David Brent & Foregone Conclusion @ The Bloomsbury Theatre 14th October 2013

There had been talk of this happening for quite a while but when it was announced not one but two dates went on sale. Taking place at The Bloomsbury Theatre this gig opted for the paperless ticket scheme. With the fact it was all seated I arrived 30 minutes before doors and then went to my seat. For those that don’t know Ricky Gervais plays the ficticious character David Brent whom was manager at Wernham Hogg for the mockumentary The Office. David then got made redundant in the final episode of the 2nd series. During Comic Relief showcased a special The Office Revisited which saw Brent as a talent manager in the music industry which then led to Equality Street which featured Dom Johnson (Doc Brown). Now this evening could have been a resounding success or one massive flop.

“Fashion Innit” Brent said after having been introduced by Keith Bishop (Ewen MacIntosh) from The Office. Sporting a earring and a pair of shades David Brent got stuck into Ooh La La. What I enjoyed was the fact this had a narrative to it. This was short but sweet and infectious at the same time “I played my guitar and smoked a cigar, And I said this is where I move on”. It could quite have easily been called Beautiful Day also Brent gave his best Liam Gallagher impersonation when singing this tune. “Welcome to the first gig of the new Forgone Conclusion mach 2” David then said before Life On The Road. Now this was quirky and hilarious at the same time. This basically summed up Brent’s Life On The Road with lyrics that easily made you chortle “Then to Gloucester I get a Costa. Hard Shoulder? Coffee Holder”. It was then onto something factually accurate and this being a ditty about the best town in the world Slough. Like Brent’s Liam Gallagher impression for Ooh La La, Slough sounded a bit Bowie esque. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, You wanna work then come along” Now I really liked this for starters it was funny, gave the odd name check I.e Tesco Express and you learnt the odd little fact. I actually never knew Slough was based in between London and Reading. “Let’s pick it up” Brent then said referring to the next tune of the evening and this being Thank Fuck It’s Friday. Again you can picture what David is singing about and this being about his life on the road “This is my day, That Fuck It’s Friday”. This was perfectly delivered and plenty of people clapped along in unison. There was also a rock vibe to this track.

“This is a little bit political. So a bit controversial. Sue me” David Brent said before diving into Spaceman Came Down. This was another short tune which was rather mellowing. Next it was onto a song about David’s first love and this being Lady Gypsy which was quite. Personal. “I lost my heart to a Lady Gypsy. So long ago I forget her name”. Now this pulled in the laughs and I would say this was the most comedic tune of the evening. “Chris Martin’s best mate is Jay Z. Frank Sinatra has Sammy Davies Junior. I’ve got one please welcome Dom Johnson” Brent then said before diving into Equality Street which featured in the Comic Relief special. When this was announced this was the song I most wanted to hear performed. This oozed reggae vibes and the lyrics were rather memorable especially Dom’s rap “I’m black John Lennon” and the “biddly biddly bong” chorus. “It’s about a cowboy whose lonely” Brent said before him and Dom got stuck into the country rock tinged tune Lonely Cowboy before ending with the calypso Ain’t No Trouble. “I work all day just to earn a dollar”. It was played at a fast pace and had lyrics which were really catchy. After exiting they then all return for an encore. She’s The Serpent was infused to Free Love Freeway which featured on the first series of The Office. “Pretty love on the Free Love Freeway”. I found this to be a jolly song which ended what had been one spectacular night.


Ooh La La
Life On The Road
Thank Fuck It’s Friday
Spaceman Came Down
Lady Gypsy
Equality Street
Lonely Cowboy
Ain’t No Trouble


She’s The Serpent
Free Love Freeway


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