Little Boots @ Heaven 28th November 2013

Heaven played host to a one off headline gig from the one and only Little Boots. Doors were slightly earlier but when it did open the line was quite long. As much as I love Victoria’s music I was hear for support act Avec Sans. Since I witnessed them open up for Mausi I had literally become addicted to the material that they already have out there. Avec Sans are Alice Fox and Jack St. James. The style of the music was electro pop and they were a replacement for Still Corners who pulled out for some reason.

Now this was a short but sweet set consisting of 5 tracks. One being a cover and the other being a new song which doesn’t even have a title yet. What they opened with was Hold On. This was extremely smooth and infectious as well. The lyrics were stunning and the melody was dreamy. Hold Me had killer lyrics which just completely captivated you. Straight after it was then onto The Answer which was incredible. This was so infectious and the melody put me in a trance “I’m nothing inside, I’m not the answer”.

“We’re so pleased to be here” Alice said before they launched into the whimsical Heartbreak Hi. This completely hypnotised me. Fox’s vocals were pure perfection and the melody actually sent tingles up my spine. Following on was a song which was just called New Song. It is more likely that they haven’t come up with an official title yet. Still this song sounded similar to Scottish band Chvrches. I found this to be electro pop with stunning up tempo lyrics which contained the line “You will never age a single day”. I really hope this does get mastered and I look forward to the début album. It was then onto the new single and this being Shiver. Again I saw traces of Chvrches and this was a fun pop song about death. Shiver is one you can have a good dance to as there were infectious lyrics. It was a pleasure just to hear it live again as I loved this synth pop tune which was amazing. Alice Fox is the vocalist for Avec Sans and the vocals were spot on. What ended the set was Perth which Fox then said they stole from some one else. This being Bon Iver. The Avec Sans take on this was brilliant and it ended a set which left me wanting to hear more.


Hold On
The Answer
Heartbreak Hi
New Song

Motorway kick started the set. This was sleek synthpop with thumping beats which were aided by stunning vocals. This tune was mellow and had an entrancing chorus “Meet me on the motorway/ Together we can make our great escape/ Meet me on the motorway/ Maybe we can find our perfect place”. Not only was the chorus fantastic but its verses were extraordinary. Infused to its ending was Confusion. The fact that both these two songs had been perfectly geld together did cause some confusion with some people who wanted to capture this contagious song. I found Confusion very mellow with a powerful chorus “I’ve been caught up in a lie/ Haven’t called you in a while/ Confusion/ Confusion”. The song itself was very infectious and you felt compelled to sing and dance along to this fantastic track. “Not going to lie I was nervous for tonight. Thank you so much for coming out” Hesketh said before the first Hands tune of the evening. This being New In Town. It was a catchy number which was played at a steady pace. The lyrics were strong plus the killer chorus was rather powerful. New In Town was a feel good song, which was up beat and you felt obliged to sing along. After Victoria said she had one of her best friends on bass guitar. After what followed on was Boot’s best song to date and this being Headphones. For some reason it didn’t feature on Nocturnes. This electro pop tune sounded amazing and had luscious verses plus a upbeat infectious chorus. Also it is very quirky as the lyrics mention about wearing headphones at the disco. Bundles of energy flowed from this track. As much as I adore every track off of Nocturnes Beat Beat had to be my personal favourite. This tune was powerful with luscious lyrics you just want to sing along to aided by a killer chorus which easily gets you moving. Beat Beat was played at an up tempo pace and was smooth/ hypnotic at the same time. “Don’t you know that I wanna keep on dancing?/ Dancing to the beat of your heart/ Yeah you know that I’m gonna keep on dancing/ Dancing to the beat of your heart”. This tune actually sounded Madonna esque. It was then onto another oldie and this being Earthquake. Both verses and chorus were extremely infectious. “Every little earthquake, every little heartbreak going unheard/ Every little landslide, catch it in my hand I won’t say a word/ Every time you hug me I know that it’s working, making you mine/ Every clap of thunder only makes me stronger on the inside”. Like New In Town you feel obliged to sing along to the powerful chorus. Earthquake was a tune which you just want to move about to as it oozed plenty of energy.

Once over it was onto Mathematics which Victoria hadn’t sang for a while. It was put out for a vote and it won. This was a superb contagious song. My favourite part to this fast paced danceable tune was its chorus. Plenty of applause then followed and it was then onto Every Night I Say A Prayer which was released on Record Store Day 2012. This power pop song had a uplifting chorus and you just want to thump your fist in the air. “I have seen into the future/ I want you to take me there/ I have seen into the future/ Every night I say a prayer/ Every night I say a prayer”. The current Record Store Day single was up next and this being Broken Record. It can Broken Record can easily get you moving “I hear your voice like a broken record/ Saying my name every second/ Dum-dum-daram-dum-dum-daram-dam/ Voice like a broken record/ In my heart I feel it echo”. It was then onto the 2nd infusion of the evening and following on from Broken Record was oldie Stuck On Repeat. This song was the first release by Boots back in 2008 and it was delivered at a steady pace with some catchy lyrics. I especially liked the chorus and it was most certainly a song I would like to hear on repeat. The vocal delivery was astonishing. After when Boots did her thank yous it was onto something I hadn’t heard live before and this being Satellite. There was a beat to this and the tube itself was played at a steady pace. Victoria’s vocals were strong and also it was slightly infectious at the same time. Satellite went down well with the audience. Once over Hesketh and band left the stage only to leave everyone wanting more. This being the beautiful Nocturnes track All For You was the first track of the encore. This was like an electro pop ballad with lovely slushy lyrics. The steady paced All For You was faultlessly delivered. Things then ended with yet another infusion. First up was Remedy. This infectious electro pop number was packed with a punch and had a killer chorus you just want to sing along to. “No more poison killing my emotion/I will not be frozen, dancing is my remedy, emedy, oh/Stop, stop praying ’cause I’m not, not playing/ I’m not frozen, dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh”. Infused to the end of Remedy and ending what had been a stunning evening was the club friendly Shake. This was simply epic and it has grown on me immensely the more times I have heard it played. Also it saw the first outing of the LED dress Victoria had mentioned about on Facebook.


Motorway/ Confusion
New It Town
Beat Beat
Every Night I Say A Prayer
Broken Record/ Stuck On Repeat


All For You
Remedy/ Shake

OVERALL: Little Boots at Heaven was always going to be a good one. The fact Still Corners pulled out only to be replaced by Avec Sans made it one hell of a combination. I was extremely fortunate to be placed on the Avec Sans guestlist and I am extremely thankful for this as they are a talented two piece whom I want to see again and again.

Sophie who was second on the night wasn’t to my liking. Basically this was a DJ set which don’t really float my boat. It was really unusual that there was no barrier whatsoever. In fact it was the first time this has happened. Basically the stage came up to my chin.

As for the set by Little Boots she was amazing as per usual. Whilst the majority of the set I have witnessed live it was a treat to hear Satellite and Mathematics which was taken from the 1st album Hands. Plus the LED dress that Victoria wore for the encore was quite something.


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