Mt. Wolf @ The Haunt 11th November 2013

Mt. Wolf were an exciting prospect and a band who I wanted to see at the beginning of 2013. I am actually glad I chose to go to the show at The Haunt but I am gutted that I didn’t attend the Heaven show the day after (tickets were available on the door and I was literally blown away with what I witnessed). This 4 piece band was led by Kate Sproule and then you had Sebastian ‘Bassi’ Fox, Stevie Red McMinn and Al Mitchell. The style of music was dreamy electronic folk and it worked perfectly. Mt. Wolf had 3 releases to their name 2 being EP’s Life Size Ghosts and Hypolight. Then you had the most recent single Midnight Shallows. As of 4th December 2013 Mt Wolf posted on their Facebook page that with a heavy heart they were going to disband due to creative differences within the band. I won’t lie but I was disappointed because Mt. Wolf are awesome. But on the other hand I was pleased that I had the chance to see them perform live. So below are my thoughts and review of what was the penultimate Mt. Wolf gig.

Taking to the stage just past 9pm was the outstanding Mt Wolf. What was to follow was 8 terrific tracks taken from the 3 releases this year. First up it was Veins which featured on the Hypolight EP which was released this April. Kate’s vocals were extremely delicate and Veins was reminiscent to Alpines and The xx. Straight after it was then onto Cry Wolf which featured on the debut EP Life Size Ghosts. The pace was extremely smooth and Sproule literally belted out the lyrics which resulted in something terrific. This was in fact rather synthy and then you had the drum beat as well. This tune had to be one of the highlights of the evening. It was then onto the other half of Midnight Shallows and this being the spectacular Swarm. Kate’s vocal range was spine tingling. It was like she was a soprano as she hit the high notes at ease. Actually the vocal delivery was rather angelic. Swarm may have been a slow number but it was ever so sweet. For some reason White Coats by Foxes came to mind when witnessing this being performed right in front of me. Shapeshift was played immediately after and this was the strongest song out of the 8 tunes that they performed. Energy oozed from it and also the lyrics were complete perfection. I never had seen or heard this live. Shapeshift was one brilliant tune which completely captivated me from beginning to end. “It’s really nice to be in Brighton. Thanks for coming out tonight” Kate said before they got stuck into a brand new song. This being Full Of Fire and it is ashame that this will never see the light of day because it was one hell of a track. It was the only tune you can have a good dance to. The lyrics were both contagious and very upbeat. Hypolight taken from the EP of the same name was really different. This being the fact it was more gentler and tender at the same time. This actually entranced me. Straight after it was onto Life Size Ghosts which got a few whoops of delight. Life Size Ghost was a wonderful song which was very soft. Sproule’s vocals were absolutely flawless and it came as no surprise when I found out she had been classically trained. Things then came to a close with the most recent single and this being Midnight Shallows. This sent shivers down my spine and Kate’s vocals were extremely haunting. Once over a few people had hoped for an encore. But that never materialised. I then made my way back to the station having witnessed a band whom I would like to see again.


Cry Wolf
Full Of Fire
Life Size Ghosts
Midnight Shallows

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this gig and I would of definitely attended one of their gigs in the future. It came as a great shame that they decided to part ways at the start of December because they had some fantastic material. The thought of not hearing a studio recording of Full Of Fire makes me sad.

Still I wish them all the best for the future.


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