iTunes Festival – Jessie J @ Roundhouse 23rd September 2013

Just like the Arctic Monkeys this iTunes Festival headline show fell on the same day the sophomore album Alive by Jessie J hit the shelves. Now this was the 6th and final iTunes date that I managed to win. A couple of days before at Haim I knew I had no +1 and my friend suggested to advertise it on Twitter. Of course the +1 was going to go to someone I actually knew. It came as no surprise that the first person to respond was the girl that I met at the Under The Bridge Mastercard performance last year. I managed to get to the Roundhouse around noon. It could have been a little earlier but I had to watch the series finale of Dexter before I made my way to London (I did this to avoid any spoilers). I then joined the competition winners queue along with my +1 who was already there. Some Jessie fans who hadn’t won tickets had camped out and were trying to wangle it and get on the guest list. When the time came for doors to open there were tears and I saw for myself that some Jessie J fans can be extremely ruthless.

The majority of the Jessie J set showcased material from the new album along with a couple of covers and some from the début album Who You Are. The performance opened up with Price Tag but without B.o.B.. There was infact a catwalk but where I chose to stand was barrier far right. As for the song it was completely infectious and it was an anthem as it conveys a message that not everything revolves around money “Money can’t buy us happiness”. This went down well with the crowd. “Lets keep this party going” Jessie said before getting stuck into something from Alive and this being Sexy Lady. This was the first time I heard anything from this album and I admit I should of really gave it a listen prior. Still this was an amazing pop song which just hits you in the face. Sexy Lady featured in a advert for Boots. “That song leads perfectly into this one” Cornish said before two versions of Nobody’s Perfect. First you had a strip down acoustic ballad version of the song then you had the full blown version after. It was spectacularly delivered and it is slightly touching as well. Nobody’s Perfect conveys the message that everyone has there own faults and nobody is perfect. I must say I adore this song first it is contagious and secondly it gets you moving. It was a treat just to witness this both acoustically then the version you actually hear on the CD. Next it was onto Jessie’s favourite song from Alive and this being Thunder. This was literally incredible. It was upbeat and had lyrics you just want to rock out to. Thunder was the last song that was written for Alive and I wont be surprised if it is released as a single.

Square One followed on and out of all the new tracks which were showcased this was my least favourite. I am not saying that it was a bad song because it isn’t. Square One which was tremendously delivered didn’t have that something that captivated me. “This is one of my favourite parts of the show” Cornish said before mentioning that she wanted everyone to turn to their left and say hello to someone that they didn’t know. What was next on the set was a cover. Not one but two which were infused together. This being I Found Lovin’/ Ain’t Nobody. I must say Jessie’s take on these two songs was literally incredible. You could have a good dance to them plus there was a disco feel to them. The band were then introduce then following on was another newie and this being Daydreamin’. It was the first song which was written for Alive. It grabbed my attention straight away. Daydreamin’ was rather synthy and it was a tune which was the most danceable new tune of the evening. Brandy made an appearance for Conquer The World. This was about Jessie’s best friend in the whole world. I must say that this was quite something just to see those 2 share the same stage. It is not that often when things like this happen. Still this was a fantastic tune which was delivered at a steady pace. A take on the Aerosmith classic I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing followed on. Now I love this and Jessie made her own mark. This was a ballad which was really soothing. It was tender and a tad emotional. It was also infused with the lovely Who You Are which was taken from the album of the same name.

Straight after it was onto Do It Like A Dude . This fierce song was high octane which oozed bundles of energy. It came as no surprise that people were singing along to this infectious song. This was then infused with Excuse My Rude which went down well with the packed crowd. There were dub step vibes and it was packed with plenty of attitude like Do It Like A Dude. Laserlight has actually grown on me. At first it started off soft and gentle then grew in power as soon as it progressed. This was dance pop and Jessie gave it her all to deliver something both startling and beautiful. Actually it was very uplifting as well. Wild featured an appearance by Dizzee Rascal and Big Sean featured on the monitors which were towards the back of the stage. This song was super catchy and it was also the first single which was taken from Alive. It’s My Party was the 2nd single to be taken from the album Alive. It was dance meets pop and it was a song that gets stuck in your head. As for the performance it was super fun due to the fact there were balls (like beach balls thrown into the crowd) plus you had streamers launched into the crowd as well. It was then time for Domino and words cannot explain how amazing it was. It was the song that made me want to see Jessie J again. I found it to be upbeat and had lyrics which molded themselves to the melody to create something which literally hypnotised me. The evening then came to a close with Alive. It is always a bit risky when you close a set with a song that people don’t really know. But I am pleased to say it paid off. At first it started off with a drumbeat then progressed into something phenomenal. This was a toe tapping number which was delivered at a steady pace “Let me see your hands up high”. Alive showcased Jessie’s vocal range to perfection and the crowd literally lapped up this incredible track.


Price Tag
Sexy Lady
Nobody’s Perfect
Square One
I Found Lovin’/Ain’t Nobody
Conquer The World
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing/ Who You Are
Do It Like A Dude/ Excuse My Rude
It’s My Party

OVERALL: I really enjoyed my final night at the iTunes Festival by witnessing some amazing much. Lawson who supported were phenomenal as well and they premiered their new single Juliet as well.

As for Jessie I was simply blown away by the performance and the new songs. It is hard to pick out a favourite as they are equally as good. For me it is between Sexy Lady, Square One, Daydreamin’, Thunder and Conquer The World. I must say Sexy Lady did remind me on One Direction.

I was so impressed I was even tempted of booking a ticket to the forthcoming re scheduled Alive tour. But the fact packages were on offer put me off slightly as I would of loved to have been at the front. Also nothing could really beat the intimacy I had at the Roundhouse.

When it has come to Jessie J I have been extremely fortunate as I have witnessed her play at Scala, Barfly, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Under The Bridge and now Roundhouse all of which have been really intimate. Based on this performance and how fantastic the new album is whenever I do see Jessie J on the bill for a festival or even a one off headline gig then I’ll be there.


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