MKS @ Old Truman Brewery 12th September 2013

I was extremely fortunate to go to this amazing performance by MKS. I had previously witnessed them back at Scala and I was literally blown away by the tracks they had. Basically a friend of mine won tickets for this through MKS and I was grateful that he chose me to be his +1. The evening was to take place at Old Truman Brewery which is located on Brick Lane. Yes I was gutted having to skip Lauren Aquilina but seeing a band like this where there is no barrier whatsoever is both surreal and a must.

The shutters opened and Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan then took to the stools. Kicking off the evening was Overload. The song itself featured on the début album One Touch and this was a right treat as MKS was the original Sugababes line up. Overload started off with Siobhan singing sublimely then Mutya and Keisha added in the stunning harmonies. This R&B tune also had elements of soul. “How’s everyone feeling? This next song we’re going to perform we hope you guys enjoy it” Keisha Buchanan said to the audience. Lay Down In Swimming Pools was a reinterpretation of Kendrick Lamar’s tune Swimming Pools. Now this song was absolutely delivered to perfection and it got everyone moving. It was in fact very surreal being this close after attending the gig at Scala earlier on in August. After all the cheering it was onto something from the new album and this being Today. This tune was literally incredible and it has the makings to be a power pop anthem. The harmonies were glorious whilst the vocals were fantastic. Today was a song which has massive single potential as it was both smooth and entrancing. The short but sweet set ended with the début single by MKS and this being Flatline which they wrote with Dev Hynes. This tune is literally amazing it was delivered at a fast tempo and it was utterly contagious. Plus I have to say this song had a killer chorus.


Lay Down In Swimming Pools

OVERALL: This evening was both fantastic and highly surreal given the fact you were extremely close to Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. MKS are a band that can go far and I am glad they settled their differences which resulted in superb tracks.

Even at 4 songs long I wasn’t left disappointed. Now I reckon that the 2nd single was showcased and this being Today. Now would I see MKS again and the answer being a resounding YES.


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