Mausi @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 3rd September 2013

Mausi are a group who I highly rate. Once the day break ups at Reading were released I knew that this set was one that I was going to miss as it clashed with what I wanted to see over at the main stage. Searching the internet for any upcoming dates resulted me in finding out that there was a show in Hoxton. Now Hoxton Bar & Kitchen is not my favourite venue due to the fact the schedule does not always run on time. But this time everything ran like clockwork.

Avec Sans are Alice Fox and Jack St. James. They are a brand new band and I definitely would like to see them perform again. Taking to the stage around 9.20 I was left completely captivated. It took me a couple of songs to make me realise that I was witnessing something extremely special. Only 5 songs featured and this consisted of their own compositions and a take on Perth which was originally sung by Bon Iver.

The genre of music that they sang was Electro/ Dream Pop. They opened with Hold On which had hooks which reel you in. But it was Heartbreak Hi which was the track that mesmerised me. It was so smooth and I was left completely captivated. Finally the take on Perth was quite something. I mustn’t forget The Answer and Shiver which again were phenomenal and makes me look forward to hearing more material by them again.


Hold On
The Answer
Heartbreak Hi

Mausi are Daisy Finetto (singer), Thomas Finetto (singer), Benji Huntrods (drums) and Ben Brown (guitars). After having missed the set at Reading this was a set I was looking forward to. Around 10pm the band took to the stage closely followed by Daisy. What kicked off this 9 song set was Body Language. This song was Synth Pop with luscious lyrics which just make you want to dance along to. “Hey guys. You’re all looking fantastic tonight” Daisy Finetto then said before Sol. This was one slick song with lyrics that get you moving. I found this to be Electro Pop and at the same time it was very contagious. Infused to the ending of Sol was Move. This was the bands debut single and is set to be released on 8th September. This was a sun drenched Pop floor filler which was very disco friendly. Move showed that this band offer plenty of potential and I could see that I was witnessing something special. This tune was one that you can have a good dance to and the lyrics were pretty infectious at the same time. “We’re going to tone it down a notch” Daisy said before they went into something special which they had previously performed at their Maida Vale session. This being a cover of Solange and Destiny’s Child. Losing You/ Say My Name was the mash up and it actually worked perfectly. The Mausi stamp was rather smooth and entrancing at the same time. Daisy’s vocals were pristine and this tune got a massive reception once it was over.

It was then onto a new tune which will no doubt feature on the forthcoming debut album and this being Can You Feel That. Now I really enjoyed this track it was completely different because there was no oomph like Move or Body Language. Still the lyrics were phenomenal and I liked the fact you could actually picture what is going on “Let’s hold hands, We fall in love”. Following on was the energetic Rich Girl. This was a tune which I found to be hypnotic and from the lyrics it is one intended to get you to dance along too “Let me see you dance now”. It was then onto yet another newie and this being Boy + Girl = Magic. Now I really adored this as the verses were sung at a fast pace. The disco beats were incredible and it is again one that can get you dancing. This was extremely catchy and I can definitely see this as being released as a single. Penultimate song My Friend Has A Swimming Pool oozed energy whilst the encore of Are You Awake ended what had been a spectacular set.


Body Language
Losing You/ Say My Name
Can You Feel That
Rich Girl
Boy + Girl = Magic
My Friend Has A Swimming Pool


Are You Awake

OVERALL – Now I really enjoyed this show. Mausi have some infectious tunes which you just want to dance along to. They are definitely a band I want to see live again in the future.


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