San Cisco @ Banquet Records 7th October 2013

Banquet Records showcased an instore featuring some hot Australian talent which came in the form of San Cisco. I had been aware of this band since early last year but unfortunately I have been able to witness them live. What they were promoting was the debut album San Cisco also they were on a headlining tour of the UK. San Cisco are Jordi Davieson, Josh Biondillo, Nick Gardner and Scarlett Stevens. But Nick wasn’t in attendance due to the fact that he was sick.

“Hello. We’re San Cisco. It’s our release date of the album” Jordi said before introducing the first song as Golden Revolver. For this it was just Davieson and Biondillo on their acoustic guitars. Now this was glistening Indie pop which sounded rather hypnotic and easy on the ear. Jordi had the main proportion of this tune with Josh adding the luscious harmonising which complimented Davieson’s vocals. It was then onto Wild Things and Scarlett Stevens participated in this song singing the chorus whilst Jordi mainly sang this incredible tune. I must say Scarlett’s part was extremely soft and soothing “Try to stay away/ From where the wild things play”. Whilst hearing this one word sprung to mind and that was cutesey. “Thanks for coming down tonight” Stevens said before they played Beach which was lifted from the EP of the same name which was released December 2012. The verses were superb and was delivered at a steady pace. Jordi’s vocals sounded a bit husky which I really liked. “Who’s gonna catch you now who’s gonna catch you now/ Running so far away so far away” were the lines that Scarlett sang which was also delivered at a fast pace. Fred Astaire was next and it was just back to both Jordi and Josh. This was extremely promising and it wasn’t a surprise that this song was released as a single. Fred Astaire was very up tempo and so contagious at the same time. It was powerfully delivered and was completely faultless at the same time. Next it was onto something Davieson said they weren’t good at as they don’t play it at acoustic things and this being Awkward. “This song’s about stalking people” Jordi said before lunching into Awkward. Scarlett was again called up for this wondrous track. Now this was very quirky and it was also rather pacey. The evening then ended with their take on Get Lucky which was originally a hit for Daft Punk. Scarlett Stevens was on the bongos for this. Still this was excellent to hear their very own twist on this. Davieson delivered this to perfection and did this tune justice.


Golden Revolver
Wild Things
Fred Astaire
Get Lucky

OVERALL: It was a pleasure to finally see this band play live. San Cisco have been on my radar for almost a year and like I said one word to sum them up is cutesey. They were also very humble and pleased to be spending time performing at a record shop.


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