Whinnie Williams @ Morton’s 2&8 Club 17th September 2013

“Hi. My name is Spark and I’m going to sing some acoustic songs for you tonight” Jess Morgan said the moment she took to the small stage. Things opened up with Take It Back. It was only Morgan on a guitar with another guitarist accompanying her. Compared to older Spark material this was rather gentle and hypnotic at the same time. Take It Back details the story of a break down of a relationship as the guy has trust issues (checking messages and eavesdropping). From the lyrics I pick up that this could be detailing a marriage breakdown. What followed on was Live, Love & Die Old and this was a tune I really adored. It was both acoustic and extremely upbeat at the same time. Jess’s vocals were spotless and this was an infectious song with lyrics that just embed themselves in your head. What followed on were 2 brand new songs which were played back to back and the first being Wildfire. Jess had placed her guitar down and sang this slick tune to perfection. The lyrics were fantastic and gentle as well “Even if the rain falls down, We can find a spark somehow”. Out the 2 new songs this had to be the one I preferred and I relish the prospect of hearing the studio version. Straight after was new song number 2 and this being Jump. I may of preferred Wildfire but this track was amazing as well. The vocal delivery was faultless and there was a delectable up tempo chorus. Ending the set was Her which had featured as Clash’s track of the day and Jess also mentioned that she wrote it at the age of 16. Morgan took to the acoustic guitar and then started singing this beautiful and soothing song.

All in all this 5 track set was both short but sweet. It had been a while since I last saw Jessica Morgan perform and judging by this set I hope it isn’t that long till I see her again. It is surprising that this talent is unsigned. Now I really rate Spark, I have done the moment I saw her supporting Marina Diamandis. I was hooked on songs such as Shut Out The Moon, Revolving, Crave and Keeper but now Morgan is back with brand new material which is literally incredible. I also adored the fact it was fully acoustic as what I witnessed was gentle.


Take It Back
Live, Love & Die Old

Things opened up with the 1st song which was released by Whinnie Williams and this being You Don’t Love Me. Now this was a Pop tune with a soothing and hypnotic melody which oozed Summer vibes. Now I really liked this song it was ever so beautiful which was aided by incredible lyrics which made you picture a story to it. What followed after was Trouble and this was literally incredible. It was delivered at a fast flowing pace and the vocal delivery was perfection. Trouble was a tune which was rather fun and I look forward to hearing the studio version in the future. There was even a spoken word part which sounded Kate Nash/ Lily Allen esque. Break Hearts In Your Sleep was up next and this completely captivated me. The melody was soft/ gentle and the lyrics gelled to perfectly. This song was played at a mid tempo and the lyrics were excellent. Break Hearts had been superbly written and it came as no surprise that it was released as the follow up to You Don’t Love Me. The evening then came to close with Oopsy Daisy. No this wasn’t a Chipmunk cover it was yet another Whinnie Williams original. This was energetic, upbeat and infectious aided by lyrics which get you moving.

You Don’t Love Me
Break Hearts In Your Sleep
Oopsy Daisy

OVERALL: Jade Williams (aka Sunday Girl) is back under a new alias and this being Whinnie Williams. This was the first time I had witnessed Jade under the guise of Whinnie Williams. I was rather impressed with what I heard and she definitely has some right crackers underneath her belt.

When I heard both Jade and Jess were playing this Society Of The Golden Slippers event (which was the last at Morton’s 2 & 8 Club) I literally dove at the chance and put in my request straight away. It had been a while since I last witnessed them perform and they both have taken a new path.

Jess Morgan (aka Spark) was phenomenal as per usual and the new material was simply amazing. My favourite song had to be Wildfire which makes me anticipate any future release by Morgan.

Once over I had the opportunity to catch up with them both and have a chat which was extremely nice. I look forward to seeing both of them perform their own shows in the future.


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