Reading Festival 2013: Day Three 25th August 2013

My final day of my Reading Festival saw me go to the signing tent straight away. The band whom my sister wanted to see was Fall Out Boy and this was going to be a highly popular signing. So I just mainly stuck there until the time came for everyone to get into line. We were about 10th in the queue which stretched all the way to the back of the NME tent. It was ashame that I had to miss bands such as San Cisco and Battle Lines but this was far more important. Just the thought of leaving for say an hour would be taking advantage really. Whilst there I joined the signing queue for Tribes as there was hardly any people there. Once we saw Fall Out Boy what was then decided was to go to the main stage. I mean getting a good spot for Fall Out Boy later on that evening was top priority. Also the fact I wanted to witness Hadouken was a plus.

Once at the main stage Hadouken were already halfway through their set. The main reason I wanted to witness them live is because I am literally obsessed with the current album Every Weekend. I remember being tempted to purchase a ticket to a show they did in Kingston which then ended up being cancelled. How I would describe the music that they play is Dub Step/ Grime. Yes it may not be the typical genre I listen to but the songs they play flow energy plus each one gets you hooked. The set which was performed consisted of 11 songs 7 from Every Weekend, 2 from sophomore album For The Masses and 1 from Music For An Accelerated Culture. Songs which they played were That Boy That Girl, Daylight, Bad Signal, Parasite and they ended with Levitate.

When Hadouken finished I stayed at main stage for both Don Bronco and Editors before leaving to go and see Haim perform a spectacular set. They were playing in the NME/ BBC Radio 1tent. This was the 6th time I witnessed sisters Alana, Danielle and Este Haim perform live and even though the set has been virtually the same (apart from the odd song) you cannot tire of it. Also the banter is golden.

99 Problems by Jay Z started to play and the three sisters and drummer Dash Hutton took to the stage. There was a lot of cheering before they launched into Better Off which appeared on the Forever EP. Danielle sung the bulk of this wondrous tune to perfection with both Este and Alana providing the luscious harmonies which complimented Danielle’s vocals perfectly. Surprisingly this does not feature on the upcoming album Days Are Gone which puzzled me as I love this tune. I found this to be extremely upbeat and utterly infectious as well due to the fact you just want to sing along to it. It was then straight onto the current single The Wire. I have always said this but the opening chords remind me of Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Tear For Fears. The verses/ chorus were superb and infectious at the same time “Always keep your heart locked tight, Don’t let your mind retire”. Even I found myself wanting to sing along. “How the fuck are we doing Reading?” Alana said before Danielle went onto say “We’ve been waiting for this show all summer. We’re so happy to be here with you guys”. The next part of the set was the part where they like to jam. This being the Haim take on Oh Well originally by Fleetwood Mac. This riff heavy song saw Alana Haim take the lead for its superb short verses. Haim definitely put there own stamp onto this track. Oh Well was in fact an infuriating song which oozed plenty of energy.

“This is the best summer ever” Alana said before the next song on the set. Following on was Falling which was Synth Pop at its best. This was delivered at a smooth pace. Vocally it was extremely powerful and infectious at the same time. My favourite part had to be its upbeat chorus “Don’t stop, I’ll never give up/ And I’ll never look back, just hold your head up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ They keep saying/ Don’t stop, no one’s ever enough/ I’ll never look back, never give up/ And if it gets rough, it’s time to get rough/ But now I’m falling”. It was then onto Don’t Save Me which was delivered at a fast pace and its infectious lyrics gelled to the melody perfectly. Forever was next. This tune had lyrics which you just want to sing and dance along to. Forever was a breezy and cheerful song which was ever so entrancing. It was also a slice of Synth Pop and the melody was very hypnotic. Ending the set was the epic Let Me Go which oozed plenty of energy and also it saw Alana Haim jump down off the stage to give everyone high fives.


Better Off
The Wire
Oh Well
Don’t Save Me
Let Me Go

So after Haim I then went back to the main stage to witness Fall Out Boy. I have been a fan since From Under The Cork Tree but have never seen them live. I did try for tickets for the Underworld show in February but with Seetickets screwing up and selling the tickets when I had entered all my details in made this set a must see.

The set only consisted of 13 songs taken from each album. There was 1 from Take This To Your Grave, 4 from From Under The Cork Tree, 3 from Infinity On High, 1 from Folie A Deux and 4 from the current album Save Rock And Roll.

All the songs which were performed got me moving and they were so infectious even I found myself singing along. It was over before it began. Perhaps I enjoyed the performance so much. My favourite Fall Out Boy album has to be Infinity On High and it was nice that Thriller was the choice of opening song along with the Jay Z dialogue which appears on the studio version. Now I hadn’t got round to listening to the new album Save Rock And Roll but from what was showcased I could tell that it could rival Infinity On High to become my favourite FOB album. Songs like Alone Together and Just One Yesterday (which Louisa Rose Allen aka Foxes whom made an appearance) literally blew me away. The new tunes were as infectious. Actually I cannot get Just One Yesterday out of my head. The material from From Under The Cork Tree was superb as well Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down and Dance Dance are songs you just want to mosh too.


I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me
A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”
The Phoenix
This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race
Just One Yesterday
Alone Together
Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down
Dance, Dance
I Don’t Care
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)
Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

OVERALL: To sum things up I rather enjoyed the 3 days at Reading Festival. It was an experience and one that I most definitely would do again. Other than seeing the artists that I liked, I also discovered a brand new artist whom I will see again in the future and that being Findlay.


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