Findlay @ 100 Club 3rd December 2013

Since Reading I have been addicted to Findlay. The lead vocalist of this band is Mancunian Natalie Findlay and is currently signed to Joyeux Anniversaire. Once she announced a show at the iconic 100 Club I knew that I would of liked to of been there. She along with Mausi and Avec Sans have been my finds of 2013 and I predict Findlay will get bigger in 2014. I have only just found out that she supported the likes of Bloc Party, The Courteneers and Jake Bugg yet I only just discovered her 4 months ago. I am just pleased that I got in there early and what started off as a punt has turned into someone who I would like to see again and again.

At 9.15 Findlay took to the stage. “Hey London” Natalie Findlay said before launching into something really astonishing. This being Sweetheart and why I say astonishing was the fact this was completely acapella no used of band whatsoever. Natalie showed off her impeccable vocals which gave me the shivers. I found this to be rather soulful and the vocal range was quite something as she just belted it out. Sweetheart was incredibly hypnotic, whilst not infectious it was a song that leaves you standing in awe when Findlay mentions how her sweetheat doesn’t do Swing, Jazz or Blues.

It was then into the funky and powerful Your Sister. Released as a single Your Sister was very rocky aided by infectious lyrics which oozed plenty of energy. The vocals were gravely and reminded me of Coco Sumner (I Blame Coco). “Thanks for coming out on a Tuesday” Findlay said before saying that the next song was about drinking Gin and faking orgasms. Whilst again it was very rocky but it was both upbeat and infectious. Gin On The Jukebox was an extraordinary tune which was packed with a punch. It was then onto the next song of the evening and other than taking off her jacket Natalie had picked up the guitar for Stoned And Alone. Other than delivering this impeccably Stoned And Alone showcased off her talented guitar skills. When compared to the prior two tunes of the evening (Your Sister and Gin On The Jukebox) I found this to be a lot slower. I Had To Try It Once started off mellow then once the drums came in the song gained that extra edge which made it rather upbeat. The mellowing part of this showed off Natalie’s extraordinary spine tingling vocals. Its lyrics were infectious aided by a strong chorus. I Had To Try It Once was a song that gets you moving. Even I was nodding my head to the beat. “This song is off the Greasy Love EP” Findlay said before Black Cloud, Silver Lining. The tempo had slowed down a lot with Natalie’s vocal delivery aided by the keyboard. This like Sweetheart showed off the luscious vocals and Black Cloud, Silver Lining completely mesmerised me. This was a beautiful ballad which was very soft and gentle. It was then back to what we expect from Findlay and this being the rock tinged Fever where you can feel the energy flowing from it. This was literally in your face with lyrics which were belted out. “This is a new one. It’s called Wolf Back but it’s not about Wolf Back” Natalie said before launching into something truly incredible. Wolf Back was amazing and infectious as well. At the same time it was upbeat, showcased terrific vocals and was not overly rocky like a few of the other songs that had been sung. Just witnessing this live makes me look forward to the full length LP.

“This is the B Side to You Sister” Natalie Findlay said before they embarked on the spine tingling You Gave Me Grace. At first it was mellow then the guitars came in and the clashing of the drums giving it that extra oomph. Greasy Love is the current single taken from the EP of the same name. “I was born to be misunderstood” Findlay said during this furious paced tune and completely infectious tune. I must say even though I enjoyed the whole set this was a personal favourite of mine. Greasy Love had been perfectly written and Natalie Findlay put everything in it delivering a fantastic performance of this amazing song. It was then onto another track from the Greasy Love EP and this being Fake Black Heart. Like Stoned And Alone Findlay was on the guitar. Now other than being super damn catchy, Fake Black Heart was also rather explosive. “You guys fucking dance on a Tuesday” Natalie said before ending with the audience pleasing Off And On which also resulted in plenty of singing along.


Your Sister
Gin On The Jukebox
Stone And Alone
I Had To Try It Once
Black Cloud, Silver Lining
Wolf Back
You Gave Me Grace
Greasy Love
Fake Black Heart
Off And On

OVERALL: Findlay was one of my favourite finds of the Reading Festival. Natalie is extremely talented and has some fantastic tracks. I enjoyed this evening and I certainly see her profile getting bigger in 2014.


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