Eliza Doolittle @ Studio Private 24th September 2013

When I saw Eliza Doolittle was performing at a secret location as part of the Oxjam Festival I knew I had to attend. I have been a fan of Eliza’s for quite a while and I was upset that I missed the Islington Assembly Hall show. But when this was announced I purchased my ticket straight away. The location was Studio Private which was basically on the corner of Kingsland Road. Opening up the night was Chloe Howl which was an added bonus as she is someone I greatly tip. Headlining was Fuse ODG whom I witnessed supporting Ke$ha in Brixton. I didn’t stay for his set as I mainly booked for Eliza.

Chloe Howl is an artist whom I have only witnessed once before but I highly tip her as she has something extremely special. Howl has that something that makes me want to hear more. The song which opened up this spectacular 8 track set was Rumour. This was slightly personal as you can clearly picture what is happening as there were multiple story lines in this number. Rumour which is the current single was pacey and it was faultlessly delivered. Chloe’s vocals actually reminded me of Peggy Sue. “They kept her prisoner growing up/ Told her Jesus was enough/ She’s really into dirty stuff/ Perhaps it’s just a rumour”. My favourite part had to be its chorus. Bad Dream was played immediately after. It was a slick song which was contagious at the same time. This had been perfectly crafted, its verses were superb whilst the chorus was simply stunning “And then you wake up from a bad dream”. I liked the middle 8 as well. “My name is Chloe Howl” she then said to the intimate audience before introducing the next song as Drop In The Ocean. This track was Synth Pop and it offered a lot of promise. Drop In The Ocean was a steady paced song which was strongly delivered. Following on was Girls & Boys and the prospect of hearing the studio version of this incredible tune excites me. The opening chords of this track hit you in the face. Girls & Boys was a steady paced song aided by infectious verses and a delectable chorus “The boys will be girls/ And the girls will be pretty”. It was then onto something I hadn’t heard before and this being Downtown. This tune was rather promising and it makes me look forward to hearing more from Howl in the future. The lyrics were amazing and rather infectious as well “Go Downtown tonight, get lost in the bright lights”. Next it was Paper Heart and this was extremely upbeat and infectious at the same time. It is a song you just what to point your finger in the air to. Out of all the songs that had been showcased so far this had to be my favourite. It was then onto No Strings. This stunning tune featured on the Rumour EP and it sounded phenomenal live. No Strings was Howl’s breakout hit and has lyrics that will make you smirk “But fuck your no strings /And your ‘hey I’ll ring’”. Things then came to a close with This Song’s Not About You. This was played at a fast pace, it was upbeat and catchy at the same time.


Bad Dream
Drop In The Ocean
Girls And Boys
Paper Heart
No Strings
This Song’s Not About You

“How you doing tonight?” Eliza said as soon as her and her band graced the stage. As Doolittle was supporting this was going to be a short and sweet set which featured material from both albums Eliza Doolittle and forthcoming LP In Your Hands. What opened things up was Back Packing. This was a song that can easily get you moving as it was very upbeat. Whilst it was very Pop it also felt more grown up and also Doolittle’s look of opened shirt and jeans with holes contributed to that. After plenty of applause it was then onto the first single to be taken from In Your Hands and this being Big When I Was Little. This was faultlessly delivered and it was rather infectious as it captivates you straight away. In fact I would say that this is the show piece from what I have already heard from In You Hands. It had been superbly written as the lyrics were rather simple as Eliza basically sung about stuff that was big when she was little. It was then onto two songs taken from the debut self titled album which were both meshed together. These were Roller Blades/ Skinny Genes. First it started with a bit of Roller Blades which was sung at a slow pace then it was infused to Skinny Genes. “I want to see you singing along” Eliza then said to the small gathering. Other than being delivered to perfection Skinny Genes was chirpy and contagious as well. “It’s really good to be here. I love Oxfam, I love Oxjam” Doolittle then said before launching into another new cut from the new album and this being No Man Can. Now I rather liked this it actually sent shivers up my spine. Lyrics and vocals were pristine. No Man Can went down well with the intimate audience. Straight after the applause it was then onto something from the debut album Eliza Doolittle. It most notably features on the Kinder Surprise advert. This being Pack Up and it was extremely summery with lyrics that are super catchy. I found this tune to be rather uplifting as well. After introducing the band it was then onto Walking On Water which was the penultimate tune of the evening. Along with Big When I Was Little this has to be another favourite of mine. Walking On Water had an entrancing beat and the lyrics were quite something. It actually captivated me as soon as Doolittle reached the pacey chorus “Sometimes I wish I was Jesus”. Things then came to a close with Let It Rain which capped off a truly remarkable evening.


Back Packing
Big When I Was Little
Roller Blades/ Skinny Genes
No Man Can
Pack Up
Walking On Water
Let It Rain


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