Mausi @ Barfly 21st November 2013

Taking place at the Barfly was the final Beck’s gig. Now I have seen Slow Club and Kate Nash both whom have played this event that they have put on. Headlining tonight was VV Brown who has brand new album out called Samson & Delilah. Now I am not keen on Brown’s new material as it is different compared to what featured on début LP Travelling Like The Light. I decided to purchase a ticket because A) it was cheap and B) I really wanted to see both Holly Walker and Mausi. I had planed to miss the set by VV as Avec Sans were playing a Shiver release party but that failed to materialise.

First up you had Holly Walker who I hadn’t seen since the end of June last year when she played at the 229. Back then her genre was her own brand quirky lyrical pop and the EP Bedroom Bangers was a cracker. Fast forward a year, Walker has a band backing her and brand new material under her belt which she was roadtesting. “Hi. Is anyone a tad cold. My name’s Holly Walker” she then said introducing herself to the audience before opening with a song on her own. Holly launched into a song which is at this moment Untitled. Now this was spine tingling as it was just Walker and her keyboard. This showed off another side to Holly Walker and the vocal delivery was spell binding. I really hope to here a mastered version in the future. After Holly mentioned that this was an experiment as they were performing brand new material. You could say everyone in attendance were the guinea pigs. It was then onto Nadir. There was a beat and lyrics that were extremely infectious. Having only known Holly Walker just playing by herself the fact a band were backing her added that extra edge. Nadir was a song which offers plenty of promise and it showed what a talented songwriter Walker actually is. What is a Nadir? If my researching is correct it is used to mean the lowest point of a person’s spirits. It was then onto Tongue which Holly did Maribou State. Now this was a spectacular song and it was delivered powerfully. After it was onto the penultimate brand new song of the evening and this being Swimming In The Dark. It was only Holly and another person in the band for this tune. At first it started off very dark “I dreamt you drowned” but the vocal delivery put me in a trance. What ended the incredible short but sweet set was Hurt Me which was in fact self released. One word for this song WOW. Hurt Me was sleek aided by breathtaking vocals.


Swimming In The Dark
Hurt Me

Mausi are Daisy Finetto (singer), Thomas Finetto (singer), Benji Huntrods (drums) and Ben Brown (guitars). To be honest they were the main reason why I wanted to attend this evening as they got me completely hooked at the Hoxton show at the start of September.

9pm arrived and Mausi took to the stage launching into Body Language. This was synth pop with luscious lyrics you want to dance along to. “Don’t just pass by, Just let your body talk” was a line of this contagious tune which was packed with plenty of energy. In fact from the very start it hits you like a tonne of bricks. Body Language was extremely club friendly and I also enjoyed the synths of this wondrous track. “Hello everybody” Daisy Finetto said before they got stuck into a song about the summertime. I actually wished it was warmer inside because it seemed as they stuck the air con on. The tune in question was Sol and this was electro pop which resulted in one incredible track. The refrain asked everyone to Dance and that is exactly what happened. Like Body Language this is one that makes you move. Whilst it was nothing like Body Language (which grabbed your attention from the very start) Sol was a song which had infectious verses and a killer chorus. It was clear to see that Daisy was having fun performing on stage and it also made me happy inside.

“Now that you all suitably warmed up, It’s time to start dancing” Daisy Finetto said before she said she wanted to see us all groove. Move was a sun drenched pop floor filler which was very disco friendly. This tune was one that you can have a good dance to and the lyrics were pretty infectious at the same time. It was then onto something brand new and this being Rich Girl. Like all the tunes that were sung this again was superb. A theme runs though every single Mausi track and that is dance. “Let me see you dance now” was one of the lyrics to this fantastic song. Now this was extremely hypnotic and it was a track that can get you moving. I think the actual beats play a major part. Daisy’s vocals were sublime and this oozed bundles of energy. Infused to the ending of Rich Girl was Boy + Girl = Magic. Now this combination is very true. Now I enjoyed this the lyrics were extraordinary and they fitted with the infectious melody to perfection. It makes me look forward to when the début full length is released. In my eyes this so needs to be released as a single. “This is our last song of the night” Daisy said before ending with My Friend Has A Swimming Pool. This was again a synth pop number which sounded incredible. It may of not fitted the same mould as Body Language, Sol or Move but this does grow on you. After witnessing this live at Hoxton and through YouTube I simply love this. This performance oozed passion and it was plain to see that Daisy was putting her all into delivering one spectacular set and that is exactly what she did. Straight after there was a rapture of applause and that was my lot until the day Mausi next perform live.


Body Language
Rich Girl
Boy + Girl = Magic
My Friend Has A Swimming Pool

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this and it was a pleasure to see both Holly Walker and Mausi again. Holly’s new style is magnificent and each song showed off her impressive vocal range. As for Mausi they are a band who I predict can be big in 2014. I was actually surprised that they weren’t nominated in the BBC Sound Poll for 2014. They are a band that needs to announce a headline tour. Mausi have already gained more fans after they supported Charli XCX and Islington Academy.

As for VV Brown, yes she is a talented artist and I have witnessed her twice before. But I just don’t like the new album. There are some good tracks on there such as Igneous, Warriors and The Apple. The rest is just messy. Also the reworked version of Shark In The Water didn’t work for me. I liked the original and the first album Travelling The Light but I just can’t take to the new one.


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