Bruno Mars @ O2 Arena 9th October 2013

Bruno Mars at the O2 Arena was always going to be a gig I was going to turn up early for. This was the final London date on the Moonshine Jungle tour and when tickets went on sale I opted for a standing ticket because I love the tracks on sophomore album Unorthodox Jukebox. So I arrive around 11am and there were 15 people who were already sitting in the pen which had been laid out. I then joined and this was going to be my home for the forthcoming 7 hours. Fast forward to 6pm they then allowed everyone to go through to the gates. People started to filter in row by row and this was stressful to say the least as the people who had been queuing early didn’t want to be screwed over and someone who just arrived gets a better spot than them. Thankfully that did not happen but the weirdest thing that happened was the fact that I got centre spot once inside. In my eyes this was literally the best spot to be and frankly I couldn’t believe my luck.

The set by Bruno was epic to say the least. It then opened with Moonshine and this was a midtempo power pop tune which was about longing for the high water mark of a relationship that now seems impossible to reach. It was smoothly delivered and the vocals were spot on. I was actually hypnotised during this and I especially liked its middle 8 where the pace changed. Straight after it was onto my favourite tune from the new album and this being Natalie. It even sounded more amazing live, it was contagious and oozed energy. It had been supurbly written and you can clearly picture a story to it “I’m digging a ditch, For this gold digging bitch”. It actually turned out to be one massive sing along. “Welcome to the Moonshine Jungle tour. This is what we came to do. We came to get you all moving” Mars then said before they got stuck into Treasure. It definitely got the crowd moving as this was easy on the ear with contagious lyrics you just want to dance along to. Now this was a beautiful love song which sounded ever so stunning. It was then onto Money (That’s What I Want). This song inspired Billionaire. Both tunes were infused together and Billionaire had everyone singing along to this song. Straight after it was then onto Show Me which had a reggae vibe to it. This tune was taken from Unorthodox Jukebox. Infused to this was another oldie and this being Our First Time which was mellowing and very chilled out. Marry You was up next and this was a right crowd pleaser. It was an uplifting song which had mushy lyrics which were strongly delivered. If I Knew which featured on the new record was Bruno’s favourite song from the LP and it was the next to be performed live. It was very soothing and swooning at the same time. This was literally extraordinary and it was rather beautiful. Bruno then launched into the fast tempo Runaway Baby. I loved this song was infectious plus they blitzed through it. It was delivered powerfully and the crowd literally burst into screams once it was over. “This is a really emotional song for me” Mars said before revealing that he hadn’t played it in quite a while and this being The Lazy Song. Now there was plenty of singing along to this energetic song. Actually I really liked the remix of this laid back song. I get the image of someone heartbroken and wallowing in self pity “Today I don’t feel like doing anything”. It was then onto When I Was You Man and this being a slow paced soulful pop ballad which resulted in plenty of singing along and swooning from side to side. Grenade was a story about heartbreak. Now I really like this song as it is really catchy and uptempo. I guess there are many girls whom would die for Bruno. Things then came to a close with the beautiful ballad Just The Way You Are. Basically this was the perfect song to end an epic night on. Towards the end there was crowd participation when the entire crowd sang along which was very special.

It was then onto the encore. Bruno and his band who had just left the stage returned moments later for Locked Out Of Heaven. Now this was reggae meets rock and it was a perfect combination. This song was infectious as plenty of people were singing along and there were the obvious traces of the band The Police. Things then finally came to an end with the forthcoming single Gorilla which resulted in plenty of screams. This was a soft rock tune about making love like wild animals. In fact it was damn catchy and the melody was both upbeat and infectious. “But in this jungle you can’t run/ ‘Cause what I got for you/ I promise it’s a killer/ You’ll be banging on my chest/ Bang bang, gorilla”.



Money (That’s What I Want)/ Billionaire
Show Me/ Our First Time
Marry You
If I Knew
Runaway Baby
The Lazy Song
When I Was Your Man
Just The Way You Are


Locked Out Of Heaven

OVERALL: This was one spectacular show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I was especially surprised to get a spot right in the centre considering I was like the 15th person in the queue. Still each of the songs were pure perfection and really contagious as well.


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