Say Lou Lou @ Concrete 13th November 2013

Twins Elektra and Miranda Kilbey make up the Swedish/ Australian group Say Lou Lou. How can they be twins if they are from two different places. Simple, their father is Australian and their mother is Swedish. Say Lou Lou (or Saint Lou Lou which they were originally known as) were a band I had listed down at the start of 2013 to witness live. I would put Say Lou Lou in the dream pop category. The choice of venue for this evening was Concrete in Shoreditch. It was a venue I had never attended and was located underneath Pizza Express. This was to be something incredibly intimate.

It was around 9.40pm when the band took to the stage. Things then kicked off with something brand new and this being Everything We Touch. It was infectious, upbeat and a stunning choice of song to open up with. This sounded completely phenomenal, the majority of this was sung by Miranda and Elektra provided the flawless harmonies. It makes me look forward to a forthcoming full length and this tune needs to be released as a single.

Next it was onto Fool Of Me which was a right pleaser. However Chet Faker was not there to take part in this collaboration. This was taken from the Julian 7” vinyl and it sounded absolutely amazing live. The fact Faker as not there didn’t matter in the slightest. It also showed off Elektra’s pristine vocals as she had her individual part. “You made a fool of me, How dare you” they both sang. At first it was delivered at a steady pace then when it progressed things got more stronger then resulting in a rapturous finale. “This is amazing, it’s crazy being here tonight in Concrete in London. Our new hometown” Miranda Kilbey said before Elektra introduced the next tune as Better In The Dark. I have to say this was super catchy with memorable lyrics and a infectious melody. Better In The Dark which was the new single felt as if it was a power pop anthem “It feels better, it feels better in the dark, I feel closer to your heart and nothing can come between us”. New song Love Is The Loneliest Place was up next. Now this was completely promising and it most definitely has to feature on the forthcoming LP. It may of not contained anything that just hooks you in but this tune oozed plenty of energy and I could see that there was plenty of passion there. Breakthrough tune Julian was delivered superbly at a fast pace. Vocals were faultless and the verses and chorus make you picture a story to it. Julian was a tune about a romantic escape and its lyrics were in fact rather dreamy. After plenty of cheers it was then onto Beloved which was the other half to Better In The Dark. This wasn’t as infectious as its counterpart but it was passionately delivered and I could pick on traces of emotion as well. Beloved was powerful and it was a synth pop gem at the same time. “Oh, if I’m your beloved, Why don’t I fit here?”. Tame Impala track Feels Like We Only Go Backwards got the Say Lou Lou treatment. I have to say this was simply spectacular and they completely owned it.

The final new song of the night was Skylights and I cannot find the words to comprehend how superb it actually was. The vocals by Miranda were both clear and gentle whilst the harmonising by Elektra was stunning. As soon as the drum beat came in Skylights gained that extra oomph. “We gotta keep on moving to phase one”. Fool Of Me, Better In The Dark, Julian and Beloved are already out there in the public domain. But from these brand new songs showcased it gets me excited about the prospect of having a Say Lou Lou album in my hands. Things then came to an end with debut single Maybe You which was released on Kitsune. This rousing song was played at a steady pace with lyrics which just made you want to sway from side to side. It was a tune that completely captivated me.


Everything We Touch
Fool Of Me
Better In The Dark
Love Is The Loneliest Place
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
Maybe You

OVERALL: Say Lou Lou are a band that have massive potential and it comes as no surprise that they have been nominated for the BBC Sound of 2014 Sound Poll. Each of the tracks which were showcased were highly contagious and hearing them live gets me excited at the prospect of the debut album. I cannot wait to see Say Lou Lou play at XOYO next February


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