Kate Nash @ Tooting Tram & Social 20th December 2013

John Kennedy’s Remedy takes place at the Tooting Tram & Social each month. When the December installment was announced the artist that was to headline was Kate Nash. Being a huge Nash fan I knew I wanted to be in attendance. It was actually kind of fitting that Kate who was my first ever gig I went to in 2007 was to claim the 800th. Also it was to be my last gig of 2013. It was very handy that this was taking place on the Friday as I was at Coldplay the night before. Doors opened at 7.30pm, 30 minutes later than intended. Queuing up in the bitter cold was no fun at all. Once inside it was a 30 minute wait till the first support took to the stage. These two acts were The Tuts (who I have seen before) and Colour Me Wednesday who kicked things off. Now this 4 piece pop/ punk band greatly impressed me which is a major task to pull of if I haven’t researched them proper. I was literally won over by songs such as Bitter Boys, Shut, Sugar Coated and the hidden track on the début album I Thought It Was Morning. I will most definitely be checking them out again and attending the bands next gig.

Now The Tuts oozed plenty of energy and they are an extremely fun band to see live. This three piece consist of Bev, Harriet and the lead singer Nadia. Each tune that they sung went down a treat. From what I remember Tut Tut Tut, Worry Warrior, I Call You Up and their Christmas song Christmas In The Air were sung.

Taking to the stage in Christmassy outfits Nash and her band launched into Sister which featured on the current LP. At first the opening lines were soft and gentle where Kate sings “There was a cool cool girl, she was about your age”. After that the tune gained that extra edge and the drums came in as well as the guitars. Now Sister was very punk/ riot girl and I loved it. This was delivered at a ferocious pace along with lyrics that were delivered with plenty of gusto. I remember back in 2011 when Kate Nash played a Christmas show at Colonel Fawcett this had a working title of She Wanted To Be My Lover. “Thanks so much for coming” Kate said to the audience before thanking John Kennedy whom she described as an endangered specie as he is the only real DJ in London who gives a fuck about real music and support artist. “Is everyone excited about Christmas? I hope none of you are like I hate Christmas it’s shit. If you do get out” Nash then went onto say. If you thought she was joking think again. I can remember how she told someone who was talking during I Hate Seagulls at her iTunes Festival headline show to fuck off if he didn’t want to be there. Aside from all that it was then onto another cut from Girl Talk and this being Death Proof. This tune also appeared on the self titled EP and it had spoken word verses and an infectious chorus which oozed plenty of energy. Here is another fact Death Proof’s working title was I Don’t Have Time To Die. It was then straight onto an oldie. One that Kate has played before and this being Kiss That Girl which featured on the sophomore LP My Best Friend Is You. Its lyrics were impeccable and rather contagious as well. The lyrics were very clear cut as it was about being in a relationship, going out, drinking and then arguing. “Tonight we have not got on well/ I know I have given you hell/ I wish we should have stayed at home/ Cause now I’m standing on my own/ And you are having a nice time/ With a girl I really don’t like”. Honestly I do miss the Nash of old but the new versions of the old tracks do actually sound amazing. Do Wah Doo was the next number of the evening. This had a 60’s vibe to it along with lyrics which were insanely contagious. So much energy was put into this performance and they all blitzed through this wondrous tune.

Another fact was the working title of the next number of the evening was Dolphin. The intro had been especially extended because Kate decided to go on a walk around the pub. Maybe this was to get her breath back as she mentioned that after delivering an energetic performance of Do Wah Doo that she was out of breath. Now OMYGOD had chilled out verses and then a chorus which hits you like a ton of bricks “Oh my god/ I really really miss you/ I remember what it was like to kiss you/ The words you said don’t make no sense/ I wish he was in my bed”. Nash put everything into this and rocked out to the chorus. It actually makes me think Kate could release a fitness DVD as each performance is like a workout. The next two tunes were a real treat and these both featured on the debut LP Made Of Bricks. It was the first time I had heard them live since Nash’s style went in a new direction. First up you had Mouthwash which was incredibly infectious. Out of all the singles taken from the first album this had to be my favourite. I remember when it was released I couldn’t get the lyrics out of my head. Mouthwash live sounded superb and just having that edge really worked. The lyrics were very simple you never would expect a song to have the lines “I use Mouthwash, Sometimes I floss”. The “And I’m singing uh oh on a Friday night” part was rather appropriate considering it was a Friday. Pumpkin Soup was next and like Mouthwash this got plenty of cheers. It actually worked. Yes nothing beats the original but this electric version was quite something. This was sung to perfection. Being so close you could tell that Kate was putting her all into this. I would say that they sailed though it without any hiccups but then I have only found out Nash had been singing this during the American leg of the tour. “If you’ve got shit friends, dump your friends” Kate then said before they got stuck into Fri-End? This tune was very up-tempo and was extremely powerful which literally blew me away. Fri-End was like a full on force which hits you in the face. “You don’t treat me like a friend yeah/ You don’t treat me like a friend/ I’ve been saving all this stuff inside me for you but/ You ain’t giving me the best”. After thanking both Colour Me Wednesday and The Tuts who supported it was then onto Foundations. This was an addictive song and is also a classic. People were singing along to the infectious lyrics. My love for this tune always resurfaces whenever I hear it performed live. Foundations is really quirky with lyrics that had been perfectly written. It actually grabs your attention and entrances you. The ending of this was rather epic. 3am was played at a frantic pace and the lyrics fitted to its melody perfectly. This number actually grows on you, its infectious lyrics were perfectly delivered at a fast pace.

“This is our last show of 2013. What if its the end of the world and this is our last show ever” Kate Nash said before saying this tune goes out to her girl gang. This was a re working of a Fidlar’s song Cocaine. Kate called up The Tuts as well as Zac Carper from Fidlar. Girl Gang was powerfully delivered and was very Sex Pistol esque. Underestimate The Girl infused to the ending of this re working. Now this was written and recorded less than 24 hours. Just like I Just Love You More this song does take a while to grow on you. Kate put everything she had into this brilliant track. Underestimate The Girl may have been a powerful romp but it had parts which were slowed down which felt rather chilled out. “We’re going to get Christmassy now” Nash then announced before getting stuck into I Hate You This Christmas which is the lead track from the new Christmas EP. Despite this song being all doom and gloom it was super infectious “It’s Christmas once again but you’re fucking one of my friends”. This ended what had been an incredible evening. Kate and band left the stage only return moments later because everyone wanted to hear more. “This goes out to all the men in the audience and this is what I think you should do” Nash then said before ending with My Vagina. At first I thought it could have been an original because she already has a song called Free My Pussy (which is in fact about Pussy Riot). Well My Vagina was actually a NOFX cover and Kate did it justice. The lyrics were rather graphic. Right at the end Kate attempted to crowd surf.


Death Proof
Kiss That Girl
Do Wah Doo
Pumpkin Soup
Girl Gang
Underestimate The Girl
I Hate You This Christmas


My Vagina

OVERALL: What a way to end 2013. This year ended with me attending my 800th gig and it was quite fitting that Kate Nash was that very gig. 799 gigs ago Kate Nash was the very first person I saw live. It was promo for Foundations and Nash played at Pure Groove in Holloway back in 2007 (this was before they moved to Farringdon). Now that was incredibly special to me and the fact the shop could only fit 50 people made it incredibly intimate. Over those 7 years I have seen Kate grow up from someone who sang songs on the keyboard to someone who has a group of girls playing punk/ pop music with her. It was in 2011 I started to hear material from Girl Talk and it has grown into something that I fully adore.

The set Kate played was amazing and consisted of some of my favourite tunes. It was nice to see Nash perform Mouthwash because whenever I hear that I am reminded of when I was on work experience at HMV. Each tune oozed bundles of energy and it is plain to see that she puts her heart and soul into it. Kate can quite easily release a work out DVD as her performances can work up a sweat. The Christmas song was quirky and infectious whilst when carefully listening to the lyrics to NOFX cover My Vagina it can easily make you squirm.

Also I think I have discovered my new favourite band in the form of Colour Me Wednesday.


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