Lissie @ Koko 28th October 2013

The UK had experienced a storm which led to trains either being cancelled or delayed. I put everything into consideration and arrived at Koko earlier than I had planned to (now I wouldn’t of wanted to turn up late to find a massive queue). Outside the venue is a tall tree and that had basically collapsed taking out one of the traffic lights. Now I was there way to early (2pm) as people started to arrive about an hour before doors. Support came from Bruno Major and Maxwell Cooke. The evening kicked of with a 5 song set by Max and when I had heard he was performing I was all excited. Basically he played with Ellie Goulding and now he was going solo. This was a one off because he was also joined by Chris Ketley and Joe Clegg. Also there was Simon. Still the tunes were rather rad and it makes me look forward to the next time I see Cooke play live. In between Lissie and Max you had Bruno Major. Now he was a talented guy but I just couldn’t get into it. Once over it wasn’t that long until the main act took to the stage.

“Good evening. Thank you all so much for coming” Lissie said before opening up with Bully which featured on the début album Catching A Tiger. This was slow paced and sounded ever so gentle before the drums came in to give the tune that extra something. Bully was extremely mesmerising and you could clearly picture. It was about standing up for yourself after being bullied verbally and don’t let this get you down. If you really want something don’t let anything stand in your way “The world is yours/ Carry this torch/ And use your voice”. Now the extended ending was pretty awesome and there was some impressive guitar riffs. It was then onto something that was delivered at a steady pace and at the same time it was extremely upbeat. The tune in question being Record Collector, it was belted out and the gentle chorus saw Maurus refer to god as being female“One time–there was this one time/ When I swore God, she spoke to me/ And she told me, oh yes, she told me/ Of all the wonders that she could bring”. Following on was a spate of new songs. “It’s wonderful to be back in London” Lissie then mentioned before teasing everyone that she may go to the merch booth after. The first new song being Sleepwalking. I remember hearing it when I was at the showcase at Century in Soho and I said I won’t be surprised if this is the follow up to Romance Police. In fact I was right. Now this was a masterpiece, the lyrics were quite something. Sleepwalking had me in a trance as the lyrics were so damn catchy. Now this was very pop compared to the material which featured on Catching A Tiger. Love In The City was next up and it was the first time I had heard it performed live. It sounded amazing and Lissie’s vocals were smooth. The content may have been a bit slushy but it is a fantastic tune which went down well with the crowd. “I hope everyone got here safely” Maurus said referring to the oncoming storm which had hit the UK. The tree right in front of Koko had even snapped in two. What followed was yet another new one and this being The Habit. There were rock elements to this and it was also delivered at an infuriating pace. My favourite part of this had to be its middle 8 “I don’t think we should see each other anymore”. It was then onto the folk rock song When I’m Alone which was the 2nd single that Maurus released back in 2010. It was literally belted out and the chorus was contagious. When I’m Alone was a foot stomper and it was no surprise that everyone started clapping to the beat. I could pick up on plenty of passion from the vocal delivery.

“This is one of my favourite songs off the the new album” Lissie said referring to They All Want Is You. Now this number was very chilled out and a tiny part of it reminded me of Islands In The Stream. This was very promising and it was delivered at a steady pace. Lissie put every ounce of energy into this tune. It was then onto something that I really adored. “You can sing in the morning when you’re hungover” Maurus then said to the packed out audience. Now this being I Don’t Want To Go To Work. Now if I was the one that picked what songs Lissie released as a single it would have to be this one. I Don’t Want To Go To Work was a contagious rock anthem which a chorus which just makes you want to fist pump the air. Straight after it was then onto Little Lovin’ which was delivered at a smooth pace aided by a strong vocal delivery and a thumping melody. It was onto one of the many highlights from Catching A Tiger and this being Everywhere I Go. This was a weepy power ballad that you will instantly fall in love with. Just being up front witnessing Lissie perform this right in front of me left me hypnotised. Everywhere I Go was a gentle infectious song with beautiful lyrics “Angels will call on me/ And take me to my home”. The lead single from Back To Forever was next and bizarrely Shameless was left out the Century show at the end of July. This was very rock, aided by spectacular vocals which were just belted out. Now this was extremely different compared to anything from Catching A Tiger. After having introduced the stunning band it was then onto Shroud was featured as a B Side to Shameless and it was a cracker of a track. The only reason I can come up with to why this did not feature on neither album is the fact it didn’t fit in with feel of the album. It was very emotional as Lissie wrote this 5 years ago during a tough time “I feel like I have lost my mind”. The penultimate tune of the evening the current single and this Further Away (Romance Police). The moment I first heard it live I immediately I fell it love. Performance wise it was incredible and there was a folk rock vibe along with some impressive guitar riffs. Further Away consisted of 3 verses along with a delectable infectious chorus. Things came a close with the infuriating In Sleep and my favourite part had to be the extended ending. I found this to be rather infectious and the vocals just blew me away. Once over they all then left the stage only to return moments later for an encore. The first which was to be Oh Mississippi and in fact it sounded like a national anthem. Before starting the song Maurus mentioned she grew up in Rock Island, Illinois on the Mississippi River. This is was beautiful which was spectacular. There is so much emotion in this song. Kid Cudi cover Pursuit Of Happiness ended this stunning evening.


Record Collector
Love In The City
The Habit
When I’m Alone
They All Want You
I Don’t Wanna Go To Work
Little Lovin’
Everywhere I Go
Further Away (Romance Police)
In Sleep


Oh Mississippi
Pursuit Of Happiness

OVERALL: It was a pleasure to witness Lissie live again. There were songs that had been left out from the new album i.e Back To Forever but I guess she is saving them for her next tour in March. Still every track from the new album is literally superb and it was a right treat just to hear some of them live.

My favourites on the night had to be I Don’t Wanna Go To Work and Sleepwalking. Now I am glad that the weather didn’t hinder me in the slightest.

The most surreal part of the evening was when Lissie said to the security guard give this to Sam and handed over her guitar plec straight after she had finished single Shameless.

As for the supports Max will deffo go far and Bruno Major is a grower.


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