iTunes Festival – Paramore @ Roundhouse 4th September 2013

For the 2nd year running the iTunes Festival took place at the Roundhouse in September. It was actually quite surprising that it didn’t revert back to July as the only reason for it taking place in September last year was down to the Olympics which brought pride to our city.

Ever since 2009 I have been applying for what I wanted to attend. I have been lucky to win tickets (last year was the only time I had won nada). So when a lot of the line up had been announced I applied for what interested me. When the 2nd draw was made in August I won 3 tickets in the space of 30 minutes. When that happened I was bitten by the bug and applied for more. Actually winning Paramore came as a surprise. I applied for it thinking I wouldn’t win because I imagined it would be one of those gigs that a lot of people applied for. In fact I had a gig to see another musician lined up that day.

So the day came and I turned up at noon. As expected people were already there and these being both competition winners and people who were trying their luck in the standby queue. Unlike the previous years when the doors open you went in and then you could go into the main space and grab your spot. I was very fortunate that my sister managed to get a ticket through Yplan and therefore was inside before me. So once I was inside I was barrier but on the left hand side. This was where Jeremy Davis would be.

The countdown began and as soon as it reached zero there was a massive applause. Then a couple of seconds later the opening of Grow Up started to play. When the band took to the stage the whole audience erupted into cheers. This was the first time I was going to witness material from the brand new self title album live. Now I adore the 4th album as it is more happier compared to the prior 3. Grow Up was extremely upbeat and infectious at the same time. You could associate the lyrics to the goings on with the band as the Farro brothers (the other 2 founding members) left the band leaving Taylor York and Jeremy Davis becoming the 2 other members of Paramore. It was then straight onto Fast In My Car. This actually served as the opening track on the new LP. Plenty of energy flowed from this contagious tune and you feel compelled to tap your toe along to it. The vocal delivery was extremely strong. “Woah” Williams said before pointing the microphone at the audience. It was pretty obvious what was coming and this being That’s What You Get which featured on the sophomore LP Riot. This was a real crowd pleaser everyone was singing along to every word. It is a catchy song and there was plenty of jumping up and down. The song itself was delivered with plenty of gusto and it was also packed with a punch. It was then time for Decode. This featured on the soundtrack to Twilight and there is no doubt that this resulted in Paramore gaining more new fans. This was both delivered strongly and it was very upbeat at the same time. “Thank you so much London. It’s wonderful to be here tonight and we’re so honoured to be a part of the iTunes Festival. So hey, lets do something here tonight together right now. For all the people who are watching you know they may not know. We got to let them know. We got to tell them. We got to tell them who we are. Everybody say Hey world and say this with me WE ARE PARAMORE” Hayley then said before diving into something from the Brand New Eyes album. This being Ignorance which served as the reintroduction of Paramore after they went on hiatus which saw them cancel dates on the Riot tour. This was delivered sublimely and this had been well crafted. Other than being powerful the verses/ chorus were stunning and oozing plenty of energy. It was then onto the first interlude of the night and this being Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore. Both Hayley and Taylor had gathered by the side of the stage to acoustically deliver this short but sweet song to perfection. York was on the ukulele for this one and it worked. Even though it was rather short it is memorable at the same time. Now oozed bundles of energy and the lyrics were contagious. I actually found this to be very in your face. My favourite part of Now was the bridge when Hayley sang the line “There’s a time and a place to die, but this ain’t it”. Following on from Now was Daydreaming. This was extremely promising and everyone started to clap in unison before Hayley Williams had sang a note. This tune was a lot slower compared to the other songs that had already appeared in the set. Just as Hayley sang the line “Daydreaming all the time” that it when it became stronger and the pace was kicked up a notch. Williams then sat down beside a keyboard for When It Rains. Now I simply adored this as it was a mellowing tune which went down well with the packed audience. “Tonight is really fun for us” Hayley then said before saying that this was the 2nd time they had been performing songs from the new album. It was then onto Last Hope which was a beautiful and sombre ballad which went down well at treat.

The prior 2 songs ended the acoustic section and now it was time to Brick By Boring Brick. This was a catchy song which had plenty of people singing along. I loved the chorus of this song. The 2nd interlude of the evening was next. This being Interlude: Holiday where Hayley was joined by both Jeremy Davis and Taylor York. This then led into a song which saw Hayley urging the people up in the balcony to stand up. Crushcrushcrush was next and this was a high octane rollercoaster ride which resulted in plenty of people singing and jumping up and down. Ain’t It Fun was next and this is my favourite song from the new album. So hearing it live was fantastic. There was a funky beat to it which made you just want to dance along to it. Ain’t It Fun was in fact more Pop than Punk. After Williams urged people to put cellphones and lighters in the air it was then onto The Only Exception. This Brand New Eyes tune was a beautiful ballad. It may be slow but it was simply amazing. There was a dash of emotion as well. “Who here has our record?” Hayley said before the audience erupted with cheers. “Thank you. Thank you for buying music. If you didn’t buy it, hey thanks for having it anyways. You’re here so that’s what matters” Williams then said before mentioning that they have the best fans in the world and the trials and tribulations that the band went through. It was then onto Hayley’s favourite Paramore song In The Mourning which is about the pain of letting go It did not make the cut for the album but instead was released at part of The Singles Club. In The Mourning was extremely beautiful and felt oh so tender as well. In fact there was a snippet of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac which was extremely nice as they were the in thing as they were touring later that month. Pressure was next and also the famous flip made an appearance. This was an energetic song which was powerfully delivered. “Where my old school Paramore fans” Hayley Williams screamed out during the song. Everyone started to sing along to the catchy lyrics. Pressure was a song that you can have a good mosh to. What my favourite part had to be its middle 8. The set then ended with Misery Business which literally smacks you in the face. This was a strong number and it was fast flowing. With it being the closing tune the atmosphere was cranked up. Halfway through Hayley picked someone from the crowd to sing the song with her. Once over the band left the stage only to return moments later as the audience wanted to hear more. The encore kicked of with Part II which is the sequel to Let The Flames Begin which appeared on the sophomore album Riot. Now this was different compared to the rest of the new songs. Other that having lyrics which just embed themselves in your brain it was also very rocked up as well. My favourite part had to be its chorus which was belted out. Hayley and Taylor took to the centre of the stage for Interlude: Moving On which went down a well with the audience. “Thank you so much London, England. Tonight’s been a pleasure” Williams said before they ended a spectacular set with Still Into You which ended with a showering of confetti. I must say Still Into You was another Pop tune which is both infectious and it also makes you feel happy inside. In my eyes this was the perfect song to end an amazing set on.


Grow Up
Fast In My Car
That’s What You Get
Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore
When It Rains
Last Hope
Brick By Boring Brick
Interlude: Holiday
Ain’t It Fun
The Only Exception
In The Mourning/ Landslide
Misery Business


Part II
Interlude: Moving On
Still Into You

OVERALL: Firstly I must mention the support Fenech Soler a band who I had heard about but had never witnessed. The set they performed was enjoyable plus they had been supporting Paramore on tour.

Now I have been extremely lucky to win tickets to the iTunes dates and winning Paramore was completely unexpected. I already had a ticket to the show at Wembley Arena later on that month. I enjoyed this gig so much but I reckon this was the tamest crowd for a band like Paramore. Yes with free gigs you tend to get people who win but they aren’t really fans. Maybe it was the fact that I had avoided the centre right in front of Hayley. Who knows?


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