Katie Sutherland @ Blacks 18th November 2013

After having released 2 EP’s Pearl & The Puppets were no more. This didn’t upset me in the slightest because this split was a mere rename. Katie Sutherland was going to release future material under her name with her other two puppets. I remember the day Katie announced the pledge campaign for Canvas I was off out seeing Big Deal play instore at Banquet Records. What I pledged on was a ticket to see Sutherland perform tracks from this album. Two years on that gig has failed to materialise but I have been told by Katie herself that it will be taking place early 2014. As a thank you for patiently waiting Sutherland invited me to an intimate set at Blacks for the release of the new single Canvas. This evening was also part of the Society Of The Golden Slippers.

“Hello” Katie said to the gathered audience before opening with You’re With Me. Having heard the pledge only album Canvas I had already heard this. If I remember correctly this was one of the tunes that she put up on Soundcloud just to see the reaction from the fans. Still You’re With Me. This was acoustic folk which was delivered to perfection. The actual vocals were extremely distinctive and the closest comparison which I can make at the moment would be Diana Vickers. You’re With Me was a steady paced tune, aided by fantastic lyrics and a luscious melody. My favourite part had to be its middle 8 where the pace went up a notch “I can see me slipping away”. It was then straight onto I Loved Us. Again this was another song that pledgers got to hear before it made the cut for the LP Canvas. Now everything about this was fabulous. Now I had heard the mastered version but just witnessing it live was quite something. I Loved Us had been perfectly written and the lyrics were slightly infectious “I Loved Us, You’re my favourite person”. Now this was a sweet song which was perfectly delivered. In fact it completely hypnotised me and is one of my few favourite tracks from the LP Canvas. “It’s about a friend whose not happy” Sutherland said introducing the next tune of the evening as a brand new cut and this being Another Counsellor. This was very promising and it makes me look forward to hearing more material from Katie in the future. “If this is love then I can’t feel it”. The lyrics were very clear cut as it tells the story of someone who is not happy in the relationship that she is in. “This is also a new song” Katie then mentioned before With Her Or Not. Along with Another Counsellor this was going to appear on the forthcoming EP. Even though Katie mentioned that this was new it was a re jigging of the song which was released to fans of Sutherland’s who signed up to the mailing list back in 2011. This was sweetly delivered and from the lyrics there was a dash of emotion “I don’t really care if you’re with her or not, I wanna know if you still love me”. Basically from the lyrics the man has a new partner and the ex is not over him despite saying that she doesn’t really care with who he is with. Next it was onto an oldie and this being Because I Do and it is the most mainstream song is down to the fact it appeared in the 2010 film Tamara Drewe. Well this song was very uptempo and beautiful at the same time. Plus it is very infectious because you always feel inclined to sing along to it. Because I Do was both happy and chirpy with lyrics which were faultlessly delivered “Because I Do like you, I do like you today”. Putting down the guitar it was then onto Sinner. I remember that this was a tune that Katie Sutherland released on her Soundcloud just to see what other people think. I must say this was a absolute cracker and delivered to perfection. It had been superbly as Katie listed a list of sins “Don’t Swear, Don’t Stare” and a list of faults “You’re too loud, Too proud”. Now I simply adore this because it was slightly uplifting. Katie then mentioned that she took up boxing but then gave it up because her manager said no. “I have to put the word boxing in this song” Sutherland said before Toughen Up which was about boxing or toughening up. This was very quirky and extremely light. It basically grabbed my attention from the very start. This whimsical tune was absolutely faultless and it was basically about toughening up for that special someone. Katie’s vocals were spectacular and I adored the fast pace of this song. “This is a song about being sorry” Sutherland said before getting stuck into Sorry Song . I really liked this, Sorry Song was a quiet one and there was complete silence all through out. Vocals were strong and the harmonising was simply flawless. Originally this was by Pearl & The Puppets but it is nice that Katie is bringing back old songs. Lets hope that they appear on a release sometime in the future. “Thank you all very much for coming” a humble Katie Sutherland said before mentioning that her new single was on iTunes and how it was cheaper than a coffee. What ended the evening was Canvas. This song was the debut Katie Sutherland single. This was literally amazing, lyrics infused perfectly to the pacey melody, it was infectious and lastly everyone joined in with the chanting. Now I love Katie Sutherland’s material and this song along with the rest made me feel happy inside.


You’re With Me
I Loved Us
Another Counsellor
With Her Or Not
Because I Do
Toughen Up
Sorry Song

OVERALL: I was incredibly lucky to be at this Canvas single launch. Katie Sutherland has something rather special and this being the fact each tune completely mesmerises you. It was nice to hear these tracks from the album Canvas live and they all left me with a warm feeling deep inside. Also Katie mentioned that there was a new EP and Another Counsellor which was simply fantastic will feature on it. Just hearing With Her Or Not was a nice treat and I hope that in the future a few other old songs will get a reworking.


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