Wolf Alice @ Dingwalls 30th October 2013

One word to sum up the Wolf Alice gig would be CRAZY. Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis make up this extraordinary band. The fan base has grown alot since I last saw them at The Lexington. In fact I miss those days. There was actually a party feel to the set by Wolf Alice mainly because there were bunches of balloons on the stage. They made their entrance to You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate then launched themselves into Moaning Lisa’s Smile.“We’re very excited to be here” Joff said before Theo declared “Let’s have a party”. Things opened up with Moaning Lisa’s Smile and the some of the material I was hearing live and I fully expect these tunes to appear on the full length. Now Wolf Alice are an alternative rock band who have tunes which aren’t overly heavy. Now back to this opening track. It was very upbeat and the vocals were soft. The lead vocalist of Wolf Alice was Ellie Rowsell. I found this to ooze plenty of energy. “Hello” Rowsell said before getting stuck into Your Love’s Whore. “Don’t you want to take time to get to know me” is one of the lyrics that Ellie sang. I must admit this was extremely hypnotic. The vocal delivery was smooth and it was not overly rocky. It was then onto the gentle and soothing Leaving You. This tune showcased more of Ellie’s vocal range and it was extremely blissful. Plus the harmonising was perfection. It was a steady paced song which was rather entrancing. I actually picked up on tinges of folk. As soon as it progressed Leaving You got that extra oomph. “Who feels like jumping around” Theo then said to the packed audience before Baby Ain’t Made Of China. At first it was gently delivered by Rowsell’s gentle vocals but dont let that fool you because it wasn’t that long until the song gained plenty of power as they were thrashing at their guitars. Bros was next. This showcased Rowsell’s sublime vocal range. I found this to be sublime the song was delivered at a strong steady pace and also it was completely catchy. I rather liked the middle 8. Hold Up Your Lighters followed on and this is one hell of a tune. Rock vibes were flowing from this giving it that extra something. This was then backed up by Lisbon and I look forward to hearing the actual mastered version of this. Blush was next and this was a slow paced ballad. Ellie Roswell’s vocals were stunning then the drumbeat came in. This was rather gentle and chilled out at the same time. The vocals reminded me of Polly Scattergood. Once the tune progressed it gained more power. It was then backed with 90 Mile Beach which had some really impressive guitar riffs. Like Blush this was rather smooth and it went down well with the packed audience. It actually featured as the final song on the Blush EP. Nearing the end that is when the pace became furious before winding down. The penultimate song was the final newie of the night and this being You’re A Germ. This was very grunge rock and it went down well with everyone. This was very Riot Grrl (a bit like Kate Nash’s 3rd album Girl Talk) and the lyrics were strongly delivered and are memorable as well. Things then drew to a close with She and what a number to end on. The whole audience went crazy (well they were going crazy all throughout). People were moshing and barging to get to the front and causing people to fall on stage. It was like Deap Vally but even worse. Still She was an infectious song which was drenched in rockness. Once over the band then leave the stage which left people wanting more. Moments they all returned for what was a two song encore. It was then onto something that they hadn’t played for ages and this being White Leather. The track had a dream pop narrative, strung together by emotive guitar chords. This was a startling tune and it reminded me of The XX. Things then came to a close with the rocking debut single and this being Fluffy.


Moaning Lisa’s Smile
Your Love’s Whore
Leaving You
Baby Ain’t Made of China
Hold Up Your Lighters
90 Mile Beach
You’re A Germ


White Leather

OVERALL: This was one stunning evening. The fanbase for Wolf Alice has grown alot and I miss the days when I saw them play The Hope and The Lexington. Now you have fans who want to mosh. Moshing is not bad but when you play a venue such as Dingwalls it is a bad decision.

Honestly Dingwalls should limit how many people stand in the area in front of the stage. As it was so small people ended up on the stage. My shins were literally badly bruised. Honestly as the stage is so low down I am surprised nothing broke as you have sach a pressure from people surging forward.


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