Haim @ Rough Trade East 1st October 2013

Since the last time I attended an instore at Rough Trade East they have changed the policy when it comes to wristbands. Before they would have an allocation for people ordering online but now you have to purchase the CD. So when Haim were announced I knew I had to attend as Rough Trade East is an intimate record store. So there is me getting to the store around 6ish only to find around 10 people queuing. It may have been early but it was well worth it when you finally have that band with the knowledge that you are going to witness something really special. So once I was sorted I made my way home. The day after I arrived just before 2 to find that I was the only one there which was kind of surprising. Fast forward to 6ish people who were on the guest list were going in before all the people with actual wristbands. From my point of view it wasn’t on because when I was finally in the whole of the front row had been taken. I did manage to find a spot at the front which was right in front of Alana which was good.

It had just gone past 7pm when the band took to the stage to a rapture of applause and cheers. What kicked things off was Falling. For those who haven’t heard of Haim before where have you been?. The style of music that they play is synth pop and this song has to be one of my all time favourite Haim tracks. Now this was so damn contagious and has lyrics that just get you hooked. Literally everyone was singing along dancing along to this tune. “This is fucking crazy. What up homies? I can finally say this our record’s out. It’s crazy the Days Have Gone. I’m so happy to be here to celebrate this wonderful week with you guys” Este Haim then mentioned to the intimate audience before launching into The Wire. There were three verses and each sister got there own. I must say it showed off their perfect and precise vocals. The chorus was so addictive “Always keep your heart locked tight, Don’t let your mind retire” and there were lyrics that were so memorable that you literally cannot forget them. This tune oozed bundles of energy. “We’ve had a big reminiscing week. Este cutting Danielle’s hair when she was like 8” Alana Haim then said before Este replied by saying “I was 8, Danielle was 5. I don’t know how my parents let me get hold of a pair of scissors but I did and Danielle was sleeping. I went into her room and cut off all of her hair. The only reason I didn’t get in hardcore trouble because I also cut off my own eyelash and my own eyebrows. My mum was so worried that I was going to go blind that she took me to the doctor and that was the only reason I didn’t get into hardcore trouble”. It was then onto Honey & I and this was the reworked version that I witnessed at the Roundhouse. Danielle was on her guitar, Este had a maraca and Alana had a drum in front of her. What I especially liked about this is the fact it felt more stripped back

“We came to Rough Trade yesterday to buy or record. Coz that’s what you do right? So we’ve never actually held the physical CD in our hands before. So we were looking at them and we were like aww, Falling aww, Forever aww, The Wire aww, If I Could Change Your Mind aww, Honey & I, Dont’t Save Me. There’s a typo on our first record” Este then said. “It’s OK first album problems” Alana said before someone shouted out that the typo was only on the deluxe. “That’s what I thought too. I was like it could only be on the deluxe. Oh wait no it’s everywhere. It’s OK guys because everyone who has the CD now, It’s like a collectors item” Alana then went onto say. Este then told the audience when she spoke to her dad on the phone as she was upset “Dad they put Don’t Save Me as Dont’t Save Me. You called it Moti Save Me” Este then mentioned to the audience. You see their fathers name is Moti. After all that hilarious banter it was then onto Don’t Save Me. Now I struggle to find the words to describe how amazing this actually was. It was released as a single with Send Me Down and it is one of my many favourites from the songs which I had heard Haim perform live. It had a chorus that embeds itself into your brain. It was so damn catchy and the lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. In fact when I was hearing this right in front of me they reminded me of Hanson. “This is our last song” Alana said to plenty of groans. The fact that she then mentioned that they were doing a signing after lifted everyone’s spirits. The finale was Forever and this tune lyrics which you just wanted to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic.


The Wire
Honey & I
Don’t Save Me

OVERALL: Whilst there were no new songs performed during this set it  is still one of my highlights of 2013. At first this started as an early one due to the fact you needed to purchase the album instore. With it being released on the Monday (the event was Tuesday) I arrived at Rough Trade East at 6am. Thinking about it I didn’t need to get there before the store opened, but when you love one band you will do anything to make sure you get a ticket/ wristband. It came as no surprise to hear that these bands ran out before noon.

As for the actual performance it was phenomenal. Just witnessing them that close was extremely surreal. Yes The Haunt show in Brighton was intimate but the stage at Rough Trade East was tiny. What was performed was basically my 5 best tracks from the album as they each were super catchy. It was nice just to see the re working of Honey & I again as this had been stripped down.

Basically the set was short because Alana, Danielle and Este were going to be doing a signing near where the entrance to the store was. Just meeting them is a moment that I will treasure forever as they are all really nice. I had earlier purchased some Percy Pigs and put them in a non Marks & Spencers bag. Just seeing Alana’s face and when she tipped the contents onto the counter was extremely cute.


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