Tich @ The Borderline 18th October 2013

Rachel Furner goes by Tich. I have been well aware of her for quite a while when she just went under her name Rachel Furner. Now the fan base has literally sky rocketed after having been support acts for JLS, Olly Murs and many more. The audience that she attracts are mainly teenagers but I attended because a) I have been supporting Rachel ever since 2009 I think (she was featured in the 10 questions with feature on this blog) and b) Her material is simply amazing. Like Lucy Spraggan whom also played at The Borderline this was a gig that you would need to turn up early to. It came as no surprise that 6 fans were there by the time I arrived. When attending gigs you really need to know the actual fanbase. Once doors opened I went downstairs and claimed my centre left.

“We want Tich” were what people where shouting out as soon as the band took to the stage. Opening up the set was Nevermind which was very passionate tinged with a dash of emotion as Rachel was singing about heartache. It came as no surprise that people were singing word for word. Nevermind was chilled out packed with infectious lyrics and an uplifting chorus. “You are my obsession” Rachel then mentioned to the audience before urging everyone to sing along with her. One word for Obsession is cute. Many people would say Tich is there Obsession. Still this song was super catchy and upbeat at the same time. Nearly everyone sang along to this and my favourite part had to be its chorus. This tune went down like a storm and Furner put plenty of passion into delivering this to perfection. A trio of brand new songs followed first up was Storybook which was about not finding that one person but you will find them. Now this was extremely promising and it makes me look forward to an album. It actually went down well with the audience. Other than being contagious it was very upbeat. “I fell in love with someone and I shouldn’t of done” Rachel said before saying that she sang Seeing Red on the Olly Murs tour. Having not been on the Murs tour this was the first time I was hearing it. Literally it was a incredible power pop song which was super contagious. “This next song is about not being able to say I love you” Tich then said before going over to her keyboard. Now Won’t Say was a smooth keyboard ballad which was gentle and superbly delivered. This was ever so lovely and from the lyrics (which sounded hypnotic) had a dash of emotion. Little By Little was so powerful lyrically and slightly emotional. She put everything into this song and this had to be my favourite from the Candlelight EP. The lyrics were emotionally charged and went out to any one who had been bullied “I know it hurts/ I know it burns/ They cut with razor blade words/ And you die a little/ Know your beautiful/ You are worth so much more/ We will rise above it all/ Little by Little”. I adored this song because I could relate it to my schooling years. It was then onto another new cut and this being Unkool. This was about embracing differences. Now this was a wonderful infectious quirky tune and everyone sang the lyric “Yeah I’m so Unkool, I didn’t want to look like you”. For some reason the first song that came into my head was 22 by Taylor Swift. At the end Furner sang that lyric in American, Australian and Polish accents. What I Meant To Say followed on and this was the title of the tour and bizarrely wasn’t released as a single. This had smooth verses and a really quirky chorus. The penultimate song of the evening was No One Like Us. “If you love someone you should be with them” Rachel declared before getting stuck in. First it was smooth and lovely then there were elements which was literally incredible. Along with Unkool this had to be one of my favourite new songs showcased. Rachel Furner had a cracking pair of lungs and belted this out at ease. Breathe In, Breathe Out which she wrote with Nick Jonas (whom is a 1/3 of The Jones Brothers) was the set closer. This tune was amazing and it was sung superbly. It was quirky away and everyone was chanting away to the lyrics. Once over Tich and the band left the stage only to return for an encore. First up was a Medley consisting of Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness, One Direction – One Thing, The Wanted – Glad You Came and Demi Lovato – Heart Attack . I had previously saw the Glad You Came cover live but the other three sounded wonderful and was infused perfectly. The up tempo/ quirky Dumb was the curtain closer. The lyrics were straight to the point and you can clearly picture what she is saying in the song. If I am completely honest this I probably the showpiece as everyone was singing along to the quirky infectious lyrics.


Seeing Red
Won’t Say
Little By Little
What I Meant To Say
No One But Us
Breathe In, Breathe Out



OVERALL: With a string of stellar support slots it comes as no surprise how big Tich literally is. Rachel has the world at her feet and she has an army of fans who get to venues early just so they get that spot right in front. I actually miss the days when Furner’s fan base wasn’t as big. But still I am majorly happy for her with what she has achieved. What was showcased was material taken from the Candlelight EP plus brand new songs as well. Now this makes me look forward to any forthcoming release.

I count the days until I next attend a Tich gig.


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