Summer Camp @ Rough Trade East 8th September 2013

Taking to the stage around 6.30pm were Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley aka Summer Camp. They were here to promote the new self titled sophomore LP Summer Camp which had been on sale a day early especially for this promotional appearance. What they opened up with was the 1st single to be taken from this album and this being Fresh. I have to say that this was spectacular it was infectious and you could dance along to the beat if you wanted to. Sankey’s vocals were impeccable and were aided by cute dance moves. Fresh could easily of slotted onto debut album Welcome To Condale. “Our new album comes out tomorrow. So we’re going to do a few songs from the record” Warmsley said before they got stuck into Crazy. This was delivered to perfection and the lyrics were quite captivating as well. The vocal delivery was sublime and contagious as well. “I love crazy” was one of the lines which Elizabeth kept on singing. She was also pointing to Jeremy but she later said it was down to the fact he was shaking a tambourine and it was his favourite part of the set. It was then straight onto Pink Summer. The opening intro was rather dreamy then Elizabeth comes in to sing this wondrous song. This song was rap esque but Summer Camp style. Next it was onto a couple of old songs from Welcome To Condale. First up you had the début single Ghost Train. This was Bubblegum Pop with killer hooks which completely captivate you. Also the lyrics are contagious which therefore makes you want to sing along. Better Of Without You was played straight after and this was a force to be reckoned with. It oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were extraordinary. From them you can picture a story to it in your head. “It’s really lovely to see people her. It’s so nice you guys came and bought a copy hopefully. I mean there’s a lot of fucking guest list over there being annoying” Sankey joked before Jeremy thanked Louie on Bass and Ed on Drums. It was then onto a song that means a lot to them “unlike all the other ones” Warmsley said. The song being Two Chords and this was literally epic. Its lyrics were light and the vocals were spot on. Jeremy’s vocals complimented Elizabeth’s perfectly. Now I really adored the lyrics and this brought to a close what had been one incredible evening.


Pink Summer
Ghost Train
Better Of Without You
Two Chords

OVERALL: Summer Camp are a band I have a lot of time for. I would like to feel I was there from the start. I remember how they remained anonymous until Elizabeth made her appearance after when Jeremy Warmsley finished his last solo set at Owl Parliament at Union Chapel back in 2010. That was when Summer Camp made their first live performance by singing only 2 songs Ghost Train and Round The Moon.

Three years later they released the self titled sophomore album which was packed with stunning songs. You can suffer with second album syndrome but Summer Camp have something truly spectacular. The début album Welcome To Condale will always be my favourite (maybe that is down to the fact I was one of the many people that pledged enabling the record to get made) but the album Summer Camp is equally as good.

What was showcased this evening was both a mixture of new and old. I could pick out all of the new songs but for me the one that stood out the most was Crazy. In fact each of the tunes that were taken from the new album were incredible. I actually regret not trying to find out if anywhere was streaming the album in preparation for this set. But I guess I wanted to be surprised and form an opinion of the songs right that moment. I most definitely look forward to seeing them play at the end of November.

Once they finished playing I went to the side to get my copy of the vinyl signed. Now I have met both Elizabeth and Jeremy a number of times before and they are the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. If it was possible I could chat to Elizabeth for ages but there was a queue of people wanting to meet the two. So I said my goodbyes and left with a smile on my face as I had witnessed something rather enjoyable.


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