Summer Camp @ The Haunt 25th November 2013

Summer Camp consist of married couple Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Wamsley. Plus joining them was 2/3 of Brontide. Now William who was on drums has played with them in the past. This was the Summer Camp tour in conjunction with the sophomore self titled album. I chose to attend the Brighton date because The Haunt is a lovely quaint venue. Plus I love Summer Camp and Elizabeth is so adorable. Things kicked off with Fryars who played a set consisting of around 8 songs. Now I really enjoyed this and he was extremely talented as he has some good tune. Once Fryars was finished it was then a little wait until the headline act took to the stage.

With the aid of a projection displaying film footage Summer Camp kicked off their magnificent set with The End. Other than opening the set with this tune it also was the opening track on the sophomore album Summer Camp. You would think it would be the other way round. “We’re Summer Camp, how are you doing?” Jeremy Warmsley said during this wonderful song. Sankey took to the vocals for this one while Jeremy provided the harmonising. This was a one heavy song with futuristic beats. Towards the end the melody morphed into what you would think was Down. Only it wasn’t the song was still The End but with the same riff as Down. Once over it was then onto the furious paced Down which featured on debut album Welcome To Condale. Whilst this was rockier it was also a power pop tune with infectious lyrics. Both Elizabeth and Jeremy had their own parts from this incredible song. “Do you remember the first time” was one of the lines of Fresh. I have to say that this was spectacular it was infectious and you could dance along to the beat if you wanted to. Sankey’s vocals were impeccable and were aided by Elizabth’s own dance moves. The lyrics were top notch and all in all this was extremely cute as Sankey sang about how “First love is the best love”. Out of all the songs Summer Camp sang during the set this was the one that gets you moving. “It’s really nice to be here. We love Brighton. Thanks for having us” Elizabeth said before Jeremy mentioned that they had put out a record a few months ago and I Got You was one of those songs which featured on the record. I Got You was delivered at a steady pace. My highlight of this had to be the middle 8 where the melody just change and Jeremy was on the keyboard. After plenty of applause it was then onto Keep Falling. Now this was one of my many favourites from the self titled album and just witnessing it live was quiet something. Sankey’s vocals can easily melt butter. Keep Falling was a light/ fluffy tune aided by an hypnotic melody. Crazy was delivered to perfection and the lyrics were quite captivating as well. The vocal delivery was sublime and contagious as well. “I love crazy” was one of the lines which Elizabeth kept on singing. Just seeing this up close you could pick up on the fact that Sankey was enjoying singing this live.

It was then onto something from the disco influenced EP of the same name. This being Always and you know what it never fails to make me smile. Jeremy opened this up which showed off his strong vocals and Elizabeth joined in with the harmonising. Everything about this was incredible and it was one that gets you bopping on the spot. My favourite part had to be the optimistic lyrics “We’ll always be together”. What followed after was something new. “We’re going to do a song now which is from a soundtrack” Elizabeth Sankey then said before Hallway. Charlie Lyne who made the film was in attendance and he was seeing this performed live for the first time. The film in question was Beyond Clueless which is a documentary about teen films. Clips of this were shown in the background. Now this was a superbly delivered track which I adored but I found myself distracted by the footage that was being shown in the background. It was then straight onto Night Drive which is Elizabeth’s favourite on the self titled album. Just hearing it live was quiet something as it showcased Jeremy’s stunning vocals with Elizabeth harmonising. The opening intro to Pink Summer was rather dreamy then Elizabeth comes in to sing this wondrous song. This song was rap esque but Summer Camp style. This then led into a Biz Markie cover. This being Just A Friend which was a rap but spoken word style. It was extraordinary and Sankey managed to get through it without tripping up on the lyrics. In fact when Sankey sang the verses her accent changed to American one. It chorus was rather smooth “You got what I need, You say she’s just a friend”. Infused to this spectacular cover was Losing My Mind. The lyric content to this song was superb. Both Jeremy and Elizabeth share the vocals for this song. Losing My Mind was basically detailing the story of a couple who are fighting and having arguments.

It was then onto a trio of oldies. First up you had the début single Ghost Train. This was Bubblegum Pop with killer hooks which completely captivate you. Also the lyrics are contagious which therefore makes you want to sing along. Jeremy took the lead vocals for Round The Moon song and Elizabeth provided the harmonies. Even though this didn’t appear on Welcome To Condale it has killer lyrics which were very sleek. Better Of Without You was played straight after and this was a force to be reckoned with. It oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were extraordinary. From them you can picture a story to it in your head. Two Chords capped off a stunning set. The lyrics were light and the vocals were spot on. Jeremy’s vocals complimented Elizabeth’s perfectly. Now I really adored the lyrics and this brought to a close what had been one incredible evening. This was released as a 7” vinyl by the band and it is doubled up with Fresh. Two Chords is the most personal Summer Camp song and this was epically delivered.


The End
I Got You
Keep Falling
Night Drive
Pink Summer
Just A Friend/ Losing My Mind
Ghost Train
Round The Moon
Better Off Without You
Two Chords

OVERALL: This evening was highly enjoyable and the material Summer Camp showcased was utterly infectious. The songs from the new album are growing on me and now I find that the album is one I can easily stick on repeat. The first album will always be my favourite but the new one is a work of art. Songs such as Fresh, Keep Falling, Pink Summer and Two Chords are masterpieces. It was nice that material from Welcome To Condale worked its way into the set and the Biz Markie cover of Just A Friend was simply impeccable.


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