Haim @ The Forum 10th December 2013

Night 2 at The Forum and yet again I was the first one there. It wasn’t long till I was joined by the next person in the queue. It was infact more laid back compared to night 1 as the majority of people started to arrive at 5/ 6pm. So once the doors opened everyone had to watch Childhood and Saint Raymond before Haim.

It was around 9.40pm when the band and the three sisters Alana, Danielle and Este took to the stage. The crowd was clapping in unison to the beat and as soon as they made their entrance the crowd erupted with cheers. Having attended the first night I could notice differences. Haim were back to their best and it was the synth pop tune Falling which they kicked off with. “Come on London” Este screamed. Tonight this was a Danielle song with luscious harmonising by sisters Alana and Este. Falling was utterly infectious and there was some super impressive guitar playing.

“I’m bad at communication” was the first line of The Wire. You could relate that line to Danielle because she is the quiet member of the band. There were three verses and each sister got there own. I must say it showed off their perfect and precise vocals. The chorus was so addictive “Always keep your heart locked tight, Don’t let your mind retire” and there were lyrics that were so memorable that you literally cannot forget them. This tune oozed bundles of energy. “It feels so good to be here, I can’t even tell you” Baby Haim Alana mentioned before tackling Fleetwood Mac’s Oh Well. This just consisted of 2 verses which were both sweetly delivered by Alana. The definitely made this their own as this was like one epic jam. This cover flowed bundles of energy and was powerfully delivered. “Tonight is a very special night for my sisters and I. It’s our 2nd night in London which is so fucking crazy we’re doing 2 nights at The Forum” Este Haim said before revealing Mama and Papa Haim were in the audience. It was then onto Honey And I. This song had incredible harmonising and the vocals were superb. The lyrics were utterly contagious and I adored the chilled out melody. Go Slow was a number which Este Haim mainly sang. This was a slow paced entrancing/ mellowing tune with luscious harmonies. Each of the sisters each sang parts of this fantastic track.

The lighting then changed to red. It was then onto My Song 5 which was an angry number which was packed with plenty of energy. Compared to the others it was extremely different due to the fact of the lack of synths. Still this was an incredible infectious tune all be it slightly angry “Honey, I’m not your honey pie”. My favourtie part had to be the middle 8 where the melody completely flips into something rather sythy. “My Christmas wish is. I want to see every mother fucker in this room including my parents dancing their fucking arses off” Este then said before the infectious Don’t Save Me. You feel inclined to jump up and down on the spot. This was delivered at a fast pace aided by vocals which were superb and strong. Danielle mainly sang this with both Alana and Este harmonising.

“Lets keep this party going” Alana said before If I Could Change Your Mind. Yet again this was a Danielle song and it was very synth pop with luscious but slushy lyrics. Everyone sang along to it because this was an infectious. Before the final number of the night, Danielle Haim gave an emotional short speech “4 years ago I actually played with the brilliant man named Julian Casablancas right here on the stage. It was the most incredible experience. All you beautiful Londoners coming together for a show. Being here with my sisters, this is the craziest thing. Thank you so much” . It was then onto Forever the song that brought them here. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. Right at the end there was a explosion of confetti which covered the audience. When the song was over Haim left the stage only to leave people wanting more. “We cant leave just yet” Alana Haim said when they all returned to the stage. The encore opened up with the emotionally tinged Running If You Call My Name. Now this was a complete masterpiece and was incredibly gentle. “You were the first ones to take a chance on us” Alana said before they left everyone with Let Me Go. Overall this was one epic tune which gets stronger as the song progresses. Whenever I listen to the song I will be reminded of when both Este Haim and Florence Welch crowdsurfed.


The Wire
Oh Well
Honey And I
Go Slow
My Song 5
Don’t Save Me
If I Could Change Your Mind


Running If You Call My Name
Let Me Go

OVERALL: Having attended the first night in London, I could notice changes. The set which they played was absolutely phenomenal as they were well and truly on top form. In fact night 2 was better than the 1st.

Right at the end Este jumped over the bar along with Florence Welch so she could surf the crowd.



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