iTunes Festival – Haim @ Roundhouse 21st September 2013

Since I first saw them support Ellie Goulding at the iTunes Festival last year I have become a little Haim obsessed. This was the 4th time I had seen them play this year. Also I had purchased tickets to see them play at The Forum and I was going to make sure I was lucky enough to get a wristband for the show at Rough Trade East. This would then stand at 7 Haim gigs in 2013 and I wasn’t even bored of them.

Aside from all of that Haim were one of the acts I wanted to see and I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets for what would be an outstanding night. For starters you had three support acts Dan Croll, Bipolar Sunshine and Gabrielle Aplin. The I had won the ticket there was no thinking to do regarding the +1. I knew who I was going to take. So I arrived at the Roundhouse around noon and there were only a couple of people in the competition winners queue. Fast forward to 6.30pm the doors opened then everyone made there way into the main space. Where I had chosen to stand was on the right hand side halfway between where Danielle Haim and Este Haim would be standing. My friend actually objected to standing on the right as he wanted to be close to Alana.

Things then opened up with Dan Croll. He had some really good material but I just didn’t engage with his set. Which was ashame really as he was on my to see list hen I attended the Reading Festival this year. He was super talented but personally I wouldn’t go to see him when he announces a headline date. Second on the night was Bipolar Sunshine. I had previously seen them open up for White Lies at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. Back then they weren’t my cup of tea and 2 months on nothing had changed. As for Gabrielle Aplin she was amazing as ever. The set consisted of 9 songs which were taken from English Rain. It was ashame that people were talking throughout her set though.

After the countdown people started shouting for HaimTime. When each sister graced the stage the crowd cheered. The set had been mixed up as they decided to open up with Falling. Words cannot sum up how epic this song was.Vocally it was extremely powerful and infectious as well My favourite part had to be its upbeat chorus “Don’t stop, I’ll never give up/ And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ They keep saying/ Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough/ I’ll never look back, never give up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ But now I’m falling”. It was also synth heavy and this was a crowd pleasing song as people were singing to every lyric which was sung. “It’s getting fucking hot in here Roundhouse” Este Haim said before introducing the 5th Haim sister whom was Ariel Rechtshaid. It was then onto the current single and this being The Wire. I have always said this but the opening chords remind me of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tear For Fears. The verses/ chorus were superb and infectious at the same time. Even though Danielle has the main proportion of this song both Alana and Este have their own parts. As soon as both of them sang the crowd cheered. So much energy oozed from the performance of this track. “Alright guys, I think we’re going to jam for you. Just imagine your in LA, in our living room” Alana then said before Este described their living room. Este also revealed that they have drum battles which she usually wins plus she still has her Sony Discman from 6th grade. It was then onto What then followed was their take on Oh Well which was originally sung by Fleetwood Mac. This infuriating song which was simply electric. Oh Well only consisted of two short verses which were sung by Alana Haim and the rest was one massive jam. It was then onto something special and this was a reworked version of Honey & I. Even though I love the original this version was outstanding. The three sisters came to the middle of the stage. Danielle was on her guitar, Este had a maraca and Alana had a drum in front of her. Then both Este and Alana took to their guitars for the infuriating end of this song. “This moment is a little surreal for us” Este then said referring to the fact that they supported Ellie Goulding last year and were headlining this year. Go Slow was a dreamy song which started of mellowing then it picks up/ gets stronger when the song progresses. This was delivered with plenty of gusto.

Send Me Down oozed pop. This was a luscious number aided by catchy lyrics. It was then back with Don’t Save Me which was the A side to that release. After people were giving the band sweets Alana then asked if Jelly Tots were better than Percy Pigs the answer being nothing is better than Percy Pigs. Regarding the song Don’t Save Me had a chorus that embeds itself into your brain. It was so damn catchy and the lyrics fitted perfectly to its melody. “This next song is really special to us. It would really mean a lot to us if you guys raged right now” Alana Haim said before they ended with Forever. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of synth pop and the melody was very hypnotic. Backing them were cute videos of when they were younger. Once they left the stage everyone was hoping for an encore. A few minutes they returned to get stuck into Better Off. Dainelle Haim took the lead on this incredible tune with both Este and Alana providing the stunning harmonies. Better Off was an infectious upbeat number which you just want to sing along to. I found this to be rather sweet and it had been perfectly written. “Alright Roundhouse, this has been crazy” Alana said before the 3 sisters ended with the epic Let Me Go.



The Wire
Oh Well
Honey & I
Go Slow
Send Me Down
Don’t Save Me


Better Off
Let Me Go


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