Oh Land @ The Haunt 6th December 2013

Oh Land is Danish singer songwriter Nanna Øland Fabricius. I chose the Brighton date over the London one just because of intimacy. I have attended The Haunt plenty of times in the past and I love that venue. Also I had become hooked on Oh Land since I attended the show at Heaven and White Nights was pretty big as well.

It was around 8.45 when Nanna took to the stage. This tour was to promote the current album Wish Bone which had been released earlier this year. What opened the set up was Cherry On Top. Nanna took to the keyboard for this wondrous Wish Bone tune. This was a straight forward pop tune with gentle verses and then a heavy infectious chorus “And all you ever dreamed of, it ain’t enough, You’ll never fill that hole with the cherry on top”.

“It’s so good to be at the coast. It’s the first gig in Brighton” Fabricius then said before mentioning that the only time they had been here was when they played The Great Escape. Still staying at the keyboard it was then onto the funky Pyromaniac which was aided by lyrics which easily get you grooving. Nanna then got up off the keyboard for Bird In An Aeroplane. This which is the opening track to Wish Bone was spectacularly delivered and was aided by infectious lyrics infused to a steady paced melody. My favourite part had to be its swooning chorus. Love A Man Dead was pure electro pop aided by parts which make you want to jump up and down. This oozed plenty of passion and the lyrics were catchy as well. Also the harmonies were impressive as well. Wolf & I was a rather interesting because you could see it as a pop ballad which was absolutely sublime. The pace was extremely slow and mellowing at the same time. It was then straight onto another track from Wish Bone and this was 3 Chances. This was a sombre ballad which sent shivers up my spine because Nanna’s vocals were well and truly outstanding. Honestly I was left completely mesmerised. Following on straight after was something completely different and this being My Boxer. Why I say different is because this was an energetic rap which reminded me of Rap For Rejection by Kate Nash. This was both playful, fierce and utterly contagious. Also Fabricius used a mega phone towards the end. My Boxer was a tune which easily gets you bopping. Thing were taken down a notch for the entrancing keyboard number Next Summer which was powerfully delivered. This was then backed by something which appeared on the self titled album and this being Perfection. I found this to be very upbeat with lyrics which were strongly delivered. There was an R&B vibe to Heavy Eyes and this sounded amazing plus it was slightly infectious at the same time. It was also very mellow and delivered on keyboard. Green Card was then moulded to Heavy Eyes and the change was hardly noticeable. Now I really adored this as it was soft, gentle and it put me in a trance. The vocals were superb and this infectious tune was delivered at a steady pace. The drums gave this that extra edge.

Rainbow was one of my many highlights of the evening. It was a song you could sing along to. At the end of the song everyone was chanting along to the line “You can make it click, making me pop”. Plenty of applause then followed. It was then time for Renaissance Girls which was the first single from Wish Bone. This had luscious lyrics aided by killer hooks. You then had the haunting/ epic Sleepy Town and finally ending the set was Sun Of A Gun. Now this was rather catchy and upbeat at the same time. You could pick up on the Electro vibe straight away. Two songs made up the encore first up you had Love You Better which was extremely sweet and ended what had been a formidable evening was the much loved White Nights.


Cherry On Top
Bird In An Aeroplane
Love A Man Down
Wolf & I
3 Chances
My Boxer
Next Summer
Heavy Eyes
Green Card
Renaissance Girls
Sleepy Town
Sun Of A Gun


Love You Better
White Nights


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