Paramore @ Wembley Arena 27th September 2013

This was the 3rd time this year I had witnessed Paramore live. As soon as tickets went on presale I purchased one. This then resulted in a Saturday date being announced. With the Paramore shows I have attended O2 in 2010 and Wembley Arena in 2009 I have purchased an early entry bundle. This is exactly what I purchased this time as early queuing is not something I really relish (If it needs to be done then it needs to be done but it does drain you). So the day finally came and when I reached Wembley Arena I was surprised to see how many people with early entry were in line. Apparently people started to arrive in the morning. Thankfully I just joined my friend who was with one of his friends. Fast forward to when doors open we were basically guided to the wrong place which saw us having to rejoin every other EE ticket holder whom were lining up at another entrance which was on the West side. Luckily us three managed to claim back where we originally were when outside. When the doors did open everyone ran in just to get to the all important barrier. I managed to claim a spot centre right which was good because I assumed where Hayley would be was where you were going to get the crush. After the first support act of the night Eliza and the Bear it was then onto a British artist who I fully adore.

“What’s up London” Charli said the moment she got onto the stage with the rest of her band. What kicked off the night was What I Like. Now this was an amazing and infectious song. It started off with the chorus but my favourite parts were the uptempo verses. Charli put plenty of passion into this and it was clear to see that she was enjoying performing. “London how you doing tonight? My name is Charli XCX” she then said introducing herself to the sold out crowd. It was then onto Set Me Free. This was a wonderful tune which was very smooth. This was a passionate performance with extraordinary lyrics. Bundles of energy flowed from Nuclear Seasons and there was also plenty of people moving about to it. Charli was basically was running on adrenaline throughout this infectious number. Nuclear Seasons was a huge pop tune which was belted out. It was then onto Lock You Up. This tune had steady paced verses and a chorus which was packed with enthusiasm. It sounded a bit slushy with lyrics being “I want to Lock You Up inside my heart”. Still this track was a complete cracker and was faultlessly delivered. Black Roses was next. The song had been superbly written and the melody was hypnotic. Black Roses was contagious with rap esque verses and a short killer chorus “Deep in black roses/ Dateless doses/ I’m fallin’ victim to black roses”. The tune itself oozes pop and I reckon it had the potential to be a single from True Romance as it was so good. Following on was a song that Charlotte featured on and a song that she actually wrote. What was coming next was her very own take on I Love It which was a number 1 for Swedish band Icona Pop. This tune was incredibly infectious and oozed plenty of energy. It is a very simple song as it only features two verses which repeat themselves throughout. My favourite part had to be the middle 8. Next was something brand new and this coming in the form of SuperLove. This was simply amazing. There was a funky beat and the vocal performance oozed passion and charisma. Now SuperLove is a song about running away and falling in love with someone and it being really dangerous and bad for you but still amazing, romantic and wonderful. This song was literally incredible, it was so infectious aided by super catchy hooks. The set came to a close with Grins. This performance was brilliant and again it was rather energetic. It was plain to see that she put everything into it. Grins was a brilliant tune that has to feature on the album that will be released next year. It felt as this tune was power pop/ rap which worked wonders.


What I Like
Set Me Free
Nuclear Seasons
Lock You Up
Black Roses
I Love It

This was the 3rd and final time this year I would be witnessing a Paramore set. It was actually the very same set as the Roundhouse show at the start of September. It was good to hear all these songs performed live again. The album that they were promoting was the self titled 4th LP Paramore and it is probably my favourite as it sounds more happy than the first 3.

At a mammoth 21 songs Paramore started and ended their set with brand new songs. First you had the opening number Grow Up which was extremely upbeat and infectious at the same time. This tune was packed with a punch and there was plenty of cheers just as Hayley was about to get in. This was then infused to Fast In My Car. As soon as the lights went out after Grow Up the infuriating melody of this tune start. The vocal delivery was spotless and bundles of energy flowed from it. Fast In My Car was a song which you can just jump up and down too. “Woah” Williams said before pointing the microphone at the audience. It was pretty obvious what was coming and this being That’s What You Get which featured on the sophomore LP Riot. This was a real crowd pleaser everyone was singing along to every word. It is a catchy song and there was plenty of jumping up and down. The song itself was delivered with plenty of gusto and it was also packed with a punch.

It was then time for Decode. This featured on the soundtrack to Twilight and there is no doubt that this resulted in Paramore gaining more new fans. This was both delivered strongly and it was very upbeat at the same time. “London, England. It feels so good to be back and to see so many of you out there” Williams said to the packed crowd before going straight into Ignorance. This served as the reintroduction of Paramore after they went on hiatus which saw them cancel dates on the Riot tour. This was delivered sublimely and this had been well crafted. Other than being powerful the verses/ chorus were stunning and oozing plenty of energy. It was then onto the first interlude of the night and this being Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore. Both Hayley and Taylor had gathered by the side of the stage to acoustically deliver this short but sweet song to perfection. York was on the ukulele for this one and it worked. Even though it was rather short it is memorable at the same time. Now oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were contagious. I actually found this to be very in your face. My favourite part of Now was the bridge when Hayley sang the line “There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it”.

Following on from Now was Daydreaming. This was extremely promising. I found this to be a lot slower compared to the other songs that had already appeared in the set. Just as Hayley sang the line “Daydreaming all the time” that it when it became stronger and the pace was kicked up a notch. This was then followed by the mellowing When It Rains. “Anybody here buy that record. I know somebody bought it because we just found out not to long ago it went gold” Hayley then said also mentioning that writing the 4th LP Paramore was a dream to make. What was next was Last Hope and Hayley Williams was on the keyboard playing this beautiful and sombre ballad which everyone sang along to. As it progressed the song gained that extra oomph. It was straight into Brick By Boring Brick. This was a catchy song which had plenty of people singing along. I loved the chorus of this song. The 2nd interlude of the evening was next. This being Interlude: Holiday where Hayley was joined by both Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. “Now I get a holiday, Wherever I go I might stay. How about London maybe” Williams then said ad libbing the song. Crushcrushcrush was next and this was a high octane roller coaster ride which resulted in plenty of people singing and jumping up and down.

Ain’t It Fun was next and this is my favourite song from the new album. So hearing it live was fantastic. There was a funky beat to it which made you just want to dance along to it. Ain’t It Fun was in fact more Pop than Punk. Straight after it was onto The Only Exception. This Brand New Eyes tune was a beautiful ballad. It may be slow but it was simply amazing. There was a dash of emotion as well. It was a pretty sight seeing everyone in seats holding up lights and waving them for side to side. “We’re very excited to have you and you’re not going anywhere now ‘cos you’re stuck” Hayley then joked after asking if there were any new Paramore fans in the crowd. It was then onto Hayley’s favourite Paramore song In The Mourning which is about the pain of letting go It did not make the cut for the album but instead was released at part of The Singles Club. In The Mourning was extremely beautiful and felt oh so tender as well. In fact there was a snippet of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Pressure was next and also the famous flip made an appearance. This was an energetic song which was powerfully delivered.

The set then ended with Misery Business which literally smacks you in the face. This was a strong number and it was fast flowing. With it being the closing tune the atmosphere was cranked up. Halfway through Hayley picked someone from the crowd to sing the song with her. Once over the band left the stage only to return moments later as the audience wanted to hear more.

The encore kicked of with Part II which is the sequel to Let The Flames Begin which appeared on the sophomore album Riot. Now this was different compared to the rest of the new songs. Other that having lyrics which just embed themselves in your brain it was also very rocked up as well. My favourite part had to be its chorus which was belted out. Hayley and Taylor took to the centre of the stage for Interlude: Moving On which went down a well with the audience. “It’s so good to be back here and see so many of you at once” Hayley Williams said before they ended with Still Into You. This was another Pop tune which is both infectious and it also makes you feel happy inside. In my eyes this was the perfect song to end an amazing set on. Also there was a showering of confetti which ended an epic evening


Grow Up
Fast In My Car
That’s What You Get
Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
When It Rains
Last Hope
Brick by Boring Brick
Interlude: Holiday
Ain’t It Fun
The Only Exception
In The Mourning/ Landslide
Misery Business


Part II
Interlude: Moving On
Still Into You

OVERALL: This was an enjoyable night which had an amazing support act. Charli XCX is an artist who has the potential to be huge. She has already released one album which is a right cracker and just hearing the new song SuperLove makes me anticipate its follow up.

As for Paramore words cannot describe how incredible the set actually was. Since the departure of the Farro brothers the band have changed a lot. Even though I enjoy the first three albums I would have to say that my favourite has to be the self titled album which was released this year. It feels as it is more happy and it is a blend of pop meets punk. Songs such like Now, Ain’t It Fun and Still Into You are so infectious and you also find yourself dancing along to them.

As for the performance it was simply faultless. Paramore are a band I would like to see again and again as each set is different even if the list of songs are exactly the same. I actually wish that I attended the show the day after but that would involve me getting there really early in the morning which I couldn’t really do. In fact I wish I was going on the Parahoy cruise.

I look forward to the next time I see them live. Reading 2014 perhaps if rumours are to be believed.


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