Summer Camp @ Heaven 27th November 2013

The Summer Camp UK tour ended with a performance at Heaven in London. Known for its poor lighting and high stage makes Heaven one of my least favourite venues. But for once the lighting was decent. Like the Brighton date the set list was exactly the same apart from the fact there was an encore. “How you doing?” Sankey said halfway through The End. It was superbly sung and my favourite part had to be right at the end when the melody completely changed. Like I mentioned it the Brighton review it was very similar to the opening rift of Welcome To Condale tune Down. But it wasn’t. Other than having this open up the set to the whole UK tour The End is also the opening number on the self titled sophomore album. Straight after it was then onto Welcome To Condale tune Down. This was delivered at a furious pace and was slightly infectious as well. Both Sankey and Warmsley had their own individual parts which showcased their ever so perfect vocals. After plenty of applause it was then onto Fresh which had just recently had a single release which was doubled up by two chords. Now this was utterly contagious with both lyrics and a melody which will get you bopping on the spot. Eliabeth Sankey sang the majority of this with Jeremy adding in the impeccable harmonies. It may have been a tiny bit slushy as Elizabeth sang about how “First love is the best love” but I completely adored this cute tune.

“Is everyone having a good time?” Jeremy said before wishing a happy birthday to his Dad who was in the audience. It was then onto I Got You which completely captivated me from its beginning to end. My favourite part had to be when the melody became a lot lighter “When it gets too hard, We’ll fake it”. Next it was time for a bit of Keep Falling which was extremely poppy. The vocals were gentle and fluffy leaving me completely hypnotised. The captivating Crazy was delivered to perfection and the lyrics were quite entrancing as well “I love crazy it’s my kindest friend”. The vocal delivery was sublime and contagious as well. “I love crazy” was one of the lines which Elizabeth kept on singing. After plenty of applause it was then onto the disco tinged Always which offered optimistic lyrics “We’ll always be together” Now Always was a Warmsley track and Sankey provided the harmonies. “It’s really lovely to be here. London is home” Elizabeth Sankey said before Jeremy introduced the next song as one that appears on the soundtrack to Beyond Clueless. Accompanied by visuals of the film which backed them Hallway was extremely upbeat along with killer lyrics. This had been superbly written and I really adored this tune. Yes the visuals were a bit distracting. I so need to see Beyond Clueless because the clips that were shown makes it look amazing. Following on was Night Drive and just like Always this was a Warmsley tune which was flawlessly delivered with Sankey providing the luscious harmonies. A dreamy intro aided by rap esque lyrics by Elizabeth Sankey was a perfect combination for Pink Summer. But this didn’t match up to Summer Camp’s own version of the Biz Markie track Just A Friend which was paired up with SC original Losing My Mind. Back to Just A Friend this take was spectacular and it was faultlessly delivered. Sankey mainly sang this and for the verses her accent was very American. This saw the hip hop side of Summer Camp. The take on this track casually morphed into Losing My Mind . It wasn’t the whole song mind you it was only the chorus to it.

“Way back in September I boarded the train” was the first line of the début single Ghost Train. This was Bubblegum Pop with killer hooks which completely captivate you. Also the lyrics are contagious which therefore makes you want to sing along. It was wonderfully delivered and it made me want to nod my head to the contagious beat. Round The Moon followed on after there was plenty of applause for Ghost Train. Jeremy took the lead vocals for Round The Moon  and Elizabeth provided the harmonies. This was slickly delivered and was aided by super catchy lyrics “We danced all day and we held each other tight, Til the morning light”. Better Of Without You was played straight after and this was a force to be reckoned with. It oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were extraordinary. From them you can picture a story to it in your head. Before the final song of the evening Jeremy introduced the band as 2/3 of the band Brontide. After some more thankyous it was then onto the set closer. This did result in a few groans but what they ended on was Two Chords which was both personal to the band and also it was spectacularly delivered. Once over they all left the stage only to return minutes later as the crowd were desperate to hear an encore. First up there was Brian Krakow which Jeremy sang then I Want You brought everything to a close. Prior to the final song of the evening Elizabeth took a photo of the audience. Nothing faulted Sankey’s vocal performance. Excellent song to end an amazing night.


The End
I Got You
Keep Falling
Night Drive
Pink Summer
Just A Friend/ Losing My Mind
Ghost Train
Round The Moon
Better Off Without You
Two Chords


Brian Krakow
I Want You


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