Haim @ The Forum 9th December 2013

Haim are a band that I love. Ever since the first day I saw them live supporting Ellie Goulding last year I have become addicted to the super catchy songs that they sing. This was the Days Are Gone tour supporting the début album. I got tickets for both dates at The Forum. A double dose is always an exciting prospect. People say to me why see the same people twice on the same tour. Well if you love someones music so much you would see them as many times as possible. I arrived outside the venue at 12.30pm as I had expected a queue. But once I got there I was the only one. Number 2 in the queue arrived a couple of hours later. Being December just lining up for a gig is extremely tough. Other than Haim you had Childhood who I couldn’t get into. And Saint Raymond whom had some really good tunes and also he was back by a band.

The tension was cranked up a notch when everything plunged into darkness. The time was 9.30pm. You then had the thumping beats followed by the three sisters taking to their positions on stage. Any Haim fan would know that Danielle hadn’t been feeling well which then led to the opening date at UEA in Norwich being rescheduled to March 2014. The backdrop behind them was the three deck chairs from the albums front cover. Opening up the set was the infectious synth pop tune Falling. Now this was a Danielle song only today it wasn’t. “Come on London” Este Haim shouted to the crowd after the opening verse. My favourite part of this was the infectious chorus “Don’t stop, I’ll never give up/ And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ They keep saying/ Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough/ I’ll never look back, never give up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ But now I’m falling”. Now this was simply pure perfection and plenty of people sang along to every single lyric. Straight after it was onto The Wire. Now this tune was extraordinary. The verses/ chorus were superb and infectious at the same time. Even though Danielle has the main proportion of this song both Alana and Este have their own parts. As soon as both of them sang the crowd cheered. So much energy oozed from the performance of this track. “How the fuck are we feeling tonight London?” Este asked the crowd before asking for the guy doing the lighting to turn the house lights up so they could see the actual audience. It was then onto one hell of a cover. This being Oh Well which is a Fleetwood Mac song. The Haim take on this is an Alana song as she sang both verses. The energy was flowing from this and there was some furious guitar playing. This felt as if it was one massive jam. Honey And I was next and this wasn’t the reworked version which I fell in love with. This was the full on version which appears on début album Days Are Gone. The opening chords of this song reminded me of Remember When by Irish band Heathers. Danielle Haim took the lead for this contagious/ powerful song while both Este and Alana provided flawless harmonies. Almost straight away it was onto Go Slow. This was a dreamy song which started of mellowing then it picks up/ gets stronger when the song progresses. Go Slow was delivered with plenty of gusto. Following on was My Song 5 which is a new song off of Days Are Gone. If this was your first time seeing Haim all of them would be new but for the ones who were aware of them prior to the album would of heard most of the tracks. This was a thrilling but angry song which was delivered magnificently “I’ve been lied to, So what’s the use”. My Song 5 was a contagious tune with a thumping beat.

“We’re going to do a song where I need everyone to dance” Este then said before they went into Don’t Save Me. This had a chorus which embeds itself into your brain. It was so damn catchy and the lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. The penultimate newie was in fact an UK début. They hadn’t sung If I Could Change Your Mind on the current UK tour. This was synthy with a tinge of R & B. It went down well with the crowd and there were killer hooks to this gentle but smooth song. The set ended with Forever and before they launched into it Danielle Haim mentioned how she wanted to see everyone dance. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. Even I was jumping up and down to this. The ending of this saw two confetti cannons cover the audience with white confetti. The band then left the stage only to return minutes later for a 2 song encore. First up you had the synth friendly Running If You Call My Name which was rather soothing and then finally things came to a closing with the epic Let Me Go.


The Wire
Oh Well
Honey And I
Go Slow
My Song 5
Don’t Save Me
If I Could Change Your Mind


Running If You Call My Name
Let Me Go

OVERALL: Now I have seen Haim plenty of times in the past year and it was nice to witness hearing them perform something new. Each song was sung to perfection and it was nice that London got the UK debut of the infectious If I Could Change Your Mind.

I enjoyed this evening so much it may not of been a 100% performance but they put everything into delivering something spectacular.


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