Lorde @ Madame JoJo’s 18th September 2013

Taking to the stage at 21.20 was Lorde. Pronounced as Lord this three piece is fronted by 16 year old Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Now Ella hails from New Zealand her popularity has literally blown up. The 11 song set was a mixture of material from The Love Club EP and the forthcoming album Pure Heroine. Kicking off the evening was Bravado which was taken from the EP. Being only 16 Yelich-O’Connor’s vocals were quite something I could actually see traces of Florence Welch. “Hey London” Ella said during the song to whoops. Bravado started off at a steady pace then when it progressed the more infectious it became “It’s a switch flipped/ It’s a pill tipped back, it’s a moon eclipsed, whoa/ And I can tell you that when the lights come on I’ll be ready for this”. This tune actually makes you want to dance along to it and that was exactly what Yelich-O’Connor did. Backing Bravado you had Biting Down which again was from The Love Club EP. I found this to be slightly darker compared to the others that were showcased on the night. This was delivered superbly but the song itself is not a favourite of mine and this is due to the fact that there isn’t anything that hooks you in. After plenty of cheers it was then onto Tennis Court which features on the new LP and it also featured on the Tennis Court EP. It started off slow but as soon as the beats came in that is when the pace picked up. This was very Pop and had hooks which completely captivated you. In fact I was compelled to dance along to the infectious beats. “This place is a tranny bar. Where are my dancers?” Ella said before they all got stuck into Buzzcut Season. Again this was Electopop plus it was extremely upbeat. Buzzcut Season was a tune that can get you moving plus it is one that grows on you. It actually showed you that Ella has massive potential to crack the UK market A take on The Replacements Swingin’ Party was next. I found Yelich-O’Connor’s take on this to be both lovely and extraordinary. I could actually see traces of Lana Del Rey during this version of this song. Following on was Ribs and this tune is one of my many favourites from what was showcased on the night. This was pure Indie. It may have been sung at a steady pace but the beats complimented the vocals to perfection. Ribs was basically telling us about the fear of getting old. Ribs had been perfectly written which resulted in something infectious. White Teeth Teens was interesting. The first few seconds Ella delivered it on her own then the beats came in. This track was both upbeat and energetic. It sent shivers up my spine.

“Here is something you know” Ella said before launching straight into The Love Club. Now this was a song I was familiar with as I own both The Love Club and Tennis Court EP’s. Now this was upbeat and chirpy considering the lyrics focus on growing up. Now I found this to be super catchy and it is a song that will get stuck in your head. Straight after was Royals which has gone down a storm in the USA. It was surprising it wasn’t the closing number. Now this was sheer brilliance. It showed that Lorde can go far in the music industry and it also showed Ella is an extremely talented singer/ songwriter. It was this song that got the best response as people sang along to the contagious lyrics. Royals was spectacularly delivered and I stood in awe whist I was witnessing someone who can be the next big thing in 2014. 400 Lux came after and I immediately fell in love with this stellar song. It showed plenty of promise of what to expect from the début album. This was in fact quite pacey and upbeat at the same time. Plus the hooks and chorus entranced me. After Ella told the audience that she had been sick and thanked us for bearing with her it was then onto the set closer and this being A World Alone. This was again very pacey and she delivered this song at ease. It actually has massive potential to be released as a single. Even though I loved the song I found it to be a strange one to end with. Pure Heroine hadn’t even been streamed anywhere so ending on a song which no one has heard before can be a massive risk. But you know what Ella pulled it off and delivered what was a spectacular evening witnessing someone who has the potential to conquer the world.


Biting Down
Tennis Court
Buzzcut Season
Swingin’ Party
White Teeth Teens
The Love Club
400 Lux
A World Alone


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