall Out Boy’s Young Volcanoes a capella.

      Anyhow it is great that you have a new band in the works Jade. You are one hell of a singer and the material which you showcased before the AWH split was simply incredible. You certainly have my support when the new band is up and ready.

      If it is OK with you I’m going to send you a friend request on facebook because I really would like to know about the latest goings on.

      Hope you had a lovely Easter Jade and I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors.

      Hope to see you sometime this year.

      Sam 🙂

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