Spector @ Madame JoJo’s 20th August 2013

The prospect of seeing Spector perform in such an intimate venue was definitely one not to be missed. Madame JoJo’s was the setting for this outstanding event. You could call it a pre Reading warm up show. Now as I wasn’t going to see them at Reading (due to the fact they were playing on the Sunday when I would want to make my quick getaway) this was the perfect opportunity to cross them off of that list.

Spector are now a 4 piece and have Fred Macpherson at the helm providing the witty banter as well as the energetic vocals. The set mainly consisted of material from début album Enjoy It Whilst It Lasts along with the 2 brand new singles Decade Of Decay and Reeperbahn. Now Spector made their entrance to Status Quo Rockin’ All Over The World which resulted in massive cheers when they set foot on the small stage. Things kicked off with Celestine which was extremely energetic and infectious as everyone was singing along (come to think of it everyone sung along to each of the tunes from the first album). Straight after it was onto the first bit of new material and this came in the form of Decade Of Decay. This was the first time I had heard it and if I am honest it lacked that punch. 20 Nothing was geld to the end of Decade Of Decay. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had a powerful chorus. I really liked the middle 8 when the melody of the song changed. Grey Shirt & Tie was played at a steady pace and it was in fact the last of the trilogy of singles on Luv Luv Luv. Grey Shirt & Tie was a dreamy track with a mesmerising melody which worked wonders.

Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End is probably my favourite Spector track and as Fred said every night is Friday night. This was extremely contagious and had a powerful chorus which oozed plenty of energy. Following on was the last brand new tune and this being Reeperbahn. Out the two new songs this had to be the one that I prefered. Macpherson put in a startling performance and I was left completely captivated. It was then onto No Adventure. This was extremely different in style compared to the other tracks that had been played. Still I enjoyed it especially its chorus which everyone joined in with. What You Wanted was both energetic and was delivered at a rampant pace which was then doubled up with the phenomenal Upset Boulevard. Grim Reefer was a gentle slow paced tune. Chevy Thunder saw the crowd literally went crazy for this high octane gem. As well as being utterly infectious plenty of energy flowed from this powerful song. The evening was then capped off with the sombre Never Fade Away.


Decade Of Decay
20 Nothing
Grey Shirt & Tie
Friday Night, Don’t Ever Let It End
No Adventure
What You Wanted
Upset Boulevard
Grim Reefer
Chevy Thunder
Never Fade Away


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