Foxes @ The Church Studios 18th September 2013

Foxes are a band led by Louisa Rose Allen. I have seen her twice before headlining Madame Jojo’s and supporting Haim last year. Ever since Allen came bursting onto the stage with Fall Out Boy just to sing Just One More Yesterday at Reading Festival the flame was reignited. After unfortunately having to miss the Sebright Arms and Hoxton shows earlier on this year, attending this show was a must. Basically it was a competition the first 5 people who sent an email with their name would get tickets to this exclusive show for Sony Xperia.

“Hello. Thank you for coming down. So we’ve been filming all day. We’re doing some acoustic sessions. So what I thought I’d do is bring some of you guys down to just kind of hear what we did” Louisa said before opening with Beauty Queen. I must say this left me completely mesmerized. The piano complimented Allen’s vocals to perfect. Also you had the drums. This was an infectious tune which was stripped back. It actually sent shivers up my spine. Louisa’s vocals were ever so powerful. What followed on was Clarity a song which Foxes featured on. It was originally by Zedd and it has been doing incredibly well. This was the 1st time I had heard it performed live and it was simply breathtaking and beautiful at the same time. Once over Allen introduced the next song and this being White Coats which in fact featured on Made In Chelsea. I had previously had witnessed this live last year but this performance was completely different and this being the fact it had been stripped back which worked wonders. “We’re going to do some Youth now” Louisa said before ending with the song that is currently featured on the Debenhams advert. Youth is extremely beautiful and tender in places. The chorus has to be my favourite part of this wonderful tune. As for the performance it was completely faultless.


Beauty Queen
White Coats

OVERALL: It is not often I attend two gigs in one day (well this wasn’t really a gig it was a performance) especially with the fact what I was due to attend was a debut show of someone who is set to be massive. After much delay we were taken upstairs at 17.30 and Louisa greeted us and a few minutes later tried to feed us all with Haribo.

The performance may of been just 4 songs but it was both surreal and very hypnotizing. It is not often you see your favourite artist perform to just 10 fans and crew. The urge of booking for the XOYO show was becoming greater even though I was already seeing Anna Calvi that very day.

Once over everyone was taken downstairs whilst they tidied up. Louisa then came down and spoke with everyone which was nice. She mentioned the fact that she hadn’t seen the Debenhams advert which featured her song Youth and Louisa also told me how the Fall Out Boy collaboration came after Pete Wentz heard her track, asked who it was then a call was made which Louisa receive whilst sitting in a Cinema.


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