Whinnie Williams @ The Lexington 10th October 2013

When I spoke to Jade Williams at the Society Of Golden Slippers set she played she mentioned that they would be playing at The Lexington sometime in October. Once it was all officially announced I purchased my ticket. This was going to be a longer set compared to what was played in September. Only problem was that Whinnie Williams was not headlining but instead she was the penultimate act on. Still the line up also included the talented Jade Hopcroft who literally blew me away when she supported Kristina Train earlier on this year.

“Hello everybody. My name’s Jade Hopcroft” Jade said before opening with the wonderful song Saint. At first it started off as an acapella then as the song progressed the rest of the band came to give the song that extra something. Folk vibes oozed from this delicate up tempo song. I must say the vocal delivery was literally wow. Hopcroft has one incredible vocal range enough to send a shiver up your spine. Art Of Living was next and I remember this was one of the songs that appeared during the support slot at Bush Hall at the start of the year. It was played at a fast pace and the vocals were powerful and hypnotic as well. “This is the Art Of Living, This is the time for giving”. Next it was onto Creepy which was yet another song which I hope will be released sometime in the future. Actually this may be called Creeping In as those words featured prominently thoughout this. It had been perfectly written, the lyrics were infectious and slotted to the up tempo melody to perfection. Jade Hopcroft literally belted out this cracking tune. Once over Hopcroft mentioned that this was the first time she had played with a band backing her and that the next song is currently on Soundcloud. It was then onto Rust which sounded incredible. This was the 1st song taken from the forthcoming EP. My favourite part had to be its up beat chorus. Following this was the enchanting Lovers Den which got stronger as this progressed. “I’ve been living in the Lovers Den”. It was in fact this was really contagious. Somehow was the penultimate tune of the evening and Jade was on an electric guitar which she had never used at a gig before. This was soothing and it was aided by Hopcroft’s powerhouse vocals. “You have brought the best out of me out of the door Somehow”. This new track was extremely promising and in my eyes it could easily be released as a single. Ending the set was a tune that Jade Hopcroft had only written last week and this being Stampede. With it being the first time that they had played it you would of expected there to be a few hiccups. But hiccups didn’t happen instead what everyone heard was a brilliant song with perfectly sung lyrics. “You can run at me at high speed and hit me like a stampede”.


Art Of Living
Lovers Den

Next up was Gossling. They came all the way from Australia and this was their 2nd only show in the UK. This 3 piece band consisted of Helen Croome, Peter Marin and Ryan Meeking. First up you had Big Love which was superbly delivered. At this time I was doing a quick bit of research on the band whilst my ears were hearing this dreamy song for the first time. I was literally hooked from that moment and knew this was a band that I will be keeping tabs on in the future. “Hello. Good evening we’re Gossling and we’re here all the way from Melbourne, Australia” Croome then said introducing themselves before Harvest Of Gold. Now this was spectacularly delivered. Harvest Of Gold was both upbeat and had lyrics which just get you hooked. Heart Killer was next and it featured on the album Intentional Living. This was pure indie pop and there was something really distinctive about Helen’s vocals. This tune was simply epic. “This next song we’re going play is off our debut album” Croome then mentioned before they got stuck into Songs Of Summer. The story to this song features a breakdown of a relationship. This may not be a particular happy song but Helen Croome had a vocal delivery which just mesmerise you. There was also a male vocal during parts of this fantastic tune. Once over it was straight onto Hazard which had a much darker vibe to it. “This is lovely. I feel like we’re getting along really well” Helen said before mentioning that they had only 2 songs left. The penultimate one was Wild Love which was rather pacey and this felt really uplifting along with a super catchy chorus. “I was a little nervous playing to you guys” Helen said before mentioning she hoped everyone had a rad evening. It was Rose which capped off an extraordinary set.


Big Love
Harvest Of Gold
Heart Killer
Songs Of Summer
Wild Love

Whinnie Williams is Jade Williams who used to be Sunday Girl. Now she is back with a brand new project. Things opened up with Bang Bang which which had luscious lyrics which just captivate you completely. The melody was very smooth. “I’m Whinnie Williams” Jade then said before introducing the next tune of the evening as You Don’t Love Me. Now this was a Pop tune with a soothing and hypnotic melody which oozed Summer vibes. I really liked this song it was ever so beautiful which was aided by incredible lyrics which made you picture a story to it. Break Hearts In Your Sleep was up next and this completely captivated me. The melody was soft/ gentle and the lyrics gelled to perfectly. This song was played at a mid tempo and the lyrics were excellent. Break Hearts had been superbly written and it came as no surprise that it was released as the follow up to You Don’t Love Me. “Thanks so much for coming” a humble Williams said before Wouldn’t It Be Lovely. I simply adored this. First it was delivered at a smooth pace and secondly it was uplifting at the same time. This was lovely and slightly quirky as well. Backing this was Born With A Broken Heart which was a slow paced ballad which had a tinge of emotion. Trouble was next and this was literally incredible. It oozed fun vibes, it was delivered at a fast flowing pace and the vocal delivery was perfection. Trouble was a tune which was rather fun and I look forward to hearing the studio version in the future. There was even a spoken word part which sounded Kate Nash/ Lily Allen esque. Ending the set was Jade’s favourite tune of hers and this being Oopsy Daisy. This was energetic, upbeat and infectious aided by lyrics which got you moving.


Bang Bang
You Don’t Love Me
Break Hearts In Your Sleep
Wouldn’t It Be Lovely
Born With A Broken Heart
Oopsy Daisy

OVERALL: Headlining this evening were Velvet Stream. I decided to play it safe and leave after when I had witnessed the Whinnie Williams set. All in all this night was superb and I made another find of 2013. Gossling were sweet and extremely humble to be here in the UK. I most definitely will see them again when they return but who knows when that will be.


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