VEVO Halloween Party @ Oval Space 31st October 2013

Oval Space paid host to the VEVO Halloween Party. I somehow managed to win a pair of tickets and I don’t know how I was successful. It was my 2nd chance of winning as I was unsuccessful on the 1st attempt. This was a stellar line up. There was Lorde all the way from New Zealand, Iggy Azalea all the way from Australia (she had to pull out some dates supporting Beyonce because she was contracted to this event), Scot Nina Nesbitt, John Newman who is a hot talent and also featured on a Rudimental track and then you had Bastille who were headlining. Having won a pair tickets I knew who was going to be the +1. As I had a prior engagement I turned the tables and made my friend queue early. He did a good job as he was 3rd in the queue. So when the doors did open the space started to fill up. It was bizarre that security were standing front of the barriers. Eventualy they went behind them but had limited space due to the camera run. Even though I wasn’t really affected it was annoying when there was a security guard standing right in front of you obscuring your view of the stage.

The order was Lorde, Nina Nesbitt, Iggy Azalea, John Newman then Bastille. Bit surprising really as I would of placed Nina as the opening act and Iggy as the sub. So after the countdown it was then onto Lorde. Ella Yelich-O’Connor is the vocalist and she opened up the stunning set with Bravado. Lifted from The Love Club EP Bravado is an extremely infectious tune with lyrics that make you want to move “It’s a switch flipped/ It’s a pill tipped back, it’s a moon eclipsed, whoa/ And I can tell you that when the lights come on I’ll be ready for this”. It was then straight onto Biting Down. I found this to be slightly darker compared to the others that were showcased during this set. Biting Down was delivered superbly and during it Ella sings how “It feels better biting down”. If I am honest out of all the material that I have heard from the album Pure Heroine and EP’s The Love Club and Tennis Court this is my least favourite as there was nothing that gets you hooked. “Thank you for coming out. It’s so cool” Ella said before saying how she was in hospital 2 days prior and she didn’t want to miss this Halloween party. It was then onto Tennis Court which was very pop. The beats were infectious and you just feel compared to dance on the spot. The verses were brilliant but it was the chorus that completely captivated me “Baby be the class clown, I’ll be the beauty queen in tears/ It’s a new art form showing people how little we care/ We’re so happy, even when we’re smilin’ out of fear/ Let’s go down to the tennis court, and talk it up like yeah”. It is no surprise that this went #1 in her native country New Zealand. The lyrics reflects on her upcoming fame. I have to say O’ Connor’s dancing was adorable. Buzzcut Season was one of the first songs that Ella wrote for Pure Heroine, this was pure electropop and again very upbeat. This was a sweet song and Lorde’s vocals were ever so enchanting. A take on The Replacements Swingin’ Party was next. I found Yelich-O’Connor’s take on this to be both lovely and extraordinary. I could actually pick up on traces of Lana Del Rey during this version of this song. After Lorde announced that she only had 2 songs left. Well 3 if you include her unexpected take on Hold My Liquor which was originally sung by Kanye West. It was then onto Ribs which was pure Indie. Ribs was basically telling us about the fear of getting old. This was delivered at a steady pace and the beats complimented the vocals to perfection. I found this to be utterly infectious and had been superbly written. The ending was then infused to Hold My Liquor which was extremely short and saw O’ Connor add her own twist. “If your going to dance it would be this one” Ella declared before launching into something that came as no surprise. This being Royals which has been a hit all over the world and it even hit the top spot in the UK. This was a contagious pop tune with lyrics that hypnotise you. As Ella said this was a danceable song which was perfectly delivered. I would go as far to say this is the show piece as it is a credit to her as it shows off O’ Connor’s song writing skills.


Biting Down
Tennis Court
Buzzcut Season
Swingin’ Party
Ribs/ Hold My Liquor

Second on the night was Nina Nesbitt. “Alright everyone, how are you?” Nesbitt then said before The Apple Tree. Even though Nina was backed by a band this had an acoustic feel with a powerful chorus which was packed with a punch. The Apple Tree which saw Nina sing the line “Let’s go down to The Apple Tree” was a mixture of pop and folk. It was so infectious aided by lyrics which get you moving. My favourite part had to be its chorus. I could actually hear traces of Amy Macdonald within the vocal delivery. It was then onto 18 Candles which was a thumping tune which was packed with a punch. The lyrics were amazing as the same time. 18 Candles was folk rock and was delivered to perfection. “Happy Halloween everybody. You’re all looking great in you’re outfits” Nesbitt said before diving into Way In The World which was released during the summer. Words cant explain how incredible it was. The lyrics are infectious and grab your attention at it is slightly autobiographical. “I’m working in a retail store, It’s not what I’m cut out for” was the first line and Nina had explained how she worked in River Island but it wasn’t what she really wanted to do. I found this tune to be inspiring and I was left completely mesmerised all throughout this wondrous track. Tough Luck was an angry song which sounded stunning. The pace was steady and it does take a while till the song grips onto you. The chorus was extraordinary and plenty of power flowed from it. “Feel free to have a dance” Nina said before following up Tough Luck with X. I must say the opening was incredible. This was delivered at a furious pace and Nesbitt’s vocals infused to it perfectly. Now this was extremely promising and it was well written. The lyrics were so catchy and I was left hypnotised. Next was a song about the summer. Brit Summer was renamed to Brit Halloween. Now this sounded like an anthem with lyrics that just make you want to point your finger in the air. It was stupendously delivered and went down well with the audience. It was then onto a kind of new song and this being Peroxide which is actually the title of the forthcoming album. Peroxide was the penultimate tune of the evening and yet again it was another new one. I found this to be upbeat with lyrics which had been superbly written. I look forward to hearing this again when it is recorded in a studio. The spectacular set ended with the quirky Stay Out. This featured on the recent Stay Out EP and it excites me greatly. Stay Out was a song that can easily get you moving.


The Apple Tree
18 Candles
Way In The World
Tough Luck
Brit Summer
Stay Out

Next up was Aussie Rapper Iggy Azalea who had dressed up as Cruella Deville especially for this Halloween. Her dancers were Dalmatians and to keep up with the theme she arrived in a swanky car. After a short set by DJ Whizzkid Iggy then made her entrance to Cruella Deville. “Since I’m a evil super villain sometimes I get into trouble. The other day I was at a club I saw a bitch. She was staring at me kind of hard. You know what I had to tell the club promoter? I had to that man I’m sorry club promo uno let’s put this in the past it’s just that bitch kept on staring so I had to whoop that ass” Azalea then said and this then led to Beat Down. This was a Steve Aoki & Angger Dimas track which Iggy featured on. The tune featured 2 verses which were delivered at a rip roaring pace. I found this to be contagious “It’s a party in your face, I’m about to dance on it/ ‘Bout to dance on it, ’bout to dance on it/ It’s a party in your face, I’m about to dance on it/ ‘Bout to dance on it, ’bout to dance on it”. Also it showed off what a talent female rapper Iggy is as the verses were extremely fierce. “You ready to make it Bounce” Azalea then said to the audience before launching into Bounce which was also released a single. Backing this was a remix of the track. Excuse the pun but this tune does make you want to Bounce. It was the most club friendly track that Iggy has. The remix was cool as well as it sounded more dubstep. Straight after it was onto My World. This changed in tempo from fast to slow. Its beat was utterly infectious and also Azalea seemed a lot fiercer when singing this tune. “My world, rhyme vicious/ White girl, team full of bad bitches/ DRUGS Gang, I’m in the zone/ Aussie ho, I put my Country on”. My World was extremely short lasting for almost just a minute. Still this was short and sweet which went down well with the audience. Murda Bizness (which followed on after My World) was a right crowd pleaser. It started off with the chorus and it also consists of 2 verses and a hook. Overall this is one hell of a song which oozed bundles of energy. “London can I change your life” Azalea said to plenty of whoops of delight. The song in question being Change Your Life which is the current single. This tune was well received by the audience and was a mixture of hip hop and rap. Actually the combination worked well and it also included hooks which just left you captivated. “Last night we got married in the backseat” was the first line of the next tune Backseat. Its verses were delivered at a fast pace whilst its chorus was very laid back. Backseat was a fantastic song and very sexual as well. “Do you want to feel young again London” Iggy said before getting stuck into Pu$$y. This was turbo charged with spectacular lyrics and the overuse of the word pussy. This song was actually rather intense and in my opinion it was far too short. Iggy Azalea wrapping up the spectacular set with Work. This was a right banger and tells the journey Azalea took from Australia to Miami “No money, No family, 16 in the middle of Miami”. Everyone sang back every single lyric.


Beat Down
My World
Murda Bizness
Change Your Life

It was then onto John Newman who was the penultimate act of the evening. I was actually going to leave straight after Iggy had finished but I was persuaded to stay. Now I hadn’t heard any material by Newman apart from Love Me Again which he sung with Rudimental. From what was sung John Newman is one talented guy. I probably wont book for the next tour but I would definitely keep tabs on the music that he releases in the future.


Out Of My Head
Gold Dust
Love Me Again


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    What time did the first act come on? And what time did you leave? Just wanted to get an idea of what time we should get there this year because, we don’t want to be there too early but don’t want to risk missing out on one of the acts.


    1. Mr C says:

      Doors if I remember opened at 7.30. So Lorde was 8.30, Nina 9.30 so on

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